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Our civilisation is doomed, and it’s our fault

Mr. Finkelstein is at an S-Bahn (rapid transit railway system) station in Berlin. He wants to go pee, but he has two suitcases with him, and he wants to find someone honest who would look after his luggage while he’s relieving himself.

He sees a German gentleman, and asks him what he thinks of the Jews.

Oh, says the German, I love them, talented, hard-working people, etc.

So, Mr. Finkelstein doesn’t ask him for help.

Another German walks by, and Mr. Finkelstein asks the same question.

Why, the German guy says, I just admire them, I even have a few Jewish friends, beautiful, wonderful people, etc.

So, Mr. Finkelstein asks another German gentleman.

And this guy says, stinky bloody bastards, Hitler should have been faster in getting rid of them all, etc.

Oi, says Mr. Finkelstein, an honest German, at long last! Sir, would you please look after my suitcases while I go to relieve myself?

That’s what I have always thought of American commentator Dennis Prager’s views on the issue of anti-Semitism.

By way of introduction to those who haven’t had the pleasure: Dennis Prager hosts his radio talk show and writes frequently on political topics. Originally, he would concentrate on the plight of Soviet Jews whom the then-regime would let emigrate. As the communist government in the Soviet Union fell apart, and the Soviet Union became the former Soviet Union, Dennis Prager’s views expanded to broader issues.

If you try to look him up using the usual search engines, you would find descriptions such as right-wing, or social conservatism, whatever THAT is supposed to mean.

Dennis Prager is anything but. Dennis Prager defies all kinds of labels. He is a realist who sees the world going to hell in a hand-basket. And THAT is his label.

Good or bad?

In a couple of recent columns, Dennis Prager was trying to figure out how it could happen that so many Americans would fall for such blatant invasion of a strange combination of two socialist ideas, one a communist strain, the other, fascist.

After all, has America not been built on the foundations of independence, individual rights, people objecting to too much government interference in their own affairs, people depending on themselves and their own abilities rather than on government fiat?

Yes, history says so.

But history is about the past.

Dennis Prager used to study the question that he called “the good German.” Just how the average (presumably decent) German did nothing to hurt Jews but, at the same time, did nothing to help them? And what about fighting the Nazi regime?

How could the nation that gave the world Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, or Professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (of the X-ray fame) permit a miserable sergeant (Feldwebel) Adolf Schickelgruber, a.k.a. Hitler to turn the country into one of the bloodiest dictatorships of all time?

Speaking of bloody dictatorships, how about the Russians who gave us Leo Tolstoy, Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev of the Periodic Law and periodic table of elements fame? They would also give us Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, whose killing ways made Hitler’s Holocaust numbers pale in comparison.

And never mind the French who, in addition to the many writers and artists and musicians and their cuisine also gave us Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Pétain, the Marshal who led his country to surrender and a fascist government in Vichy.

And, lest you think this list of nations with black stains on their collective consciences is complete, start thinking again.

This IS about collective guilt, because that’s what we were facing then.

And since humanity is unable to learn from its own mistakes, this is precisely what we’re facing today. Again.

Intolerable illiteracy

People keep their mouths shut over lockdowns that cost them jobs and that were caused by artificial panic about a non-existent pandemic. Simply because they don’t ask the basic question: why? Doesn’t matter if it’s out of fear or laziness or because of their lack of knowledge. We don’t make our elected (and appointed) officials answerable.

People shout down those who disagree and put all kinds of labels on them, the easiest way to end all meaningful discussion. Another sign of illiteracy, this time about basic rules of democracy.

People believe in magic power of vaccines that not only haven’t finished their clinical trials yet, but that, in a number of cases, have proven that they are a present danger to those who get inoculated.

People have not noticed yet that, while this unprecedented hoax is going on, all debate on illegal migration that is supposed to rid the world of this civilisation, has ceased.

The nonchalance, indifference, even, about what is happening around us is beyond shocking.

What has caused this massive explosion of, excuse the rude expression, mass idiocy? What got us into a situation where powers-that-be deny not only us mere mortals but experts in a variety of fields, too, the right to free expression, and most citizens don’t even notice, never mind object?

Dennis Prager, whose words of deep concern made me write this contribution to the public inquiry into the subject, studied totalitarianism since his graduate years at the Russian Institute of Columbia University’s School of International Affairs (as it was then known). Quite logically, he believed that a society could be brainwashed only in a dictatorship.

But: what is political correctness if not dictatorship? Say a word wrong, and the consequences can be as harsh as those in communist Soviet Union or Hitler’s Germany. The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, basically all of the so-called mainstream media (MSM for short), publications such as The Atlantic, The New Yorker, networks such CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, the so-called artists of Hollywood, they all resemble the infamous Moscow Pravda (Правда) newspaper. Pravda, in verbatim translation, means the truth. A popular joke making rounds in former communist countries used to say that there was as much truth in this or that statement made by a communist government (or any other authority) as in Moscow’s Pravda.

That’s one of the issues in the west: people haven’t yet got used to the fact that they should not trust their MSM. In fact, that they should start ignoring them. Here’s one rule of thumb people in the former communist countries remember, and those who haven’t experienced it haven’t heard of: don’t believe any rumour until and unless it’s been officially denied.

The killing comfort

And one more issue: we’re too well off for our own good. The consumerism we’ve been experiencing the last several decades is killing us. We are not aware of the simple fact that innovation does not necessarily equal progress.

That has one more effect: way too many of us do not care one iota about what’s going on around us, so long as we have our newest gadgets to play with.

