Totalitarianism comes back to haunt us

Adolf Hitler’s Nazis brought the so-called science of eugenics to the forefront of their activities when they started castrating people who, in their considered opinion, would not add anything positive to the human race. Later on, they would decide that killing such people saved both time and money.

The Nazis, as time went on, would also widen the spectre of people whom they considered unsuitable for keeping their race pure and healthy, as they pursued their dream of a German nation of Supermen (Übermensch in their language).

Why they called the pure race they were pursuing Aryan remains a bizarre secret: the original Aryans were apparently people of darker skin complexion, living mostly in Iran and India. Definitely not the tall, blue-eyed and blond Germans.

Things would develop elsewhere. Soviet psychiatry discovered another considered opinion: those who viewed communism askance must be out of their minds. Meshuggener, simply put. This would become a state-approved doctrine. Sending dissidents to concentration camps used to be the standard procedure. (Does the word GULAG ring a bell? To enhance readers’ memories: ГУЛАГ; acronym for Glavnoe upravlenie lagerei, Главное управление лагерей, Main Directorate for Camps. See Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn – Александр Исаевич Солженицын in his native Russian – and his The Gulag ArchipelagoАрхипелаг ГУЛАГ was its original title – for more details.)

The new scientific discovery gave the communist authorities a new option: they would assign those whose thinking they viewed as present danger to the system for specialized treatment in specialized clinics. In the Russian language, they would call those people инаkомыслящий, someone who thinks differently.

The cruel stuff they performed on these patients leaves Ken Kesey’s novel (and Miloš Forman’s film) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest far behind.

One would have expected we have learnt from these experiences.

Not really.

Craziness galore

After the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that yet another annual flu spread was, in fact, a pandemic, the world has gone crazy. Lockdowns, face masks, threats of mandatory vaccination, you name it.

People who grew up not knowing what totalitarianism was all about swallowed the artificial panic line, hook and sinker. They don’t know the difference between news and propaganda, as simple as that.

Politicians at all levels use hysterical fear to spread more and more draconian measures in order, they say, to keep us safe. In that, they are egged on by people working in the mass media (one hesitates to call them journalists because what they are doing is as far removed from real and responsible journalism as is knitting removed from piloting fighter jet aircraft in supersonic speeds).

The worst seems to yet to come. After a number of local administrations ordered their police departments to treat harshly all those who go for a walk at a public place that they had declared off limits, and to punish all those who for whatever reason appear in public without a face mask, there exist jurisdictions (even in Canada!) that have begun work on isolation facilities for those they decide to deem un-cooperative.

Some those facilities would be in abandoned hospital wards. After all, quite a few hospitals sit empty because of Covid-19-related fears. Instead of being overwhelmed by patients suffering from Covid-caused pseudobronchopneumonia, their medical staffs waste their time and taxpayer money by doing nothing.

Or they may be set in summer camps that had been sitting empty this season, again, for Covid-19-related fears.

Doesn’t really matter where. If someone decrees that you are an un-cooperative son (or daughter) of so-and-so because you refused to wear a face mask, or you haven’t self-isolated properly (whatever THAT means), off with you.

You’ll be tested and you can bet your last dime that you will be found infected. Never mind the frightfully uncomfortable fact that re-testing and double-checking finds that most of these test results have been patently false. These guys will not allow any doubts to creep into their self-imposed authority.

Here’s the rule: all half-wits are arrogant bullies. No exception.

And here’s yet another rule: once you give these illiterate half-wits any power, they won’t give it up without a fight.

That’s why we should have started fighting them long ago, to make sure that their hold on power would not become too entrenched, and, also, before they could manage to scare the general population beyond any acceptable levels.

It’s still time to start fighting them NOW. Any delays will be deadly.

Fighting totalitarianism isn’t easy.

But if we don’t start now, we’ll have nobody else to blame for what’s to come but ourselves.

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