Sweden’s social democrats aim for dictatorship

Nothing beats leftist governments. Once you’ve voted them in once too often, this would be your last free election for a foreseeable time to come.

The one in Sweden has proven it beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

It entered into something to be known from now and forever as December Agreement. This deal has cancelled the forthcoming early elections that were supposed to take place this spring. To make sure everybody keeps their mouth shut, it said there’s not going to be any election until the year 2022 (at the earliest).

The deal is simple: the opposition parties would not vote against the government in no-confidence votes, which means social democrats’ budgets would pass literally without any issues.

The intriguing part: the social democrats got not only the leftist Greens to go along, but two centrist parties that are borderline on the other side of the spectre, too.

On the other hand, there are several parties that are alarmed. One of the major issues to be tackled (and – hopefully – decided) during the forthcoming vote dealt with immigration.

The main challenge: most of the newcomers to Sweden are of Muslim persuasion. To cater to them, the Swedish government went so far as to recognize an entity to be called the Palestinian state. Alas, the United Nations Security Council voted this particular nonsense down.

That the main political force within the area controlled by the so-called Palestinian Authority, Hamas, has opposed the Palestinian application for statehood within the United Nations, is another matter. Hamas is the group that the frightfully shortsighted European Union leaders want to be left off the list of terrorist organizations despite all the evidence that points to the fact that terrorism is Hamas’s middle name. And Hamas has got its reasons for not wanting to be recognized as a state: that would mean recognition of its current borders, or something very close to that, and that would – logically – mean the recognition of the state of Israel. And that is something Hamas has been on record as stating all along must not happen.

That Sweden has become the capital of rape, thanks to its influx of Muslims, does not mean anything to its government. One would have expected better from social democrats, loud as they have always been as defenders of women’s rights. Where will the feminist groups and organizations look for shelter now?

Considering it has always been one of the tenets of all Muslim faiths that women don’t count, not even as second-class citizens, they don’t count as citizens, and that’s it, Sweden’s government should be ashamed of itself.

But then again, so should a number of other governments that sweep this issue under the rug, be it Great Britain, Germany or France. They’ve got themselves into a dreadful mess, and now, Sweden’s social democratic prime minister Stefan Löfven says his party has at long last created a situation that will give it the power to govern without such hindrances like questions about the wisdom of their policies.

Judging by their record during their last few election cycles in government, those policies deserve that their authors face public spanking (to uphold Muslim ways of communal life).

Swedish political observers say the social democratic would-be dictators may wake up one day in the not-so-distant future, facing their nation united against them under the banner of the main opposition party, the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). This is the party that has raised the immigration question loud and clear. Sweden is a country of about 9.6 million inhabitants. The current government is planning to bring in about 105,000 more people during this year alone. Whence? Syria, mostly, but other spots in the Middle East, too. No specific word yet on the number of people coming from the Palestinian Authority region. Logic would dictate there would be none: it is a place, after all, that the current Swedish simply loves.

Sweden Democrats’ party chairman Jimmie Åkesson and Björn Söder, party secretary and parliamentary group leader, lead the assault on the current social democratic would-be dictators. They call them all kinds of names. No specific insults, just accusations of treason. Ho-hum.

Still, it may all turn out to be very ugly. And soon.

After all, then-Swedish prime minister, Olof Palme, was shot dead in 1986 for very similar reasons. The murder was reported on a lot, but one angle was not too popular with the mainstream media. Embarrassing evidence has kept coming up, showing that the late prime minister’s friendly relationships with all kinds of international terrorist gangs could have been behind the murder.

It’s not that long ago that Anders Breivik of Norway attacked a camp filled with young communists and anti-Israeli (and pro-Muslim) posters. He left a bloody path behind himself and most of the world, informed by the almost hysterical campaign headed by the so-called mainstream media, condemned him for his action.

Not that what Breivik has done ought to be condoned, but he saw no other way. Official silence about acts that will spell doom to his beloved Norway in the hands of Muslim immigrants and leftist politicians, that’s what he saw. Quite correctly, too. These leftist politicians are ignorant enough not to know they will be ordered to submit to Islam themselves, or be beheaded, as soon as the Muslim newcomers feel powerful enough. Considering the Muslim leaders have been on record for quite some time as saying they will run over Europe using their women’s wombs, all it will take would be a few nine-month periods.

And what do we get? Deafening silence coming our way from the so-called mainstream media.

Heja, heja, Sverige!

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6 thoughts on “Sweden’s social democrats aim for dictatorship

  1. Mark Leyderman January 3, 2015 at 12:37 Reply



  2. Kage January 13, 2015 at 07:53 Reply

    Well done, nice to know that you support the views of mentally ill terrorist Breivik. This alone should make most sane people reading this blog a little scared.
    You are obviously free to voice your opinion but from a credibility standpoint, please back up statements that you make:
    I.e. please present evidence that:
    1) “Sweden has become the capital of rape, thanks to its influx of muslims.”
    This is a well known and thoroughly debunked (I am happy to provide you references of those that have examined this claim OBJECTIVELY) myth being spread by alarmist and fear mongering far right wing groups looking to further their own political interests and power by uniting citizens against a common scapegoat. Sound familiar? Sound dangerous?
    2) “It has been one of the tenets of all muslim faiths that women don’t count”
    Agree with you completely that in many muslim faiths, women are marginalized and this is unacceptable. But you and I both know that anytime one throws around absolute words like “all” “always” “never”, you are usually wrong. There exist many moderate sects of Islam that interpret the Qur’an in a modern light..many of these families live in your neighbourhood across Canada..one just has to be educated about Islam to know this. Perhaps Peter should open his mind and educate himself with regard to the above issues? Or perhaps I am naive and really the point of political commentary is to present ones own views while closing ones eyes to facts?
    You should be ashamed of the way you, based on the action of a minority of extremists, contribute to the stigmatization of countless peaceful Muslim families who contribute positively to their country’s community and economy.


    • Peter Adler January 13, 2015 at 14:40 Reply

      thanks, whoever you are … the e-mail address you left is wrong, so … that leaves me with a question or two about your honesty in general …
      as you might have noticed, your comment is appearing on my page … even though you are misleading when you say in sympathize with breivik: i am only trying to say the guy saw no other way …
      so far as statistics about rape go, as soon as i decide to write a scientific paper, they’ll be there in their naked ugliness … they do not belong on a blog …
      i am not altogether certain where does your gall come from to call my statements about thrte spread of islam all over the civilized world alarmist … perhaps you should check a headline or two …


  3. Jiri January 14, 2015 at 01:11 Reply

    Sweden has the highest rate of rape in Europe, with the UN reporting 69 rape cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011, according to author and advocate of power feminism Naomi Wolf on opinion website Project Syndicate.

    In 2010, Swedish police recorded the highest number of offences – about 63 per 100,000 inhabitants – of any force in Europe. That was the second highest in the world after Lesotho.

    “According to rape crisis advocates in Sweden, one-third of Swedish women have been sexually assaulted by the time they leave their teens. According to a study published in 2003, and other later studies through 2009, Sweden has the highest sexual assault rate in Europe, and among the lowest conviction rates,” Wolf wrote.

    A 2010 Amnesty report said: “In Sweden, according to official crime statistics, the number of reported rapes has quadrupled during the past 20 years. In 2008, there were just over 4,000 rapes of people over 15, the great majority of them girls and women.”


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