This indifference will allow people like Klaus Martin Schwab of the World Economic Forum to implement their dream of what they call Great Reset or the fourth industrial revolution (and what American economist Martin Armstrong calls feudalistic socialism). It will let Bill and Melinda Gates proceed with their Malthusian visions that will end up in genocide. It will also permit George Soros and his Open Society to continue pushing for a world government, under the United Nations umbrella.

Anyone who calls these statements conspiracy theories should go back to school.

Why? Because a theory, by its definition, must be supported by proof. And no, these are not conspiracies, either. Schwab, the Gates couple and Soros can hardly be more open about their goals.

Are we past the point of redemption?

It definitely looks like it.

When will we learn? Obviously: never

Nihil sub sole novum. This is a Latin expression meaning that there’s nothing new under the sun. It first appeared in Latin in Saint Jerome’s translation of the Bible (from Hebrew and Greek). You can find it in Ecclesiastes 1:9. In the original Hebrew, it reads asאֵין כָּל חָדָשׁ תַּחַת הַשָּׁמֶשׁ‎ (sounds like this: en kol chadásh táchat hashámesh).

Why this return to classics?

Because it still holds true. Even so many centuries, millennia, even, later, it still holds true.

What follows is a verbatim quotation from a book that was published in 2014. Read what the author has to say first, and a few more details about his (and the book’s) background will follow afterwards.

In a chapter describing how the pharmaceutical establishment, with medical establishment’s eager help, creates new diseases so they can develop new medications or devices to treat them, there is a sub-chapter named:

Turn a non-illness into a crisis, e.g. Tamiflu

“As a GP (general practitioner),” the chapter opens, “I was taught that flu was basically a self-limiting illness. Patients who caught it should stay at home, deal with their symptoms and not ‘bother’ the doctor. A few elderly or very young patients could develop serious complications, and might need to be treated for secondary for secondary infections and suchlike. Other than that, there was not much to do.”

And what a stunning, unexpected surprise: “Then, suddenly, flu became a killing monster that must be treated with drugs,” the chapter continues. “I (meaning the GP mentioned above) was working in local surgeries and OOH (Out of Hours) during the winter of 2009/10 when the ‘great swine flu pandemic of terror’ erupted.”

The paragraphs that follow describe the current artificial terror campaign with alarming precision, even though the author writes about events of a dozen years ago, and the book itself was published seven years ago.

The same scenario: a virus coming from China (of all places). Authorities panicking like nobody’s business. A big pharmaceutical company offering a vaccine that some insist should be made mandatory. A number of physicians (labelled as experts) expressing their horror and supporting the official line that doom is coming unless everybody gets inoculated using this wonderful and powerful Tamiflu concoction. All kinds of limits imposed on citizens and the citizens obey because they are scared beyond belief.

Except: the vaccine maker, a corporation named Roche, has never revealed all the tests their new product had undergone, and even those tests that were made public were worse than suspect. It would turn out that the experts who were egging the authorities on to show that they knew how to handle a crisis, had been all linked to Roche in one way or another. Those would-be experts’ bank accounts grew like forest mushrooms after a light spring rain. The pharmaceutical giant was not generous just because of their management’s kind hearts, obviously. And still, even knowing about these sordid details, the powers-that-be would still cite these people of questionable bias as they would Solomon the Wise.

The author proves with great precision the irregularities in inventing the new disease, in making up the new wonder-vaccine, in the serious omissions committed in testing and in releasing the test details. He has been known for decades for his love of facts.

So, it is about time to reveal who he is: an experienced Scottish physician, named Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, and his book is named Doctoring the Data, with a subheadline reading: How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense.

How dare he?

The so-called medical establishment hates Dr. Kendrick with an unbecoming passion. Not only because of his 2014 revelations in Doctoring the Data, but also for his earlier book: The Great Cholesterol Con.

Here’s the simple reason: he doesn’t care much for the news releases that claim that experts say something. He demands to know what the experts say, and whether what the experts say is supported by data that can be double-checked (and, if need be, compared to other data).

And here’s the problem: anyone whose career is based on coming up with a theory, making it part of the so-called official science, is loathe to admit that s/he has been wrong all along. While human, it is not a wholly scientific approach: real science is characterized by the knowledge that knowledge develops, as does our experience.

Add to it today’s media with their illiterate arrogance, and you have a deadly mix.

The shocking thing is that we humans are unable to learn from our past experiences. Facts that Dr. Malcolm Kendrick describes with such chilling precision return to haunt us again just a dozen years later, they are literally the same, and yet, not many pay attention.

What’s happening? Nihil sub sole novum.

Dump your greenbacks, go for the yuans

We are in the midst of a major world war. On one side, we have the People’s Republic of China. On the other, the World Economic Forum. On yet another, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its followers. And on one more side, the George Soros network of Open Societies.

They all are trying to win supremacy all over the world.

The masses of the unwashed do not count. They are scared beyond belief by waves of crises: illegal migration, a pandemic pandemonium, and whatever comes next.

That fear is the greatest propaganda tool has been known for centuries. Today’s scaremongers have an advantage over their predecessors: technology that spreads both information and misinformation all over the world within seconds.

At the moment it seems that the People’s Republic has the upper hand. Just as the world of economics moved from London’s City to New York’s Wall Street, it is now moving from New York’s Wall Street to Shanghai’s Huangpu district.

Yes, not to Beijing’s Eternal City where most of China’s leadership reside but, rather, to the country’s economic hub. The communist leaders are still firmly in control, and when some of the Chinese newly-rich become too cheeky, they are called to order pretty quickly with an execution or two.

But the world is slowly beginning to dance to China’s tune.

Klaus Martin Schwab and his Great Reset, a.k.a. the fourth industrial revolution, the Gates crowd’s Malthusian views of the world’s over-population, combined with the demands of an urgent need of climate change, and the Soros-led call for a world government, run by the United Nations, they all have used the alleged pandemic for their own purposes.

