Microsoft deserves public flogging (or more)

Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS, for short) has been nothing short of a disaster. The corporation started issuing all kinds of fixes. They made the situation even worse.
The text below is a letter to Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.
Dear Mr. Nadella,
One expects that, as CEO of your organization, you must be aware of the disruptive issues caused by a variety of updates to your corporation’s latest OS, Windows 8.1.
They are neatly summarized here:
but I can assure you that the number of complaints has exceeded all possible expectations.
Basically, to sum up: the OS itself, as released, has contained a sufficient number of bugs to warrant a recall. In addition, as has become your corporation’s habit, the new OS has basic and major issues with working with applications, including Microsoft’s own, that have been compatible with earlier versions of your own OS. What your new OS is demanding equals extortion: buy a newer version of our application software, and it’s going to work with the new version of our OS, otherwise, you’re out of luck. If you don’t do as we bid you, well, we warned you, did we not?
It might come as a genuine surprise to Microsoft’s management, but the decades of rubber barons have become a matter of history quite some time ago. In fact, one would have expected Microsoft to be aware of this particular angle: did the anti-trust litigation against Microsoft not teach you anything?
In any case, I am seriously considering hiring a legal counsel who would initiate a class action against your corporation based on this latest arrogant approach to your customers, that is, to the people without whom you would be an empty shell. It seems that the time has come to drill an important idea into your skulls: your customer is your boss. And the faster you learn that, the better for you.
This kind of litigation would cause more harm to Microsoft than all of the earlier anti-trust lawsuits combined. Why? Because in those earlier cases, many Microsoft customers were not aware that the debate involved them and their rights as your customers.
If there is a class action against your corporation based on problems with a general OS that nobody seems to be able to fix, and your corporation least of all,  this would be a public relations disaster.
Not that I would be trying to give you unsolicited advice, but still: if I were you, I would contact ALL those who had purchased your new OS, offer them compensation ($10,000 per customer should solve it), and, much more importantly, offer them a fix that would solve all of their compaints, including the compatibility issues.
And, if I were you, I would solemnly undertake that from now on you will never ever release anything that may contain any bugs or sundry issues, not even in Beta versions. Your corporation has been doing this for quite some time, getting away with what some would call murder.
I should like to receive your personal communication, not a bland “thanks” from some clerk from any of your offices, and I am asking that your reply reach me within one week as of today.
Thank you.
Peter Adler

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One thought on “Microsoft deserves public flogging (or more)

  1. Werner Hiob September 9, 2014 at 20:43 Reply

    Peter, any reply yet from Microsoft??? Good Letter you wrote, by the way!



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