Debate? Yes, but only if you agree with us

Here’s one of the many signs of hate: you won’t let those you disagree with speak. After all, you’re the only guy in town who’s got the right to be right, and what can the others contribute to any meaningful debate? If they disagree with you, no matter how politely, the answer is nothing.

Which is precisely what has been happening to the David Horowitz Freedom Center lately.

David Horowitz’s crime is frightfully unspeakable: he used to preach all kinds of left-wing politics, until he realised that he had been preaching sheer criminal ideology.

Once he saw the light, Horowitz switched sides, and his change of heart wrought havoc among those persistent enough to still believe in the mantra of Marxism, no matter under which guise people push it. Neo, critical theory, whatever other name people give it, Horowitz’s been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

He’s a living confirmation of Sir Winston Churchill’s view: those under 30 years of age who aren’t inclined to support left-wing causes have no heart, those over 30 years of age who still continue doing so have no brains.

So, should it be any surprise that editors at FrontPage, one of the Horowitz outlets, received an e-mail from Disqus, saying: It has come to our attention that your site is included in the Hate Groups listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map:

As fostering Hate is a violation of the Disqus Terms of Service and Basic Rules, we can no longer support your site on the Disqus network. Disqus will be removed from your site on March 17th, to allow time for transition and a comment export. If you will need a manual export, please let us know before the removal date.

Contradiction in terms

Disqus is a platform hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web use to allow their users to debate issues raised on their sites.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves: they are the internet’s favourite comment plug-in that makes it easy for publishers to bring their content to life, fuel colourful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities.

If you dig deeper, here’s the first sign. They employ something they call User reputation.

User what? Here’s their own description: Based on actions across the Disqus network, user reputation helps moderators identify trolls, spammers, and other troublesome users.

But wait, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. Scroll a bit more and you’ll see that Disqus is into Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a major way: under the heading Automated Spam Moderation, this is what creators of the alleged debate application have to say: Leveraging machine learning and comment history across millions of sites, Disqus automatically detects and removes spam before it lands on your site.

Who defines the labels?

Why, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Who are those guys?

A partisan group that loves calling anyone they don’t like, mainstream conservative organisations especially, “hate groups.”

If you ever run short of labels to describe your opponents of your would-be progressive views and opinions, check the Southern Poverty Law Center. Just for example: the U.S. is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic nation.

Considering that the U.S. population stood at 332,627,750 souls (as of Saturday, April 23, 2022, 18:44 UTC), claiming that all these people are all of the vignettes mentioned above defies logic. It is also well past the description of chutzpah, according to which someone who had killed her/his parents, throws her/himself at the court’s mercy claiming s/he is a complete orphan.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s assets (at least those amounts that they had reported) exceed $300 million (US), and it is now an accepted judge of who is socially acceptable, and who is not.

Five decades of hatred

Founded in 1971, the Southern Poverty Law Center claims it is dedicated to “fighting hate and bigotry” while “seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.” Without any proof whatsoever, the group claims that individual incidents (nobody denies they exist) are a sign of systemic and systematic crimes against humanity.

That it makes defamatory and libellous statements attacking those the Southern Poverty Law Center disagrees with is one matter.

That mainstream (a.k.a. corporate) media buy the group’s drivel makes the situation worse.

And that companies that are supposed to promote public debate don’t know any better and dance to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s tune make it all tragic.

David Horowitz assured his numerous sites’ users they will have a new debate service provider soon.

And he sounded major alarm to encourage as many people to become vigilant against left-wing’s authoritarian ways that are aimed at silencing all who’d rather figure out what’s good or bad with the world in a mutually respectful debate.

It’s going to be an uphill battle: just during the past couple of years, MasterCard temporality shut Horowitz’s Freedom Center down, one of the group’s local banks closed their account due to their “controversial positions on issues,” and a brokerage firm closed their account for “unknown reasons.” Amazon banned the Freedom Center, a 501 c3 IRS designated non-profit organisation, from participating in their Amazon Smiles charity campaign. Why? The Southern Poverty Law Center said the Freedom Center was a “hate group.”

And now Disqus has joined the fray.

America used to be called the land of the free. Not so long ago, and no more.

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