But: the entire artificial pandemic pandemonium that has been ruining the world since last year has had several reasons. One of them: China’s attempt to grab economic hegemony over the entire world. And its currency, the yuan, will soon replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s defining currency, some leading economic analysts believe.

Is it not admirable that the rest of the so-called civilized world is in the throes of all kinds of lockdowns, while China’s Wuhan, whence the virus had allegedly spread, has returned to normal within a couple of weeks since the outbreak? And that all major cities in the People’s Republic function as if nothing happened?

What’s up?

China is now the only major economy left standing after the coronavirus pandemic rattled global trade. The U.S. can bid good-bye to its leading positions soon. And Russia can claim all kinds of successes with its Sputnik vaccine, but it still lags behind.

After all, the numbers of vaccines that have been appearing on the markets during the last few weeks doesn’t do much else than raise suspicions. Especially because their makers all claim they are not responsible for any harm their fluids may cause.

Considering the newest developments, many economists expect China to dominate the entire 21st century.

Several Chinese economists claim they can pinpoint the reason: the U.S. is more concerned about waging wars, while China is focused on its business.

Well, that wasn’t too true during the past U.S. administration when President Donald J. Trump concentrated on (in his own words) making America great again. His policies were a paragon of isolationism: if others want to wage wars between themselves, it’s their business, not ours.

The new administration, under Joe Biden, seems eager to poke its nose into everybody’s affairs. Not only into its own citizens’ private affairs, but also into all conflicts worldwide, when one of the sides defends something the new U.S. rulers view as ideologically unacceptable.

In any case, Chinese economists use poetic comparisons when they say that they can see in the years ahead the yuan being the major currency of the world, and the dollar becoming the pound, getting pounded down.

A few numbers

The People’s Republic of China is now one of the few countries to have attracted more capital than the U.S. in 2020. Even though global financial flows dwindled by over 40 per cent, direct foreign investment in China has been growing.

Pulling in $163 billion just last year, China’s foreign direct investment (FDI) in-flow increased by four per cent in a year-to-year comparison.

The Americans came in second, with $134 billion in foreign direct investment coming in.

Compare these figures to 2019: the U.S. attracted $251 billion, and the People’s Republic a paltry $140 billion.

Besides, compared to the rest of the world, China’s gross national product (GDP) grew by more than two percentage points in 2020.

The rest of the world (with the exception of India) reported a serious fallout from the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Overall, the foreign direct investments fell to $859 billion in 2020. They accounted for almost $1.5 trillion just a year earlier.

The so-called developed countries suffered the most: a decline by 69 per cent isn’t something to write home about. The Europeans got knocked out: their foreign direct investments were down by two-thirds. They ended up deep in red, by $4 billion.

The so-called developing countries suffered the least. Many of them ignored the artificial panic, shrugging calls for lockdowns off, while encouraging tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy themselves.

What does all this tell us?

Quite simple: Chinese communists smelt a chance of a lifetime. They ditched all of their ideological considerations and went for the jugular. The Gates family, Schwab and Soros didn’t have a chance.

And the rest of us have been only watching in stupid amazement, arguing among ourselves whether to wear face masks or get inoculated, instead of demanding that our elected representatives put an immediate stop to all those games played behind our backs and on our behalf.

Curious minds want to know

The good old rule for all kinds of curious people: don’t believe any buzz, speculation and rumours until they’d been officially denied.

A sample of questions and replies has been making its rounds on the worldwide web. Here it is, courtesy unknown questioners.

Question: If I get vaccinated against this Covid-19 virus, may I stop wearing a face mask?

Government answers: NO.

Question: Could restaurants, bars, pubs and whatnot reopen and everybody get back to work if we all are inoculated?

Government answers: NO.

Question: Will I be immune against this virus?

Government answers: Possibly. But we’re not sure. It’s probable it won’t prevent infection. Too soon to tell.

Question: Will it mean I won’t be contagious towards others?

Government answers: NO. You still may infect others. Nobody knows. Not for sure, in any case.

Question: If all children are inoculated, will schools reopen?

Government answers: NO.

Question: If I am inoculated, can I stop keeping social distancing?

Government answers: NO.

Question: If I am inoculated, can I stop using those stinky disinfectants to keep my hands clean?

Government answers: NO.

Question: If I have myself and my grandpa vaccinated, may we hug?

Government answers: NO.

Question: Will vaccination permit that movie theatres, live theatres and stadia reopen?

Government answers: NO.

Question: Will those who had got vaccinated be allowed to gather?

Government answers: NO.

Question: What real benefit does vaccination bring?

Government answers: The virus won’t kill you.

Question: Are you sure it won’t kill me?

Government answers: NO.

Question: So, if (using your own statistics) the virus won’t kill me either way, then why should I get vaccinated?

Government answers: To protect others.

Question: So, if I do get inoculated, others are 100-per-cent certain I won’t infect them?

Government answers: NO.


Vaccination does NOT provide immunity.

Vaccination does NOT remove the risk of infection by the virus.

Vaccination does NOT prevent fatal outcomes (death, to be brief).

Vaccination does NOT guarantee you won’t get infected.

Vaccination does NOT guarantee you won’t infect others.

Vaccination does NOT mean travel bans will be removed.

Vaccination does NOT remove the need to ban business activities.

Vaccination does NOT remove the need to ban on leaving your house.

Vaccination does NOT mean you wouldn’t have to go on wearing face masks.

Any more questions?

Oh yes: what is vaccination good for other than for bullying people into submission, thus helping the Great Reset and other such theories’ proponents, and lining Big Pharma’s pockets at the same time?

