All that woke drivel’s gonna cost ’em

How will it play in Peoria?

An about-a-century-old question (from the 1920s). Travelling shows entertainers came to believe that if the citizens of a typical American town such as Peoria, Illinois, liked their work, it would probably succeed all over the U.S.

Why they believed that seems to be an enigma wrapped in mystery, with one hypothesis taking precedence over all others: what the people of Illinois like or hate seems to mirror views of the majority of Americans.

But why? Fine, Illinois is a crossroads between east and west, north and south.

Or, better still, people of Illinois come from different backgrounds. Different lifestyles are their everyday bread.

That may be the key to answering the question: why have been so-called “woke” media falling by the wayside like nobody’s business?

A month since its launch, CNN+ goes belly-up. That one could be expected before CNN’s chiefs even agreed to consider the plan: listeners and viewers are smarter than the eggheads at One CNN Center, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

By the way, even the address shows the network’s megalomania: their real coordinates read: 190 Marietta St. NW, Atlanta, GA, 30303.

Netflix has been throwing good money after bad into their production and streaming schedules, and yet, their numbers of subscribers are dwindling.

Guys at their head office (100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, California 95032-1815) direct scores of offices around the world, and yet, it seems, they missed Peoria, Illinois, too.

Strange path to failure

All of the so-called social media have started out with claims that theirs is the spot where to enjoy camaraderie and friendships with other like-minded (or opposing-minded) people within friendly confines of free speech.

What happened was simple: North American education system, from kindergarten all the way through prestigious Ivy League universities, has been overrun by the so-called Frankfurt School (Frankfurter Schule). A phalanx of Marxists, chased out of Nazi Germany by Adolf Hitler. They found a comfortably peaceful niche in the then-democratic systems of Great Britain and, most importantly, the United States. They began spreading like cancer and, by the 1960s, they controlled the academia. First, under the guise of political correctness. Now, they’d thrown their masks away, imposing all kinds of authoritarian idiocies on their students who study to become leaders in all kinds of industries (and society as a whole) upon graduation.

No wonder, then, that executives of such companies turn “woke.” They don’t know any better.

Except, the wave hasn’t reached Peoria, Illinois, yet. General public have figured them out for what (or who) they are: a Marxist/Socialist cabal that is trying to impose all kinds of ideologies upon them.

It doesn’t have to be a conscious realisation that someone’s trying to impose unacceptable ideas on them. That they are unacceptable suffices.

When a social medium such as Twitter bans America’s President from its services, claiming that as a private concern they can do whatever they wish, and who cares about the views expressed by the country’s highest elected public official, that should start alarm bells going.

Same thing goes for Facebook and other such platforms.

Of course, both Twitter and Facebook should have been accused of influencing the outcome of their country’s elections by planting fake stories about non-existent plots, but then again, so should have been most mainstream media who lapped it up and ran away with it like a bunch of mad dogs.

The defence that they are both private concerns doesn’t hold water: they both sought and obtained financial incentives reserved for publishers. As such, they are no longer platforms.

Unusual bedfellows

Now that sexual and gender relationships have taken on a brand new meaning, any news of high-technology poohbahs getting together should not surprise anybody.

And neither should their earth-shattering splits, often publicised as matters of national (or international, even) importance.

Such as: Elon Musk first sends to hell Bill Gates. He would not participate in the Microsoft co-founder’s plan to green the blue plant. Not for ideological reasons. Not even because the Gates plan makes no sense, until and unless you are into killing most of this planet’s inhabitants. Simply because Gates had the gall to cut his contribution to Musk’s plans.

Now, the libertarian in Musk has decided to stand up to Twitter: they are a bunch of bloody censors, and he’s going to have none of this. He’ll buy them lock, stock and barrel.

Of course, this has raised the left’s blood pressure to fatal levels. They are now digging up all kinds of dirt on him. Whether any of it is true is irrelevant.

And they seem to believe that the general public will swallow their attacks on Musk no questions asked. We said he’s a rascal, so, a rascal he is.

Musk has a very valid point when he says way too many people have decided they are the law because that’s what suits their ideologies.

They also seem to think that ideologies will suit their wallets.

Disney is a perfect example: the State of Florida, the company said, are anti-LGBTQ. The Florida legislature passed several bills that stress the basics of classic family, and Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis signed them into law.

Disney decided to use a deal that has, since the 1960s, let the corporation do as they please on the land they occupy.

Governor DeSantis explained that Disney must have misunderstood: the deal did not mean that Disney can break Florida’s laws.

Slide into infamy

Meanwhile, all the publicity this encounter has caused brought Disney’s stock crashing down. It also brought ticket and all other kinds of sales closer to reality. Line-ups for individual attractions have become a matter of the past, too. Shareholders must be dancing with joy.

This is becoming a welcome trend: Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers just during the first three months of 2022. If you care to look at their offerings, no wonder.

CNN, in the doldrums for several years now, just sank a whopping $300 million into setting up a CNN+ streaming service. It is shutting it down within a month of the start-up fireworks, sending hundreds of new employees home with layoff notices: what sense does it make to be streaming to 10,000 subscribers?

Marxism ain’t playin’ in Peoria (not yet, that is).

Here’s hoping it’ll remain so.

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