More’s at stake than just changing governments

Now that Canada’s federal elections 2021 are round the corner, please remember this: re-writing history is the foundation that leads powers-that-be to their goal.

What goal? Move their country to a point where they and only they have the authority to do as they please, and ruthlessly remove those who still, in their naïveté, think that democracy is about debate.

Want proof?

Look at the beginnings of socialism, in all of its shades and forms, such as (in alphabetical order) communism, fascism or social democracy.

They all started off with changing their individual countries’ histories into myths and legends that suited their objectives.

Each of the re-writing tools carries a microscopic granule of truth, thus making it believable. And yet, each and everyone of them, and all of them together, are lies.

Some of the myths and legends appear and re-appear with shocking regularity: the residential schools, for example, or demands for re-dress to people no longer alive but were shut in for suspicion of lacking loyalty to Canada during various military conflicts.

These all have material objectives: money. And more money.

Then, there are cases of dirty pool.

For example: Canada’s census.

How many have noticed that there have been quite interesting changes going on in the column asking for ethnic origins?

In 2016, one year into Justin Trudeau’s government, two origins disappeared: Jewish and Salvadorean. Two new origins replaced them: Iranian and Mexican.

Was it because of the increase in those two new entries, or was it because the government’s computers could not accommodate two new entries without removing two old ones?

Remember: this is about ethnic origins, not nationalities.

And the decision to add ethnic Salvadoreans to ethnic Jews is too close for comfort to an age-old joke: the Jews and bicycle riders are guilty of it (whatever the it means on any particular occasion). Whereupon the punchline comes as a question: why the bicycle riders?

It may be of interest that the government re-introduced the Jewish origin for this year’s census, only to indicate it would remove it again, in 2026.

Yes, Canada is one of those countries with a very shady history of their approach to the Jews in their hours of greatest need: the policy was one is too many during the Second World War when Canada, together with many other countries, kept refusing entrance to Jewish escapees from Nazi Germany.

While, speaking of this angle, it would (or could) have been expected that Canada’s views would be developing for the saner with time, it seems the opposite is true: Canada hasn’t sunk so deep as to scratch entire ethnic groups from her lists until the so-called modern times.

But why is it happening now?

The same reason as all this cry and hue about the non-existing pandemic: Canadian government has been supporting the non-sensical transfer of entire nations that has plagued western civilisation the last few decades.

The movement is not new. Some of it goes to the times of Thomas Robert Malthus and his over-population theories. He held those in the 18th and 19th centuries, and it’s only now that the so-called elites have found means to put them in motion.

Some of it goes to the 19th and 20th centuries ideas of Austro-Hungarian aristocrat (who liked to be called an intellectual), Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, with his Pan Europa plan that proposed a thorough remix of ethnic groups, first in Europe, and then, all over the world.

Cutting the current 7.8 billion-large population of this planet to what the so-called elites call the acceptable 1.5 billion requires nothing less than genocide. Doesn’t matter whether by vaccination or using any other means. Genocide is genocide is genocide. It’s as simple as that.

Bringing in strangers to dissolve the principles of western civilisation using the crude medieval methods of the newcomers helps governments keep their original voters down.

Did young Trudeau’s recent announcement about bringing in thousands of fleeing Afghanis generate any headlines?

Nobody asked, even, about the process of selection and security checking. Given the examples of previous similar mass arrivals, Justin Trudeau doesn’t give a hoot.

What he cares about is the World Economic Forum’s agenda of feudalistic socialism, the Gates Foundation’s plan for genocide to help stabilise the environment, and the Soros Open Societies’ plan for one world government.

These, by the way, are not conspiracy hypotheses: these are official statements by the bodies mentioned in the previous paragraph.

It is to make sure that Canadians do not know who they are and what they should stand for that the current government is wreaking havoc all over the place, changing the would-be concerns and panic-creating issues as it moves along.

The last hour is upon us.

Remember it come Monday, September 20, 2021.

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