Comrade Goebbels would have been proud of us

This headline is stolen from a former high-ranking Soviet journalist.

A member of a group that used to spend their time writing speeches for top Soviet officials of the time, including communist party boss Leonid Brezhnev and its top ideologist, Mikhail Suslov, this journalist would with time lose most of his illusions.

He said he noticed the first signs of disappointment with the system when he was called upon to act as a political officer with a Soviet army unit in 1968 (and a few months onwards) in occupied Czechoslovakia.

In any case, in the second half of the 1970s, he wrote an analytical paper about the state of the communist media, with the conclusion mentioned in the headline (Товарищ Геббельс бы нами гордился in Russian). The paper, distributed by the so-called “samizdat network” would fall in the hands of the almighty KGB. The Soviet journalist was arrested, but in a strange twist of a power struggle between party chief Brezhnev and KGB boss Yuri Andropov, he wasn’t sent to any of the Gulag concentration camps but, rather, kicked out of the Soviet Union aboard the first plane flying west (it turned to be the Fiumicino airport in Rome, Italy).

No empty threat

The time is coming when those in previously free North America who think differently will be forced to use the samizdat (самиздат in its original Russian) again. People whose works wouldn’t pass the ideological muster in the official publications would publish their stuff on their own, without official authorization and censorship. Needless to say communist authorities viewed such behaviour as criminal acts.

And so do today’s politically correct gurus in today’s North American mainstream media.

The days of samizdat are ahead of us now. Again.

Here’s where we are: in for pretty long four years of official sucking up to everything Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In that order for a brief period of time, and in reversed order (or minus Joe Biden) shortly afterwards.

And then? Who knows?

In any case, gone are the days of media independence. Not that journalists have ever been totally free to write, tell and show everything they thought was fit to print, as the New York Times likes to say about itself. But they tried, at least.

In fact, a journalist who claims that s/he has never had her/his work censored is lying through her/his pearly-white teeth. Either that, or the copy they produced must have been so boringly irrelevant, even the censors wouldn’t read it.

The change in journalistic attitudes that makes them political propagandists rather than people recording the first version of history has been happening slowly, but quite distinctly.

Today’s media have introduced a few new words into our vocabularies. Wrongthink, for example. The line from feudal times and the invention of newspapers to today’s holy war on free speech is perfectly straightforward.

Not so long ago, newspapers used to declare their political affinities. In fact, some would belong to political parties. They would toe the party line no matter what, and, quite often, the truth be damned.

Then came the era one would call “nominal independence.”

Of course, upsetting the applecart to such a degree people would stop reading you, boycott you, even, that would still be unacceptable. Advertising revenue would spiral down the tube as a result, and where’s the poor owner or publisher supposed to get the money to pay the journalists to keep them living at levels they have grown used to, right?

Still, the principle that media is supposed to provide their readers (listeners, viewers) with all the facts that are available seemed to have become the norm.

Note the word: seemed.

The era of political correctness whose stated objective is to make sure we think and speak so politely that nobody can be offended, has become firmly rooted in modern culture. So firmly rooted that truth be damned if someone doesn’t like it.

The theoreticians of this new trend have come up with a new view: new society does not require freedom of speech. If you turn this statement around, it confirms one thing: these new theoreticians haven’t a leg to stand on. They can’t compete against other opinions or statements of fact. So, they simply ban them outright.

A few examples

A couple of so-called social media providers ban the then-sitting president. Their reason defies not only basic logic, it also goes against the law that demands that anyone accused of anything is innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

What do the mainstream media (MSM for short) do?

They praise those social media providers to high heaven. The then-sitting president’s views clashed with those of their own, and, besides, he could support his views with his record, both in the field of America’s national economy, and on the world stage (who, pray tell, negotiated the impossible peace between Israel and some of her staunchest foes?).

Of course, nobody mentions this blatant conflict of interest: Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, and his company kicks, the free-speech defender, off its servers, and The Washington Post, owned by that same Jeff Bezos, is perfectly happy, telling its dwindling numbers of readers that Parler, after all, is a very dangerous idea. People can post whatever comes to their minds, and nobody censors them.

Who cares that Amazon has broken a valid contract? And who cares that Amazon’s decision is an open attack against the concept of freedom of expression?

The fact that a group of Harvard University students and alumni demand with brazen openness that their Alma Mater strip its degrees from people who had the chutzpah to support Donald J. Trump and his presidency becomes a sign of heroism.

Demanding that cable television companies deprive of their network services signal providers whose opinions don’t match theirs has become a usual part of those people’s rhetoric.

Typical signs

These people have hijacked the word “progressive,” claiming it describes them and nobody else.

On one hand, they praise the High-Tech poohbahs for their censorship efforts, on the other, they say social media don’t go far enough. They blame social media for not making sure organizers of the recent attack on Capitol were not prevented, at the same time publishing stories of Trump supporters as part of the violent mob, and perfectly ignoring the real culprits.

Of course, social media are stealing massive numbers of eyeballs from them, but that issue will have to remain on the backburner until the MSM settle their accounts with Donald J. Trump, his supporters, and his deeds.

In any case, for the time being, at least, the MSM are working hand-in-hand with the High Tech crowd in their attempt to (another wonderful word) “deplatform” sites that provide independent information. True, some of this information does not necessarily have to be completely factual, but intelligent users will unmask those who mislead them pretty quickly. They do not need the MSM to tell them.

In any case, MSM slogans, such as “words are violence,” stink. No wonder research shows that most Americans have lost all faith in the mainstream media.

They are now asking what’s happening, how it could happen. And they put all the blame on social media for stealing eyeballs away, instead of looking at their own mirrors.

