Islamists desecrate military graves. When will we stand up to these bullies?

Islamists desecrated an Allied cemetery near Tobruk recently.

Have you ever heard about it in mainstream media? Have you ever read about it in mainstream media? Have you ever seen it in mainstream media?

Most of you will say this is the first time you read about it.

You might have read a story or two in the British press: it was British graves, after all. But not much.

Here’s your chance to see (and hear) it:

Now that you’ve seen and heard it, here are the questions again: Have you ever heard about it in mainstream media? Have you ever read about it in mainstream media? Have you ever seen it in mainstream media?

And an additional question: have you ever heard, read or seen a word of concern, not to mention protest, from any of the so-called civilized governments of what we still call (inertia, perhaps?) civilized countries?

The only government to raise an eyebrow was the one in London, England. Again, it was British graves, after all. But even so, an eyebrow up, saying “tut-tut,” just doesn’t cut it.

Other than that, the answer to all of the above questions is no. A shocking and alarming no.

But why?

Have we all gone scared excrement-less (to use a polite version of a well-known comparison) that someone might say we’re racist? That we lack basic tolerance? That the graves are in Libya and what are they doing there, anyway? That is wasn’t the Libyans’ war, after all?

During the Second World War, Tobruk was in Italian hands. Italy, at the time, was an openly fascist country, allied with an openly national-socialist Germany.

Tobruk was then (still is, in fact) a strategically located port. Those who held Tobruk would have an upper hand in military operations on the African continent. Having that upper hand was important for a number of reasons: access to raw materials, control over sea-lanes, to name but a couple.

No wonder the Allies fought for and won the control of Tobruk. The Germans, perfectly aware of the place’s importance, sent an elite army to win the port (and the peninsula) back. Deutsches Afrika Korps under Lieutenant-General Erwin Rommel pushed the Allies out. So pleased was Rommel’s commander-in-chief, Adolf Hitler, he would bestow the rank of Generalfeldmarschall upon him, making Rommel the youngest officer holding such a high rank in the history of the German military.

The Allies fought back and re-captured the region in what has become known as the Second Battle of El-Alamein.

It was one of the major turning points that would lead to the defeat of Hitler’s Germany.

So far as the Islamic population in the area (but not only there) is concerned, Hitler should have won the war. He was, so far as they are concerned, a swell guy and if he had any shortcomings at all, it would be that he hadn’t done away with the Jews altogether.

This is no imaginative conclusion. This is what these people state on record.

And yet, instead of trying to enforce humanity, Western lumpenintelligentsia (see definition of lumpenproletariat for explanation) is all agog over what they call Arab spring. A war, that is, on existing governments in those regions.

Granted, existing governments in those regions would have a long ways to go to begin resembling anything coming close to modern democratic governments. The question whether anything of the kind would be possible to achieve within this century is quite legitimate. But it still does not mean that we should automatically give standing ovation, including material support, to all those who oppose them.

Western lumpenintelligentsia (again, see definition of lumpenproletariat for explanation) ignores such minor things like that those in opposition to existing governments are Islamic fundamentalists of all stripes and shades. Their fierce opposition to their governments is based on the fear that those existing governments are becoming too westernized, meaning, by extension, that they begin resembling democracy too closely for comfort.

Lies legitimized

We now live in an era of political correctness, which, for all reasons and purposes, is just unabashed censorship. It goes so far as to call, for example, Mark Twain or William Shakespeare racists. One wonders quite often whether any of those accusers have ever read Twain or Shakespeare, but that’s another matter.

This era of political correctness makes it easy to silence those whose views do not conform to the politically correct mantra. An accusation of any of the “reactionary” –isms will suffice. And if you happen to point out to any of the supporters of political correctness that they are indulging in censorship, they would call you all kinds of names, usually not even knowing what those names mean.

So, if you happen to say that what the Islamists are doing in desecrating soldiers’ graves is abominable, the answer would come back that it wasn’t their war in the first place.

Guess what: it was. As mentioned above, these fellows were Hitler’s supporters. Should any of the politically correct crowd ask, “So what?” a reality seminar in a former Nazi concentration camp would be useful. Preferrably with actors dressed as SS thugs, with the inmate knowing her or his next stop would be an extermination camp.

Of course, these Islamists just happen to be also the same gang that objects to having Olympic arena built in a spot that they claim used to be a burial area for the fallen Muslim soldiers of wars two centuries ago.

Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi. Literal translation from the Latin: What is legitimate for Jove (Jupiter), is not legitimate for the ox. In simpler words: Gods may do what cattle may not. Even simpler: it’s all about double standard.

So, as a double standard, it is fine and dandy for persons of Muslim persuasion to try to stone to death a girl in Belgium just because she’s not wearing the appropriate clothing. The fact the girl in question was NOT Arab meant nothing. It is fine and dandy for Muslim organizations to demand that the Ontario government introduce Sharia laws for the Muslim community, and those who oppose this (calling it insanity, among other epithets) are labelled as racists. It is fine and dandy for a major Muslim organization to be on internationally recognized lists of terrorist supporters, but when a Canadian government official as much as mentions it, they threaten they would take him (and the rest of the government) to court to have it withdrawn. It is fine and dandy for a major Canadian newspaper to publish a cartoon that describes the country’s prime minister as an Israeli lackey just because he told Israeli parliament (the Knesset) that Canada is and will remain Israel’s ally.

Why are you objecting to have a mosque built just round the corner from the former World Trade Center in New York? So what that it is precisely the place Muslim fanatics changed into a mountain of smouldering ruins on the fateful September 11 day. Don’t the Muslims have a right to pray wherever they please?

How many would stand up and say: no, absolutely not? And this is not about our intolerance, this is about their intolerance, and the ruins bear witness to that. (And never mind the tastelessness of it all.)

So, what should we have done about the Libyan Muslims who desecrated the military graves in Tobruk?

On the first instinct, we should have them identified from the video, taken to a public square and flogged a hundred score lashes on their naked bottoms. Not only for the pain, but for the humiliation, also. And females should do the flogging: widows, daughters and granddaughters of those whose graves were desecrated. Just to drive the message home.

This would be a perfect solution on the second instinct, too.

The third instinct suggests this would be nice, but it wouldn’t be the way to go.

How about taking these people to Nazi concentration camp and treat them just the lumpenintelligentsia that eggs them on would be treated: daily beatings by actors dressed up as SS thugs, and knowledge of extermination that awaits them? Putting the shoe on the other foot, so to speak?

One thing is for sure: keeping silent about atrocious behaviour by the Islamist population makes our world a dangerous place to be.

We should all stand up and let those people know we won’t tolerate it. You can’t stop bullying by hiding somewhere in a corner.

And that’s precisely who these guys are. Bullies.

We should be ashamed of letting them feel they can get away with it.

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