Quo Vadis, America? To hell? Or worse?

Politics is a dirty business and honest people should avoid it at all cost.

That’s the tenor of today’s public square debate, and those taking part in this discussion can bring a ton of proof to the table.

Even the last Presidential elections in the Excited States have shown that when it comes to thirst for power, no crimes are criminal enough to punish those who are guilty. Allegations of Donald J. Trump’s cosy relationships with Russia are a perfect example: it took the entire campaign for his first term and until several months into his successor, Joe Biden’s incumbency, for the truth to start seeping out: the entire scandal was a bloody lie. In fact, the other side (Hillary Clinton, in this case) had known all along that her campaign was lying. Ends justify the means, so to speak.

The saying isn’t new: the original Latin expression, Exitus acta probat, has been attributed to Italian diplomat and politician Niccolò Machiavelli. Wrong: this one is much older.

Even though known as the father of modern political philosophy and political science, Machiavelli lived and wrote his most influential work (The Prince, known in its original language as Il Principe) during the period of the Italian Renaissance in the 16th century.

The Roman poet, Ovidius Naso used this expression a few years before Mary’s alleged immaculate conception.

Donald J. Trump might have thought that, as a businessman of experience both intensive and extensive, he must have seen it all. He was in for a rude awakening.

In fact, he was in for a number of rude awakenings throughout his term.

And, yet, he seems to have opened the door to let people who had not been professional politicians enter and try to change the entire picture.

If it happens to throw the entire current system into the dustbin of history, as the usual cliché has it, so much the better.

Whether it does is another question.

But the vital signs of the sea change are intriguing.

A truck driver for a furniture company spent less than 10 grand on his campaign, and he beat New Jersey’s state Senate President’s campaign that is out of a half a million bucks.

Steve Sweeney didn’t know what hit him.

Edward Durr Jr.’s message that describes him as a conservative so far as spending public money is concerned, and a 2nd Amendment rights supporter, was the winner.

Here’s what the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has to say (verbatim): A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Pretty straightforward.

Canadian constitution, unfortunately, leaves such important questions in the hands of the federal government.

American economist Martin Armstrong defines the changes in a number of U.S. states as a “Trump effect.”

He may have a very valid point.

A history lesson

While many on the left wing of the political spectrum wailed that Donald J. Trump’s presidency will equal fascist dictatorship or worse, even, the precise opposite has happened.

Ridiculed for his hairstyle and such really important political qualities, or lack thereof, Donald J. Trump respected his country’s laws. If he didn’t, the foggy group now known as Deep State would have been outed and out within a week of his taking the solemn oath to uphold his country’s laws in general and the Constitution in particular.

How? Simple: heads would have been rolling, especially those in departments involved in law enforcement.

The British created a couple of television series decades ago: Yes Minister, that would be followed by Yes Prime Minister. Both were hilariously funny and serious at the same time. They revealed the role of what has been known as civil service within government. All those private secretaries and permanent secretaries and their ilk would do what they felt was best for them, disregarding their elected bosses almost completely.

No longer funny

The so-called Deep State in the U.S. has been much more sinister than anything the British comedy writers could even begin to think of. From spying on a candidate, through leaking of falsehoods they knew were false, all the way to using local judges who would issue decisions countermanding the President’s legal decisions, the list seems to be endless and who knows whether anyone will be able, ever, to find out and reveal everything.

The group that (many say illegally) toppled the 45th President has done so on the back of collective criminal activities based on dividing the country along racial and other demographic lines.

As a result, a number of individual states are now in legal battles with the Administration over its policies, losing some, to be sure, but winning some, too.

To put it in one sentence, the United States is inching closer to a showdown that would make all of its previous showdowns look like a kindergarten Christmas party.

This can have a few outcomes, all of them debilitating to the rest of the world: no matter how you slice it, while no longer Numero Uno, the U.S. is still a major superpower to be reckoned with.

There can be either a civil war that would end in the dismantling of the United States as an entity, or a civil war that would unite the country under a dictator compared to whom Adolf Hitler, Josif Stalin, Mao Ze-dong, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot (to name but a few of the most recent gangsters) were rank amateurs.

Looking in from the outside, it may look as if the former option would be better than the latter one, but that would be for the Americans to decide.

America, the beacon of freedom as we known it, is no longer.

Here’s the reason: politicians. People with insatiable thirst for power who are lying through their teeth when they claim they’re sacrificing themselves in the interests of the people.

The first non-politician of the modern era, Donald J. Trump, has failed.

Will Edward Durr Jr., the truck driver for a New Jersey furniture company, succeed where a business tycoon had failed?

The world would be better off if he did.

Hope dies last, as some say, but, alas, even hope seems to be on her deathbed these days.

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