Comrade Goebbels would have been proud of them, indeed.

Changing humans into herds of village idiots

Come to think of it, today’s doctrines of political correctness aren’t really new. Those of us who had lived through the years of socialism, and remember the experience, know them inside out. And we know, too, where they take people.

In fact, the way to impose such doctrines have been known long before socialism. Even the infamous Nicholas Machiavelli, whose definitions of such behaviour would become dogma centuries ago, admitted he was quoting from theories proven millennia before his birth.

Many thought that the system of forcing innocent people into admitting guilt where none had existed vanished with the top form of socialism, a.k.a. communism. Even the so-called table of forcing, created in 1956 by American psychologist Albert Biderman, only put the age-old rules into newly formulated words.

Biderman’s effort was describing methods of changing war prisoners’ thinking and, indeed, conscience.

Now, remember, he was reacting to events making headlines at the time: the Korean War had just been interrupted by an uneasy armistice, and people in Hungary have just started an uprising against the then-existing communist regime. The two Koreas are still at war, and the line in the sand on the 38th parallel is still called “demarcation line” rather than border. And the Russians still hesitate before calling their bloody intrusion into Hungary a war crime.

Stories of communist North Koreans engaging in brainwashing captured American pilots and other military personnel were rampant in the 1950s. Biderman’s probe only reflected the prevailing headlines of his time.

What’s new? Nothing

But here’s the tragedy: today, we see those same methods of changing human behaviours and minds being ruthlessly imposed on entire populations in countries that used to be known as paragons of freedom.

And, which is even more tragic, not too many object, and those who do, are way too often met with public disagreement, ridicule, even.

Biderman concentrated on eight points.

Isolation is the first one. Once a person is isolated, s/he loses social support. That leads to the loss of the ability to object. An isolated person has too much time on her or his hands. She or he starts analysing her/himself. Whether the analysis is correct or not doesn’t really matter. The fear of the (unpleasant) consequences that results from such analysis is what really matters. An isolated person is getting more and more dependent on her/his torturer. Meanwhile, the economic picture spirals downwards, and the victims of such process depend on the authority almost absolutely.

As if he was describing the last couple of decades, with the years 2020 and 2021 marked in red and in bold typeface.

Monopolization of our understanding of reality becomes the second point. The public square concentrates on topics selected by the authority. Everything else becomes irrelevant.

Just watch today’s mainstream media (MSM for short). What you get is their coverage of the coronavirus. They present the official view only, any other information that contradicts it is being removed. Information that questions the official information becomes punishable. By law, if need be.

Who cares that all kinds of bans and limitations on free movement suspend our human rights and, thus, dignity. Besides, and this is important, too, such bans and limitations make resistance more difficult to achieve. Many choose silence, instead: again, they are afraid of the consequences.

The third point involves exhausting the general population to the point of fearing for their minds.

Under socialism, people used to fear for their jobs because of their opinions. They feared their children wouldn’t be able to get better education because admittance to better secondary schools, colleges and universities wasn’t based so much on their academic results as it was on their parents’ positive attitudes toward the regime.

Look at what’s happening now. A person fired because s/he took part in a protest demonstration is not worthy of a headline any longer.

Here comes the fourth point: threats.

Here’s how it used to be in socialist countries: you don’t do this, or, even worse, you do that, and you have ruined your and your family’s future. You didn’t take part in the official May Day parade? You didn’t wave your flag enthusiastically enough when marching past the people’s representatives’ stand? Your kids, no matter how talented, can bid good bye to their university dreams.

Illiterate judges

Here’s how it is now: no face mask? Here’s the ticket, payable immediately. Not keeping socially distant enough? Here’s another ticket, also payable immediately. And don’t think an objection filed with a court of law will help you: you broke the law, the court will say, perfectly ignoring that breaking laws and orders that do not meet the test of humanity is perfectly within your rights. It seems our judges have never heard of so-called natural law (lex naturalis), as defined by the Greek philosopher Aristotle and as upheld as part of modern international law by the Nurnberg war crimes tribunal.

Threats create uncertainty, fear and despair. Disobedience becomes almost impossible because of those fears.

Intermittent relaxation comes as the fifth point.

Those who train animals know the simple trick: give your dog a cheap reward from time to time, as a sign of praise for its obedience.

What happens: people don’t get used to the previous strict rules, they don’t find ways to adapt to them and find ways around them.

Look around these days: insignificant rewards for disciplined behaviour, combined with promises that all will be better next week, if only you behave as you’re told.

Next, as point six, comes the omniscient power. We’re your rulers and you can’t fight us. You’re behind bars, and there’s no way to get out until and unless we let you, and we won’t. And no, you can’t escape, either (how about the call by the government of Quebec that all Canadians’ international trips be banned?). Any resistance is useless, we’re watching you (notice the ever-increasing number of cameras in Canada’s streets and avenues?), so shut up and do as you’re told.

Humiliation is point number seven.

How? Walking around, with a duster covering your face just because someone ordered you to, that’s pretty demeaning. Some may have got used to it, but be sincere to yourselves: if someone told you but a single year ago that wearing face masks was an order or else, would you agree?

I thought so.

And Biderman’s final point, number eight: the more trivial and nonsensical an order that we are supposed to agree with it, and obey, the more humiliating it is. People start losing respect for themselves, their human dignity is gone.

This entire scenario begins in our schools: kids are forced to obey and parrot even the most outrageous gibberish. They won’t pass if they don’t.

Look at most jobs where blind obedience is a precondition not only to advancement, but to keeping the job, even.

What all that does to human self-respect, to human dignity, is perfectly obvious.

