Denmark’s peace long gone, Canada is next in line

There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Thus a relatively minor character, Marcellus, in William Shakespeare’s immortal play, Hamlet.

Theoreticians offer a myriad of explanations for him using “the state” rather than simply Denmark, but one will suffice. Poor Marcellus meant that the fish are rotting from the head down. Bluntly put: all’s not well at the top of the political hierarchy.

That’s the logic of the play. And it’s the logic of what’s going on in today’s Denmark: movement politically correct authorities call “low-level jihad” sees gangs of migrants, mostly from the Middle East and North Africa, taking the country over in wild shootouts and other violent activities.

To return to Shakespeare: the ghost of the recently deceased king appears to Prince Hamlet. Hamlet follows it offstage, telling friends Horatio and Marcellus to stay put. They disobey, deciding to tag along despite the Prince’s order. They don’t see it as “fit” to leave anyone who’s in trouble all alone. Hamlet had said earlier that Denmark was “an unweeded garden” of “things rank and gross in nature.”

The encounter with the ghost of his murdered father only confirms it. Marcellus feels that there’s something gone terribly wrong, but he can’t put his finger on it. That’s why something rotten.

Oil and water won’t mix

Migrants, mostly illegal, from the so-called MENAP countries have been wreaking havoc in the historically peaceful country of Denmark, Prince Hamlet’s adventures notwithstanding.

MENAP is an abbreviation for Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

Their activities are quite wide-ranging: released screws on automobile wheels, huge rocks, steel girders or barrels filled with oil thrown down on the heads of unsuspecting drivers from highway intersection bridges, thin steel wires stretched across bicycle paths in order to behead all groups of cyclists riding along, that and more is in these criminals’ repertoire.

What do the mainstream media do?

Nothing, keeping the Danes (and others) uninformed or, at worst, informed through rumour mills, scaring the lot out of their wits.

The furthest the authorities and mainstream media would go is to describe the development as “massive low-frequency jihad.”

Not that nobody warned them: a mere 11 years ago, a Danish psychologist named Nicolai Sennels published a scary book: Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experience from the Copenhagen Municipality. He had worked for several years with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison.

His analysis is thorough: from in-breeding to Islamic indoctrination, he covered all possible angles and reason, coming to a solution that is as simple as it is appalling to all bleeding hearts: re-education does not work, definitely not within a timeframe limited by tens of decades. A mindset ingrained by centuries of indoctrination can’t be changed by polite requests that these criminals mind their ways.

What did Sennels get for all of his effort?

The Copenhagen municipal authorities had him fired on the spot, put on an invisible blacklist, all that accompanied by statements to the effect that we won’t have such rampant racists work with those innocent Muslim hoodlums whose only fault is that their culture differs from ours.

Meanwhile, the Muslim gangsters’ wars have developed to shootouts among gangs trying to claim territories within Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, for themselves. That they often kill or injure innocent bystanders, either locals or tourists, matters not. Not to them, anyway.

Here’s the shocking part: the government are warning innocent citizens and tourists to avoid downtown Copenhagen.

Danish police have found that the migrants’ attacks are aimed at young males especially. So, their warning addresses young males between the ages of 17 to 25 in particular, telling them not to bother coming to public areas in Copenhagen’s downtown.

Denmark Venstre party government’s spokesman, Preben Bang Henriksen, re-discovered America: “We haven’t seen such police warning since the times of the Second World War. This is unacceptable,” he said.

How his party could ride along such developments since 2019 when it took over, remains unexplained.

Venstre (Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti) has been described as a conservative-liberal, agrarian political organisation. Founded in 1870 as Det Forenede Venstre (“The United Left”), it used to include a number of groups in conflict with one another. Still, they were all united under the liberal ideology, to safeguard farmers’ interests. They were in opposition to the then-conservative party Højre (“Right”), basing their common ideology on Denmark’s peasant movement against the landed aristocracy. The party has changed colours since then, as it stands for economically liberal policies and pro-free-market ideology.

Even the opposition social democrats have agreed with the government, calling today’s situation “catastrophic.”

The cancer spreads overseas

Why mention that something is rotten in the state of Denmark in a Canadian-based blog?

For a very simple reason: Canada’s Liberal government has been accepting undocumented (or less-than-convincingly documented) people from those same MENAP (remember? Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan). They just have to claim refugee status. Once landed, they turn around, announce Canada’s Judeo-Christian-based traditions, laws and culture don’t agree with their faith, and Canada’s establishment eagerly agree.

Something similar is going on south of the 49th parallel. Lest you think that the illegal immigration across the U.S. borders in the south consists of poor peasants (paisano) from Latin American countries, slow down and think again. The number of Muslims who had made Latin America their illegal transit route to the United States is quite shocking.

Meanwhile, Canadian government has been issuing news releases left, right and centre, announcing which Minister had the pleasure of welcoming yet another batch of refugees from Afghanistan. The government would deny that most of the new arrivals have never passed a proper security screening procedure. The Americans have botched their excursion into that country, and now, Canadian taxpayers are paying to support people whose goals are anything but friendly to their new home.

Some security experts have suggested we should start taking more seriously Iran leaders’ warnings that they will exact their revenge for the assassination of their terrorist mastermind, general Suleimani, right on America’s soil. These experts know whereof they speak: crossing the 49th parallel will be a piece of cake for experienced warriors whom Canadian government is welcoming with open arms.

There’s something seriously rotten in the state of Canada.

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