Who rules the Aussies? Why, the Chinese

What gives with Australia, a formerly relatively free country, now in the throes of fake-pandemic-induced panic that has driven her powers-that-be into widespread attempts to change her into a dictatorship?

The original white Aussies used to be criminals whom their mother country, Great Britain, provided with one-way tickets to go and settle down under.

They would have enough grief trying to overcome the difficulties of settling, living and prospering in a wildly different country, in a wildly different situation than they had at home. Thus the reasoning. They would have little time to continue with their acquired custom of habitual mischief, and if need be, the locals, a.k.a. the Aborigines, would show them their place.

Why the British judiciary’s plan didn’t work as envisioned has remained a topic for learnt debates since. In any case, the Aborigines and their collective fate bear witness to the fact that the newcomers had other ideas in mind than those who had sent them way out of the way from their original home.

To the rest of the world, modern Australia would become a country that cherishes traditional culture (see the Opera House in Sydney), that loves her sports (see the tennis Grand Slam opener of the year, the Australian Open Championship), that loves her free-spirit outback heroes (see Crocodile Dundee, a movie that in its time out-grossed a number of much more expensive Hollywood productions).

News coming out of Australia these days are anything but civilised: your typical socialist (read: communist and fascist, combined) ways of dealing with those who dare doubt official government line about the so-called Covid-19 pandemic and means necessary to quell it.

Plainly shocking

The news of violence coming out of Australia is appalling, shocking, even. The footage that many unnamed heroes manage to smuggle out, for the rest of the world to see, remind us of black-and-white footage from Nazi Germany, and of footage that somehow got out of the People’s Republic of China.

Remember the Tiananmen Square? That’s the main square in the centre of Beijing that became infamous in June 1989 as the world watched in horror the ruthless military crackdown. Some Chinese youngsters thought that time was ripe to try and introduce a few basic human freedoms and rights. The authorities’ opinion differed.

The photograph of a single young kid staring down a tank right in the middle of the Gate of Heavenly Peace square, in front of the Monument of the People’s Heroes and Mao Zedong Mausoleum, is still making rounds on the Internet.

That’s the crackdown that the current Australian regime has been trying to emulate.

This trend is not new. All kinds of left-leaning groups have managed to climb up into positions of decision-making within the Australian education system. Those who have passed through this system into positions of power have been making sure that their country become an economic serf to the People’s Republic.

If, by the way, anyone detects any similarities with the current situation in the United States, or the European Union, well done.

Australia is now one of the several countries most subservient to communist China. Perhaps, she is no longer a serf but, rather, a slave.

China had become Australia’s top trading partner.

But the Aussies, in April 2020, had the gall to call for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Rumours were running rampant even then, and independent testimony was showing that, indeed, whatever the harmful material was, it did originate in China, and it was originally intended for military use as a biological weapon. So, asking question was the only logical thing to do.

The Chinese adopted a series of measures, all aimed against Australian exporters. These include inexplicable and obviously arbitrary border testing and inspections, imposition of tariffs, as well as unwarranted delays in listing export establishments and issuing import licences.

The Aussies complained to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), citing a Chinese official reply: nobody’s going to “reap benefits” from trading with China while smearing her and her ideology along the way.

Weakling no more

Gone are the days when the Chinese economy barely reached 10 per cent of the size of American economy. It’s the U.S. that now depends on China’s goodwill.

The previous American President, Donald J. Trump, tried to change the situation. We all know how that ended.

No matter whether one loves his orange hair, styled so improbably one could barely stop laughing, there were two overwhelming points where he had been right all along: the politics of pork-barrelling, and the relationships with China.

Australian authorities meekly tried to ask a question or two, and now, even meeker than before, they succumbed to the Chinese pressure, and their people are paying for it.

Theirs is not the only country to suffer from communist China’s heavy-handedness. Little Lithuania recently permitted Taiwan to open an office in her capital, Vilnius. The modest office looks, sounds and smells like an embassy. Communist China blocked Lithuania’s exports almost immediately, not even hiding the fact it was in retaliation.

Here’s one of the major problems: at least 44 low-to-middle income countries have debts to China exceeding 10 per cent of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Who is forced to dance to whose tune? A typical rhetorical question, that one.

China is working closely with Russia on creating a new international currency system that would push American greenbacks into garbage bins of history. The first region they plan to dominate: Western Pacific.

Where is Australia?

Supported by the Chinese and like-minded ideological gangsters within their own ranks, the current Australian government will do all they can to convert their continent into a communist colony. Not in name. In reality.

If this trend doesn’t stop, Canada may be next in line. Her today’s prime minister’s father has established close links to the communist leaders of China decades ago, and his son is following in his footsteps.

While questioning the real loyalties of the many Chinese Canadians may sound paranoid to some, how about that scientist who stole secret bacteriological material from a lab in Winnipeg, to deliver it to China?

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