And that’s the kind of herd mentality today’s rulers want to achieve. Their criminal notions of Great Reset, world government and keeping the numbers of people on our planet to what they deem are acceptable numbers need sheeple rather than people to achieve their goals.

Time to fight them is running out.

U.S. Capitol riots organizers sing from old communist playbook

Aeroflot. That was the first word that came to mind when watching the pictures of the crowds attacking the Capitol in the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C.

Why the Russian airline?

In 1969, about half a year after the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, the small country’s hockey team defeated the mighty Soviet hockey machine at world championships in Stockholm, Sweden.

These two teams had a history of fierce battles, and the people of Czechoslovakia used to take them more as a sign of political struggle against the superpower that had been ruling them since 1948 than as an athletic contest.

That feeling grew much stronger after the invasion.

When the powers-that-be, imposed on Czechoslovakia by the Soviet communist rulers, saw the elation following Team Czechoslovakia’s first win over the hated Soviets, they also saw an opportunity.

A week later, Team Czechoslovakia defeated the hated Soviets again. Crowds filled all main squares all over the country, including the Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí) in the centre of Prague, Czechoslovakia’s capital.

All of a sudden, someone shied a paving stone through the front store window of the Aeroflot office at the bottom part of the square. That triggered a veritable rock flood. The Aeroflot office was damaged beyond belief, and the newly-installed post-invasion rulers announced that this was a sign that the counter-revolution had not been defeated yet, and they had to declare something that looked and sounded like martial law.

Not only that: the newly-installed post-invasion rulers threatened that any repetition of such behaviour could test the Soviet occupiers’ patience and force them to install their own military government to teach the ungrateful people of then-Czechoslovakia an unforgettable lesson.

An interesting thing happened shortly afterwards, proving the new rulers still didn’t have matters fully under their control: a young criminal police officer in charge of the investigation of the Aeroflot attack found the person who threw the first stone. Turned out it was a criminal, released early from prison where he was serving time for a breaking-and-entering robbery, aggravated by an assault. The release was obtained by the State Security (StB in abbreviation), the secret political police.

According to the criminal police investigation, the robber admitted he was released and told by an StB official to start the riot in front of the Aeroflot office, in exchange for a promise of immunity from prosecution.

The criminal police ignored the StB promise and had the criminal charged.

Not only that: fearing that the political secret police would try something like that again, on the first anniversary of the invasion on August 21, the criminal police rounded up all criminals known to them in the days before the anniversary.

As masses of people gathered on Wenceslas Square to sing the country’s national anthem in protest, officers of the StB tried to incite violence themselves. Criminal police officers arrested most of the secret police provocateurs.

This was the end of the criminal police officer’s career. He had done the unthinkable, putting political secret police officers behind bars.

The official Czechoslovak communist media’s (there was no other at the time) fiery rhetoric resembles today’s mainstream media so much, contemporary witnesses could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other.

Despite the undeniable video evidence to the contrary, today’s mainstream media feed us with stories of right-wing extremist Donald J. Trump supporters storming the Capitol, wreaking havoc at every turn and performing what they call insurrection. And, while they are at it, they (and members of the Congress) accuse the sitting president of inciting it.

This is called chutzpah at its worst. (Definition of chutzpah: a person who killed both of her/his own parents pleads for mercy claiming s/he is a complete orphan.)

Not only does the right or left wing designation not work (it hasn’t almost since its inception centuries ago), but the actions and the vocabulary that accompanies them are too similar to what we used to see in communist countries. The same hysteria, the same rush to silence anyone who can whisper even an innocent question, and never mind objections.

In the case of the Soviet Union, it took seven decades of suffering to start removing the debris of socialism and communism.

In the case of the People’s Republic of China, their unusual forms of socialism and communism still oppress its 1,442,267,216 (as of New Year’s, 2021) people, more than 71 years after Mao Zedong’s takeover.

The same with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a.k.a. North Korea.

Now, the 331,965,664 (as of December, 2020) people who live in the U.S., are facing the same fate. And who knows for how long: today’s rulers have more weapons available to them than Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov-Lenin or Adolf Schickelgruber-Hitler used to have, thanks to all kinds of new technologies and, thanks to the experiences their predecessors had.

Nothing new under the sun, including the question: when, for crying out, will we ever learn?

Doomed from Day One

Donald John Trump stepped on way too many toes. And that was the reason for his downfall.

Donald John Trump promised to close the taxpayer-funded cookie jar, and he did all he could to deliver.

Donald John Trump promised to make America great again, and he did all he could to deliver.

Except: by closing the holes (he calls it swamp, for a reason) that would allow all kinds of people feast on useless projects, he removed those people’s easy pickings. They would use amendments to proposed laws that had, more often than not, nothing to do with the purpose of the bill. They would make the inclusion of the amendment a pre-condition of their vote. And now, somebody comes and stops it: what the heck is going on?

Donald John Trump promised to bring jobs back to America, especially those contracted out to China, and he did all he could to deliver.

To put it simply: most of what Donald John Trump promised (and delivered on) was a significant threat to the current U.S. establishment.

Dire prediction

French writer Thierry Meyssan, who calls himself political consultant and is founding President of the Réseau Voltaire (Voltaire Network), has thrown his few cents’ worth in when he published his analysis by mid-December 2020.

The U.S. is on the brink of a civil war, Meyssan argues, and he may have a point. Here’s the issue: the U.S. system of government is based on republican theory rather than democracy (lower cases on purpose: this has not anything to do with the two main political parties).

Meyssan ignores Trump’s achievements and calls him a narcissistic TV presenter and a senile old man. Considering his explanations of the world in most of his other works, it sounds as if Meyssan is unable to stop pretending he’s one of the elite, and who cares about the rest.

