Our health is in our own hands

The further we go in the artificial mass hysteria known as (to quote U.S. President Donald J. Trump) the China virus, the more and more obvious it is that what we’re dealing with is a hoax of mass proportions.

As many have pointed out, it is all about power and money. Some, on the other hand, object that they don’t believe in conspiracy theories. So, they swallow the official propaganda line, hook and sinker, instead.

A word of caution: theory requires proof. Hypothesis does not. So, when anyone starts blasting conspiracy theories, they contradict themselves right from the beginning.

But: facts remain facts. Such as: the World Health Organization (WHO) changed the standards used to determine spreading of diseases about a dozen years ago. The august body is now not able to determine anything.

And yet, governments and sundry authorities all over the world keep accepting WHO’s pronouncements like the Sermon on the Mount.

The European Union’s health commission (an equal of a national government health department) launched an official investigation into WHO’s monumental changes. The result was shocking: it all happened upon recommendations by medical experts advising the WHO. These experts would be rewarded shortly afterwards by getting interesting contracts from a variety of big pharmaceutical companies. In a strange coincidence, these were the companies that had been working specifically on various reactions to outbreaks of all kinds of flu (coming mostly from China).

Interestingly, this scandal was publicized quite widely after the EU investigators finished writing their report about a decade ago.

When the then-chairman of the EU health commission, the man who led the probe, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German physician, approached his country’s respected mainstream media this year, just to remind them of the need to be vigilant about the new wave of mass hysteria, he was turned down: it would be inappropriate to publish this now, the editors told him.

It does not take a Herculean effort to find out why.

Science has proven there is no need to develop any new vaccines (and try to force the entire population to accept them by making them mandatory). After all, annual flu vaccination campaigns are based on guesstimates: what strain of the flu virus will hit us next season? The scientists have been working their behinds off, and yet, during the last two decades, they have not come up with a perfect match. Not once.

Coronavirus is an overall description of a group of viruses, and even the description Covid-19 includes at least several strains.

Who’s behind it all

Here’s the mortal danger big pharmaceutical companies (and power-hungry money bags) face: today’s populations, for a number of preventable reasons, lack basic natural immunity. Most of the general population can get it back by getting more vitamin D, a healthy dose of zinc, and vitamin C.

Vitamin D can be obtained for free by exposing one’s body to the rays of the sun, without using all kinds of lotions that prevent those rays from having any impact.

Yes, too much sunshine can cause cancer. But this is not about too much exposure to sunshine. This is about modest but regular exposure.

A number of foodstuffs contain the mineral zinc, just look them up. Use any search engine (other than Google).

Same goes for vitamin C: Healthy diets include fruits. Check which ones of them contain the most vitamin C, and enjoy them.

It is known that the older we are, the more health issues we have. Such as high blood pressure (hypertension). To control this condition, physicians tend to flood our bodies with all kinds of medications.

All medications have side effects, and good physicians will tell you about them, adding that they weighed the positives and compared them to the negatives, and the positives prevailed, which is why here’s your prescription.

It is not known how many physicians are aware of the substantial fact that medications that control our blood pressure are (at the same time) supressing the presence of zinc in our bodies. That cuts into our level of immunity.

The flu that may or may not be caused by Covid-19 impacts (and kills) mostly the elderly. People whose ageing process has irreparably slowed down their bodies’ ability to process zinc in their food. They are the most frequent users of medications to control high blood pressure, that is, medications that remove zinc from their bodies.

Unusual threats

A number of governments and sundry authorities have intensified calls for making anti-Covid-19 vaccination mandatory.

This is pure illiteracy hidden behind arrogance. Covid-19 (better described as Covid-1984) includes a number of different viral strains. Each of those would require its own vaccine.

Not only that. There have been a number of places where citizens heard that they either submit to mandatory vaccination and testing, or they will be denied basic medical care, or, even worse, they will be sent to special camps, with the explanation that this would prevent further spreading of the infection.

Some such calls suggested entire families would be subjected to this treatment, even if only one member of the family refuses mandatory vaccination and testing. Not only that: if someone had the bad luck of visiting such an un-cooperative family, off with them to those camps, too.

Those of us who have had direct exposure to totalitarian regimes, and then managed to escape, hoping to find freedom in such western democracies as, for example, Canada, are now in a state of shock. Is that why we risked our lives?

We are being overwhelmed by hysterical news coverage that is wildly insufficient. Bombarded by numbers without any context, we hear that there have been so many new cases today, with so many fatalities. We don’t get comparisons, telling us how many cases of the flu there were in the last several years, and how many fatalities. These numbers would show us that this year’s flu outbreak (the Covid-19-related diseases are nothing but another form of the flu) is much less intensive than last seven years’ worth of flu epidemics.

We do not get the breakdowns so far as the demographics of the spread goes: how many people under, say, 30, catch the disease, how many over 50, you get the picture.

Why the panic-mongering then?

First of all, as mentioned, it’s about money. If we decide to give vitamins and natural metals a try, and if we find it worth our time, big pharmaceutical companies will lose. You can’t patent natural remedies.

There’s one more angle. Based on Thomas Robert Malthus’s theories, mixed rather strangely with socialist ideologies, a number of powerful (and, better still, power-hungry) people have decided to change the world.

In his 1798 work, An Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus wrote about the impact an increase in a nation’s food production would have on that nation’s long-term future. It would improve the well-being of the population, but that would be only a temporary fix. Why? Elementary, dear Watson: it would lead to population growth. And such growth would, in turn, bring us back to the original per capita production level.

Strange bedfellows

Malthus is described in dictionaries and encyclopaedias as an English cleric, scholar and influential economist in the fields of political economy and demography. Political economy sounds like an oxymoron to an economist’s ear. So, that makes Malthus’s conclusions somewhat dubious.

This, of course, would not stop people like Bill Gates or Soros Gyorgy. The former preaches Malthusianism, the latter preaches totalitarianism. These people think that the fact they have more money than most of us means they ought to have more power than most of us.

Bill Gates has been on record as a Malthus’s supporter for quite some time. After all, it runs in his family.

Bill Gates is also on record as a firm believer in the view that there are way too many of us on this planet, and that there must be ways how to artificially (and, perhaps, painlessly, but that does not matter much) change this trend.

Most of the stories about his and his wife Melinda’s foundation’s activities have been proven beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise. The number of girls who have either become infertile, or, worse still, who have died because of the vaccination that was supposed to protect them against cancer in their internal female organs is worse than shocking.

This alone should bring the entire Gates foundation before an international tribunal that would send the culprits behind bars for the rest of their lives.

What is happening instead?

The Gates foundation seems to be running the WHO these days, with direct help from the People’s Republic of China.

It is a direct attack on democracy. It is a direct attack on our basic rights and freedoms.

Should we defend ourselves? Should we kick out everybody and anybody in power, elected or not, who tries to whip up even more public fear and hysteria in order to be able to impose such draconian measures upon us?

The answer is obvious.

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