Liar, liar, pants on fire

Comrade Josef Goebbels would have been proud, and so would have been comrade Mikhail Suslov. The former was German Führer Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief, the latter served several top Communist leaders in the Soviet Union as their ideology boss.

They both would have watched with considerable admiration (and envy) a recent broadcast on one of Canada’s major sports television networks.

The Minnesota Vikings of the U.S. National Football League (NFL) were opening their home season, playing a game against the Green Bay Packers. The players, plus sundry organization members, stood at attention, and the network’s female news anchor, facing the camera, said they were remembering the murder of one George Floyd and protesting against police brutality.

George Floyd’s family members also attended, she announced, forgetting conveniently that these are the people who had profited from George Floyd’s death quite handsomely, having started a GoFundMe campaign that brought home millions of dollars.

Whether the news anchor was not aware of the facts, or whether she was, leads only to a few questions about her own motivation.

If she was not aware of the facts, she should not be in the business of journalism: not doing one’s homework is a cardinal sin in this trade.

If she was aware and still decided to lie through her teeth, it brings up another two possibilities: either she is an ideologically-driven moron, or she heard from her bank that she is awfully short on funds to pay down her mortgage.

Needless to say that none of these three options is acceptable.

Facts first

George Floyd was a violent criminal. One of his previous convictions involved participation in an armed robbery during which he had held a loaded gun against the stomach of a very visibly pregnant woman.

The news anchor who used the word murder with her eyes blazing with anger, happens to be a mother, too.

Can she not imagine the feelings of another woman whose living quarters are being robbed at gunpoint, and whose as yet unborn baby’s life is in at least as much danger as her own life? Can she not imagine how this kind of a shock must have scarred that female victim’s life for the rest of her days? Can she not imagine what impact this cruel experience would have on the child?

George Floyd, in his last escapade, was being apprehended for committing yet another crime: trying to pay for a purchase with fake money. While quite obviously under the influence of drugs, he resisted arrest. He did not die because of the police officer’s action, no matter how harsh it was. Heart failure due to drug overdose was the real cause, even though his lawyer would later try to have this verdict amended.

Yes, an argument could be made that George Floyd was not aware the money was fake. Except: in that case, any innocent person would peacefully follow the officer all the way to the police station and have his/her lawyer sort it out. If her/his innocence was established, s/he would rightfully expect an apology and some kind of restitution for time lost and the embarrassment an incident like this could have caused.

With George Floyd’s record, some might say, his claim of innocence would be a tad dubious, but he never allowed the situation to get to the point where it could have been argued, never mind established.

As shocking as shocking gets

This particular broadcast (and a similar broadcast on the other major Canadian sports television network) was also filled with admiration when reporting on other NFL games that particular night.

Adulation dripping from their voices, the broadcasters described how the players showed their unity in their fight for justice and other signs of equality by disrespecting their national anthem by either kneeling instead of taking their helmets off and standing at attention, or by not leaving their dressing rooms until after the anthem was finished.

Considering all these athletes live and work in a country that has no issues with them making gobs of money for a few weeks’ worth of work a year, playing a violent game that can be best described as bastardized rugby football, those players’ rigorous outrage is worse than hypocritical.

Yes, bastardized rugby football. Real rugby players (and, speaking of that, Aussie-rules football players, also) do not wear any of the body armour U.S. footballers have got used to. And yet, real rugby players (and, speaking of that, Aussie-rules football players, also) have never in their lives seen the amounts their U.S. colleagues earn in a single season.

Now what?

Bastardized rugby football is not the point, though.

The point is much more straightforward (and much more complicated). The black Americans’ welfare is in the hands of black Americans themselves. Everybody seems to have forgotten that quite a few black Americans have advanced their standing in society simply by getting good education and working hard. They would not succumb to the temptations offered by the so-called atmosphere of entitlement. They just have been working hard.

That’s the simple part.

The atmosphere of entitlement is nothing new. Americans have then-president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal to thank for it.

Enacted between the years of 1933 and 1939 to fix the impact of the Great Depression that, itself, had been caused by government’s meddling in the country’s national economy, New Deal basically said: no need to worry, your loving government will provide. At a cost, of course: the government provides, the citizens obey and do whatever the government tells them to do.

This scandalous abuse of basic economic laws has been going on at least 81 years. No wonder way too many people got used to it.

But now, real life has presented the bill. And the question reads: who’s going to foot it?

Tougher to answer than Hamlet’s to be or not to be.

America is still the world’s power Nr. 1. Where America goes, the world goes.

The Americans better answer right.

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2 thoughts on “Liar, liar, pants on fire

  1. Villa Adam September 15, 2020 at 09:34 Reply

    Precetla vse a dekuji za poslani.  Clovek by nemel usinat nikdy v domneni,ze bude lepe.

    Vzdycky muze byt hure a jeste hure nez hure. Ta nase vlada soucasna rovnez zasahuje do ekonomiky dost brutalnim zpusobem a nejvic ze vsech ten koblihar ! Jeho kamaradka a dalsi nam pred volbami drancuji statni pokladnu uplatkama,ktere maji prispet k jejich dalsimu zvoleni a tim i dalsi devastaci  naroda. Financni statni rozpocet se riti do temnot a ekonomicka krize nevyhnutelne prijde. EU nas nezachrani.

    Do toho jeste covid-19 zrejme zavrsi tu spoust.

    Petre- “nevesely truchlivy ” jsou ty kraje ceske a vyhlidky do budoucna


  2. Peter Adler September 15, 2020 at 10:31 Reply

    lip uz bylo


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