But he’s right when he says that the U.S. is being torn apart over a fundamental cultural issue that has been smouldering since its inception.

The U.S., with the demise of the Soviet Union, has lost its raison d’être (reason for existence), and what he calls American Empire can’t land anywhere else but in the dustbin of history.

Granted, Donald John Trump has tried to get rid of these imperial notions, refocusing America on its domestic prosperity, Meyssan allows. But the elitist sabotage that brought him down also brought the U.S. on the brink of secession and civil war.

If it were not for the massive electoral fraud, Donald John Trump would have won in a landslide. That much is clear. But what is also clear is the fact that numerous U.S. courts wouldn’t touch this side of the issue with a ten-foot pole. This, some of them said on record, would open Pandora’s Box.

Why? Because the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy.

The U.S. Constitution says so, recognizing the sovereignty of the Federated States, not of the People. Meyssan quotes one of its chief designers, Alexander Hamilton’s own words, in writing that the U.S. Constitution is supposed to establish a regime comparable to the British monarchy without aristocracy, that is, not a democracy.

In Meyssan’s words, “This system is certainly tolerant, but oligarchic.”

Basically, had Donald John Trump broken the law and purged the country’s public service of people who opposed the path he had envisioned, who knows whether the election would have been stolen. Still, it seems that Meyssan is still convinced that it all would have ended up in a civil war, anyway.

Dire realities

What Thierry Meyssan omitted altogether is this question: what does it all mean for normal tax-paying Americans?

Janna Sundeyeva of the San Francisco-based media group knew what she was writing about when she opened a recent article by reminding her readers of what lives people lived in the Soviet Union. She experienced the communist brighter tomorrows, and she wasn’t amused.

By the way, the name of the outlet Janna Sundeyeva writes for,, is perfectly appropriate: the word kstati (кстaти) means by the way in English (BTW in internet lingo). It also means to the point. Both descriptions fit.

Janna Sundeyeva’s original article is in Russian, but there is a button at the bottom of the page that permits translation into English or Spanish, your choice.

She opens with a description of everyday life for average citizens in the Soviet Union, and predicts, much more credibly and convincingly than the French writer Thierry Meyssan, what Americans can expect now that the clique around the mighty has succeeded with their coup d’état. And that it was nothing else but, of that there can be no doubt, Sundeyeva points out.

Using a number of reliable sources, Sundeyeva describes the events of the last few days, including the infamous attack on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Sundeyeva does a much more credible job of it than all of the mainstream media combined.

But the main thrust of her article is aimed at what all of this means for your average citizen, for those who pay their taxes so that the mighty can play their games.

And she predicts that the future is far from bright.

So does, after all, Thierry Meyssan, too. A civil war is never civil.

Missed questions

Not many analysts have asked, not yet, at least, why the rich and mighty think they will get away with their new version of what American economist Martin Armstrong calls feudalist socialism.

Those who push for the so-called Great Reset, or the fourth industrial revolution, seem to have forgotten that all revolutions eat their own children.

What has been happening now is an attempt to restore Marxism in all of its cruel criminality. This is an ideology based on what Karl Marx and his colleague, Friedrich Engels, liked to call class struggle. If any of the instigators of recent developments think they’ll get to keep their riches, and then some, they should start thinking again.

They are blinded by their ideologies. That will get them nowhere. In the meantime, people, the normal you-and-me people, will suffer.

Thierry Meyssan thinks the tragedy has been inevitable. But the normal you-and-me people don’t enter his equation.

Great Czech writer Karel Čapek wrote in his War with the Newts that there has never been a criminal social idea that wouldn’t find a would-be intellectual defending it.

Janna Sundeyeva is right: you can’t pick the time you live in.

And that’s our ordeal.

Where do we go from here? And how? Do you know?

Here’s where we are on Friday, January 8, in the year 2021 (Anno Domini, or Christian Era, pick whichever you prefer, they are the same, anyhow):

  1. The U.S. of A. is no longer a world leader.
  2. The People’s Republic of China has won Word War III without launching a single missile, and no army anywhere in the world was capable of defending us (or, to be fair, none tried).
  3. It turns out that the Europeans are not as educated as they (and the rest of the world) thought they were, after all.
  4. Most of us, a few politicians excepted, found we are able to survive vacations without any overseas travel whatsoever.
  5. Based on news about people getting jabs of unidentified liquids into their bodies, it is beginning to look and sound as if the rich have less immunity than the poor folks.
  6. No priest, imam, rabbi or, heavens forbid, astrologer can save human lives. Thus far, none of them had.
  7. Medical personnel are worth more to humans than professional athletes, yet, it doesn’t show in their salaries and sundry perks.
  8. Crude oil isn’t worth a fig to a society that has no markets. And yet, there exist governments that tax fuel use (Canada, for example).
  9. We now know how animals in ZOO cages must be feeling. Aliens, if there are any, looking at us through their mighty astronomical equipment, must be amazed. Or gods, if there are any.
  10. Some predict that the planet will regenerate faster with no people around. And they are doing whatever they can to make sure there are no people remaining anywhere to witness the regeneration.
  11. Most people don’t need to leave their homes to get their work done. Which seems to put the social worth of some of their work into sad perspective.
  12. With fast food outlets sitting almost empty, and children sitting in their homes, it turns out that children can survive without fast food.
  13. Our parents used to nag us about washing our hands and brushing our teeth, and whatnot. Now, governments have taken over. Turns out governments are trying to succeed where our parents have failed, but, on the other hand, some have realized that maintaining basic rules of hygiene isn’t as tough as they feared it would be.
  14. Most men found that they may be capable of fixing most household items, an incredible thought in a society based on throwing away entire light fixtures where a single bulb replacement would have sufficed.

