This is no longer funny

A citizen entered the police headquarters building in his country’s capital city, and found his way to the visa and passport office.

This statement reveals right away that it must have been happening in a communist country: normal, democratic countries aren’t as brazenly open about linking their visa and passport business with the police.

Anyhow, the citizen knocked (rather timidly) on the door that said, in bold, capital letters: PASSPORT OFFICE. Enter, he heard, so he obeyed.

What’s up, citizen? a police officer asked.

Comrade, I should like to emigrate.

Another sign this must have been a communist country: he called the officer ‘comrade,’ and he needed a special passport to move to another country.

Of course, if this were to really happen, this courageous citizen would have been led straight to prison (or a psychiatric facility): emigration is a crime under communism, and only the clinically insane want to leave the paradise.

In practical sense, the citizen would have got the prescribed minimum of 18 months behind bars: the regime would have shown leniency because, after all, he told the authorities in advance.

But, since this is a joke (it used to be very popular in communist countries), let’s continue.

Certainly, citizen, said the police officer, just fill this application form and we’ll take care of the rest of it.

The citizen fills out the form, hands it back to the officer. The policeman reads, nods and says, brilliant, but you omitted to name the country you would want to emigrate to.

Oh, but that doesn’t matter, says the citizen, so long as it’s anywhere out of the communist sphere, it’s fine with me.

Now, in reality, he would have got another three years behind bars on top of the lenient 18 months for this statement.

But, again, this is a joke, so, let’s move on.

I certainly appreciate the sentiment, thus the police guy, but rules are rules. We need you to answer the destination question. Otherwise, we just can’t process your application.

After a brief argument, the officer hands the citizen a globe: go into the waiting room, find a country you’ll want to go to, come back, we’ll fill it in, and everything will be fine and hunky-dory.

The citizen returns in about an hour: comrade, you wouldn’t happen to have another globe?

Here’s the problem: we are quickly getting to a situation where this punchline begins to remind us of reality.

People in communist countries used to joke that the one major advantage of the communist system was you could always try to defect to freedom. But now, alas, they lament, we have managed at last to get ourselves out of the Marxist yoke hung on us from the east, and here it is again, coming back to haunt us from the west.

Just look around

Political correctness was invented by Marxist devotees of the so-called Frankfurt School (Frankfurter Schule). These were people chased out of Germany by Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler. They stood in the way of his so-called Führerprinzip (Leadership Tenet). In Hitler’s eyes, there could be only one Leader, and it had to be him. The mainly Marxist, but also in part Hegelian, and to a certain degree Freudian membership of the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), a part of Goethe University in Frankfurt, preached socialism that differed from the one proposed by Hitler.

Many of them saved themselves from Hitler’s tender mercies in Great Britain, but most of them landed in the United States. While the British were only democratic and were of the view that everybody’s opinion deserves a fair chance (see Hyde Park and its soap-box orators), the Americans offered one more advantage: they were (and, in fact, remain to this day) naïve like newly born puppies.

The Marxist cancer had begun very slowly. It would take time before its main proponents could reach tenured positions with American institutions of higher learning. It would also take some time before they could overcome Americans’ aversion to all things that could endanger their lives.

They abused Americans’ respect for democratic process by violently attacking the Senator Joe McCarthy committee that investigated what it called un-American activities. It took some time before they achieved one of their first goals: the word anti-communist would become an insult, all of a sudden.

The Frankfurter Schule alumni would spread continually into all spheres of the economic world. Today it comes as no surprise to hear all kinds of CEOs and similar such magnates uttering words of Marxist propaganda. They don’t know whence those beliefs had come. Even more surprisingly, they believe the gibberish that they are pronouncing without a sign of doubt.

The Frankfurter Schule alumni took great care to water down all levels of education. Their effort began in universities, concentrating on the humanities first: you don’t have to know anything to excel in the humanities, so long as you know how and when to use the appropriately progressive parlance.

Speaking of the word ‘progressive,’ they hijacked it and misappropriated it with vengeance. If inserting the Marxist expression ‘antagonistic contradiction’ constitutes anything, it is not progressive. It is a teaching that promotes hatred, and it forms one of the basic tenets of Marxism.

Role reversal

Political correctness in its original form was supposed to make sure we don’t say (write, express in any shape or form) anything that could upset somebody else’s finest and most inner feelings.

That was the claim, anyway. Certainly, it’s censorship, pure and simple, but with the best of intentions. Dante Alighieri said it best: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And it is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day that modern Marxists’ intentions are nothing but evil.

Another Trojan horse: political correctness has developed into a situation where those anointed by the politically correct can insult everybody else with perfect impunity, while the other group must keep their mouths shut or else.

No need to go too far for an example: white privilege, anybody?

Instead of the original class hatred, modern Marxists have developed race hatred.

They also figured out that fear helps subdue most of the doubters. Scare them into submission. How? Invent a new plague and say it’s worse than leprosy.

Your politicians these days are mostly people who have no clue. Throw enough Latin words at them, and they’ll obey. And they’ll demand that their fellow citizens obey whatever idiotic command they issue (mandatory face masks or vaccinations, anybody?).

Today’s journalists are even worse. Gone are the days when they used to doubt everything authorities told them. Now, they don’t even bother to double-check the figures thrown at them, they just repeat them. They seem to have never heard that figures without context make no sense. In one sentence: perfect lack of journalism.

Valiant propaganda

Instead of providing their readers, listeners or viewers with news, making sure they are as unbiased as possible, today’s practitioners of the trade of journalism have abandoned any semblance to the profession.

Granted, nobody is perfectly objective. Selection of topics, the importance you assign to them (how you play them, in the jargon of the trade), all of this reveals bias.

An example: Israeli troops shot and killed several Palestinians on a beach. That’s the first paragraph. The fact that those Palestinians just happened to be heavily armed scuba divers, carrying more military supplies into the area of conflict, is humbly buried at the end of the story.

In today’s world where a headline says it all, and those who go beyond the first paragraph and glance at the second one are seen as in-depth consumers of news, what image does the general public get?

Or how about a Canadian sportscaster who says a professional football team’s players are honouring the memory of a murder of a black guy? Who cares that the guy who perished (in the hands of a police officer) was a hardened criminal who had just committed another couple of crimes (making a purchase using fake money, attempting to drive a motor vehicle while high on drugs)?

Or how about a documentary on another sports TV network, this one about a martial arts fighter, who joined the ranks of this rather unusual sport to help him with his anger management? He freely admits in the broadcast that he used to be heavily involved in the illicit drugs business, but when it comes to his arrests, he says this was typical systemic racism. And whoever created this piece of nonsense doesn’t even know how to challenge the newly minted champion. To the contrary, the entire piece is glowing with admiration: the guy is clean!

A piece of surprise: so are many others, and they do not speak about racism, systemic or systematic or otherwise. Except: they are subjected to unrelenting propaganda saying that it is fine and dandy to have issues with one’s anger management and sell drugs to all and sundry.

That’s how deep we have sunk.

And this state of affairs is no longer funny.

3 thoughts on “This is no longer funny

  1. Werner Hiob September 27, 2020 at 19:05 Reply

    This is the absolute TRUTH!! How can we forget who once lived under the MARXIST SYSTEM!!!???

    NEVER!!!! 😦



  2. Jerrod Alligood October 31, 2020 at 14:04 Reply

    Very good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book marked it for later!


  3. n95 face masks November 3, 2020 at 06:53 Reply

    It’s not dull when you write about it.. out all the blogs on this, yours stands out.


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