Simple logic beats official lies ten times out of ten

The flood of data about a so-called pandemic that nobody in the mainstream media (MSM) feels free to question (or test, even) has been overwhelming.

The flood of data that questions most of the official rhetoric has been significant, too, but it meets with exaggerated labelling. Those who beg to differ with what the officials, with MSM support, claim, are labelled as all kinds of things, with the expression “deniers” being the most forgiving of the lot.

And yet, the solution is rather easy. It only requires logic.

What follows is a proposal sent to me by a friend. In his country’s language, this approach is known as “rustic wits” (selský rozum in the original Czech).

Yes, granted, he writes, most of us are perfectly ignorant about viruses. It would take too long for us to learn enough to be able to engage in any meaningful debate concerning the perfidiously invisible little devils.

But most of us should know how to put two and two together.

That is, in a more scientifically-sounding language, how to analyse the collection of data.

Need an example?

It’s a midsummer day, the weather is insupportably hot. Beer sales go through the roof. And so do the breaking-and-entering crimes. The police don’t know how to get their squads to investigate all the home robberies, there are so many of them.

The correlation? Increased beer sales cause breaking-and-entering (b&e in police shorthand).

The solution: let’s ban beer sales.

The number of b&e crimes diminishes somewhat, but not much. Again: logically, people are drinking whatever beer they have left at home, and only very few robbers are brazen enough to break into their homes when the owners are around.

Except: while the crime rate has diminished somewhat, it’s still with us.

What’s going on?

Remember: it’s still insupportably hot, and way too many people go out to buy loads of ice cream.

What does it mean?

It means that ice cream sales are the real cause of the continuing crime rate.

Next thing we know, sales of ice cream are banned.

But the wave of b&e crimes is still there. What the heck?

Can you believe it, people say banning ice cream sales violates their basic human rights, so, they go and find places where they still have it and buy it, but while they are away, the robbers use the opportunity and …

The logical answer: make sure nobody leaves their homes and those seen anywhere outside of their homes without a proper official permit must be punished to the full extent of the law.

It would take years for the government to discover that the sticky, muggy weather that summer forced people to keep their windows wide open late into the night, to make life close to bearable. That gave the robbers the chance to effect imperceptible entries and departures as they pleased.

Meanwhile, people forgot the pleasure of tasting beer or ice cream altogether, but who cares. Neither of it is too healthy, anyhow.

True? Who knows. Logical? Definitely. Probable? Absolutely.

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