And, last but definitely not least:

15. The acting profession is the least essential profession of all professions we know. Especially given the pronouncements coming from the following U.S. zip codes: 90027, 90028, 90038, 90068, and 90078 (Hollywood, Los Angeles, California).

The points mentioned above are based on a list that has been circulating around the internet the last few days. How much longer it will continue to circulate freely, nobody knows. The high-tech crowd has been flexing its muscle for quite some time now, and the time has come for it to quickly change into George Orwell’s worst nightmare.

When my family, myself, and several of my friends used to live in a communist country, we used to be younger and tried to laugh the governing comrades off. And, too, we always knew that, if we’re smart enough, we can defect.

Now, we’re asking ourselves: where can we emigrate to? Has the entire world gone crazy?

Judging by the points mentioned above, it has.

Tanned faces a scandal? You’ve got to be kidding

So, a politician here, or an official there, decide to take time off and fly to warmer climes for the Christmas and New Year’s break.

Major headlines follow, and resignations come soon after that.

If there ever has been a confusingly misleading campaign to take public’s attention off the real issues of the day, this is the one.

Has vacation travel been banned?

Not yet.

Have customs or immigration officials, either on Canadian soil, or in the warmer countries, questioned the merry travellers on anything else than if they have anything to declare, or how come their passport pictures look so fuzzy?

Absolutely not.

Plus ça change

Here’s what happened throughout all that dim: the tenor of the debate changed. How come they have all the fun while we’re left here to suffer? Instead of: how dare governments (and sundry activists) try to destroy our national economies through lockdowns? How dare those same governments (and sundry activists) try to dumb down our youth by making schooling almost impossible to achieve in any meaningful way? How dare those same governments (and sundry activists) try to make us all into sheep making its way to slaughter by forcing us to wear absurd face masks and demanding that we believe (and get scared into submission by) all this inane drivel about a plague combined with caries, with leprosy thrown in for good measure?

And, lest we forget, did you notice the mysterious disappearance of serious topics such as illegal immigration or the 5G communications systems from public square?

To be specific about Canada, where’s the outrage about our federal government’s scandals too numerous to mention? Where’s the uprising against the huge carbon tax increase? Where are the protests about hundreds of millions of dollars thrown away into the stinking hole of so-called international aid?

All fallen by the wayside because a minister or two decided they needed some time off.

No need to fall prey to the naïve notion that all of this has been an accident.

According to an ancient saying, someone here is plotting schemes, lying in a church spire shadow all the while. We know the public faces of those plotters and we also know that we all are supposed to become their victims.

We don’t know for sure if there’s anybody hiding behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, behind Klaus Martin Schwab’s World Economic Forum, or behind George Soros and his Open Society conglomerate.

In today’s context, it matters little. It may matter much more tomorrow, should these three groups prevail. Revolutions have been known for getting rid of their own known instigators. The unknown organizers usually remain unknown to all and sundry, especially to the masses of the unwashed.

What do they want?

On the other hand, we know for sure what those three alliances mentioned above want.

The first group proposes all kinds of Malthusian arrangements because they feel there are way too many of us in this world. The second outfit suggests what American economist Martin Armstrong calls (with good reason) feudalist socialism. The third gang, not too far behind them all, is all gung-ho for world government, through the auspices of the United Nations Organization or, if need be, anybody else willing (if not capable) to achieve such lofty goals.

How do we know it? Simple, really: they can hardly be more open and outspoken about their objectives.

All of these goals have a common denominator. Socialism.

It would be useful to remember that communism, fascism, Nazism and social democracy are all different faces of socialism.

Yes, Soros would face certain difficulties with the Nazis so far as the world government is concerned. But, then again, Soros would face even tougher difficulties in attempts to get the Nazis on his side because of his racial origin: he’s Jewish.

Changing tacks

The cops call it M.O., an abbreviation for the Latin expression: modus operandi. Meaning: that’s how they do it most of the time.

Here it is: we’re facing a crisis, say, seeing floods of perfectly illegitimate refugees. That this crisis, in and of itself, would cause the world pretty frightful consequences, of that there’s no doubt.

Just as some people seem to begin waking up and start raising questions, here’s another crisis descending upon us. An unknown virus whose outburst the World Health Organization (WHO) calls, without any reason, a pandemic.

Another reason to get scared.

People start asking questions? Let’s hit them with lockdowns, quarantines, all kinds of requirements (face masks, for example), and whatnot, all in the name of genuine care for everybody’s health. Noble concerns, all of them, no?

People start asking questions about vaccinations linked to the entire issue? About unofficial news about camps for resisters, about limitations imposed on those who manage to avoid the jab? Let’s hit them with news about those cynical politicians who have the gall to remain merry amidst all of this gloom. That would learn ’em both: those doubters, and the politicos who dared not to toe the party line.

Today’s mainstream media live off sensational headlines that they way too often forget to follow up on the very next day. There’s a new sensational headline coming up.

A perfectly strange case of forgetfulness that looks almost clinical from the outside looking in, and one that begs the question: is it real, or is it intentional?

The latter case seems more probable, judging by the ease with which our politicians, with mainstream media in tow, hop from one crisis to another.

There are but two constants. The first: the barrage of number of cases of this season’s flu that the media keep adding up. If they report, say, 200,000 infected people, it means there are 200,000 infected people around even as we speak. The other is the number of crises popping up.

Will the instigators ever run out of their so-called reasons to demand that we keep our mouths shut and do as we are bid?

Or will we be strong enough to stand up and tell them that we won’t take it any longer?

One hopes for the latter but fears the former. Just look around, sheeple.