Bolivia kicks Big Pharma where it hurts the most

Bolivia has sent the Big Pharma and governments that toe its line to (fill in whichever destination of your own choice): the country’s president, Luis Arce Catacora, has ratified a new law that permits treatment of diseases linked to the current coronavirus strains using a solution of chloride dioxide (ClO2).

The official description of the new law, known as Nr. 1351, says it regulates the development, marketing, supplies and administration of CDS (official description of the chloride dioxide solution).

Both chambers of Bolivia’s parliament have already approved the new law.

The application costs $0.0588739 in Canadian currency per patient, and $0.0459237 in U.S. greenbacks, much less, that is, than any remedy offered by the major pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

According to verified information, at least 3,500 physicians in 20 Latin American countries have been using the preparation, with no side effects reported, and with an almost full success rate.

In any case, Bolivia has become the first country in the world to skip demands by Big Pharma and sundry governments that seek that entire populations be inoculated using vaccines that force human bodies into producing proteins that would force those bodies to produce immunity reactions. A number of scientists have been warning that the mechanism of these so-called auto-immunity illnesses can become a time-bomb that would trigger genetic explosions years hence.

In addition, a number of governments, while saying vaccination would not be mandatory, have not bothered to deny that those inoculated would be issued with special identity documents confirming they had submitted.

Citizens without such identification would be (or could be) denied access to some basic services, from rides on public transit all the way to school admission, hospital treatment for anything, even conditions not linked to coronavirus but remotely, as well as a number of other limitations.

Meanwhile, within hours of approval, at least two fatalities have been reported after using a much-heralded anti-coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer. That happens to be the vaccine reportedly preferred by the Canadian government, as well as authorities elsewhere (including the U.S. and Great Britain).

Considering that the Pfizer stuff has to be stored in temperatures around -70 Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit), while other companies claim their vaccines need only your usual refrigerator conditions to remain effective, the marketing war seems to have started in all earnestness, ignoring the under-reported side effects all the while.

The marketing hoopla also completely ignores the main fact: vaccines are supposed to serve for prevention, not for treatment. Thus, all those who pine for magical results brought about by vaccines may be crying beautifully, but at a wrong funeral.

In addition, the current pro-vaccine propaganda ignores a couple of basic facts: first of all, a vaccine is effective against one strain of a virus, and the much-heralded Covid-19 contains at least four of them, and, secondly, scientists have been trying to predict which flu strain is around the corner for their annual flu vaccination campaigns, and, during the last 20 years, they have been wrong 20 times.

Bolivia has cut straight to the chase, much to the charging of Big Pharma and their profit accounts.

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