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Comrade Goebbels would have been proud of us

This headline is stolen from a former high-ranking Soviet journalist.

A member of a group that used to spend their time writing speeches for top Soviet officials of the time, including communist party boss Leonid Brezhnev and its top ideologist, Mikhail Suslov, this journalist would with time lose most of his illusions.

He said he noticed the first signs of disappointment with the system when he was called upon to act as a political officer with a Soviet army unit in 1968 (and a few months onwards) in occupied Czechoslovakia.

In any case, in the second half of the 1970s, he wrote an analytical paper about the state of the communist media, with the conclusion mentioned in the headline (Товарищ Геббельс бы нами гордился in Russian). The paper, distributed by the so-called “samizdat network” would fall in the hands of the almighty KGB. The Soviet journalist was arrested, but in a strange twist of a power struggle between party chief Brezhnev and KGB boss Yuri Andropov, he wasn’t sent to any of the Gulag concentration camps but, rather, kicked out of the Soviet Union aboard the first plane flying west (it turned to be the Fiumicino airport in Rome, Italy).

No empty threat

The time is coming when those in previously free North America who think differently will be forced to use the samizdat (самиздат in its original Russian) again. People whose works wouldn’t pass the ideological muster in the official publications would publish their stuff on their own, without official authorization and censorship. Needless to say communist authorities viewed such behaviour as criminal acts.

And so do today’s politically correct gurus in today’s North American mainstream media.

The days of samizdat are ahead of us now. Again.

Here’s where we are: in for pretty long four years of official sucking up to everything Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In that order for a brief period of time, and in reversed order (or minus Joe Biden) shortly afterwards.

And then? Who knows?

In any case, gone are the days of media independence. Not that journalists have ever been totally free to write, tell and show everything they thought was fit to print, as the New York Times likes to say about itself. But they tried, at least.

In fact, a journalist who claims that s/he has never had her/his work censored is lying through her/his pearly-white teeth. Either that, or the copy they produced must have been so boringly irrelevant, even the censors wouldn’t read it.

The change in journalistic attitudes that makes them political propagandists rather than people recording the first version of history has been happening slowly, but quite distinctly.

Today’s media have introduced a few new words into our vocabularies. Wrongthink, for example. The line from feudal times and the invention of newspapers to today’s holy war on free speech is perfectly straightforward.

Not so long ago, newspapers used to declare their political affinities. In fact, some would belong to political parties. They would toe the party line no matter what, and, quite often, the truth be damned.

Then came the era one would call “nominal independence.”

Of course, upsetting the applecart to such a degree people would stop reading you, boycott you, even, that would still be unacceptable. Advertising revenue would spiral down the tube as a result, and where’s the poor owner or publisher supposed to get the money to pay the journalists to keep them living at levels they have grown used to, right?

Still, the principle that media is supposed to provide their readers (listeners, viewers) with all the facts that are available seemed to have become the norm.

Note the word: seemed.

The era of political correctness whose stated objective is to make sure we think and speak so politely that nobody can be offended, has become firmly rooted in modern culture. So firmly rooted that truth be damned if someone doesn’t like it.

The theoreticians of this new trend have come up with a new view: new society does not require freedom of speech. If you turn this statement around, it confirms one thing: these new theoreticians haven’t a leg to stand on. They can’t compete against other opinions or statements of fact. So, they simply ban them outright.

A few examples

A couple of so-called social media providers ban the then-sitting president. Their reason defies not only basic logic, it also goes against the law that demands that anyone accused of anything is innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

What do the mainstream media (MSM for short) do?

They praise those social media providers to high heaven. The then-sitting president’s views clashed with those of their own, and, besides, he could support his views with his record, both in the field of America’s national economy, and on the world stage (who, pray tell, negotiated the impossible peace between Israel and some of her staunchest foes?).

Of course, nobody mentions this blatant conflict of interest: Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, and his company kicks, the free-speech defender, off its servers, and The Washington Post, owned by that same Jeff Bezos, is perfectly happy, telling its dwindling numbers of readers that Parler, after all, is a very dangerous idea. People can post whatever comes to their minds, and nobody censors them.

Who cares that Amazon has broken a valid contract? And who cares that Amazon’s decision is an open attack against the concept of freedom of expression?

The fact that a group of Harvard University students and alumni demand with brazen openness that their Alma Mater strip its degrees from people who had the chutzpah to support Donald J. Trump and his presidency becomes a sign of heroism.

Demanding that cable television companies deprive of their network services signal providers whose opinions don’t match theirs has become a usual part of those people’s rhetoric.

Typical signs

These people have hijacked the word “progressive,” claiming it describes them and nobody else.

On one hand, they praise the High-Tech poohbahs for their censorship efforts, on the other, they say social media don’t go far enough. They blame social media for not making sure organizers of the recent attack on Capitol were not prevented, at the same time publishing stories of Trump supporters as part of the violent mob, and perfectly ignoring the real culprits.

Of course, social media are stealing massive numbers of eyeballs from them, but that issue will have to remain on the backburner until the MSM settle their accounts with Donald J. Trump, his supporters, and his deeds.

In any case, for the time being, at least, the MSM are working hand-in-hand with the High Tech crowd in their attempt to (another wonderful word) “deplatform” sites that provide independent information. True, some of this information does not necessarily have to be completely factual, but intelligent users will unmask those who mislead them pretty quickly. They do not need the MSM to tell them.

In any case, MSM slogans, such as “words are violence,” stink. No wonder research shows that most Americans have lost all faith in the mainstream media.

They are now asking what’s happening, how it could happen. And they put all the blame on social media for stealing eyeballs away, instead of looking at their own mirrors.

Comrade Goebbels would have been proud of them, indeed.

Where do we go from here? And how? Do you know?

Here’s where we are on Friday, January 8, in the year 2021 (Anno Domini, or Christian Era, pick whichever you prefer, they are the same, anyhow):

  1. The U.S. of A. is no longer a world leader.
  2. The People’s Republic of China has won Word War III without launching a single missile, and no army anywhere in the world was capable of defending us (or, to be fair, none tried).
  3. It turns out that the Europeans are not as educated as they (and the rest of the world) thought they were, after all.
  4. Most of us, a few politicians excepted, found we are able to survive vacations without any overseas travel whatsoever.
  5. Based on news about people getting jabs of unidentified liquids into their bodies, it is beginning to look and sound as if the rich have less immunity than the poor folks.
  6. No priest, imam, rabbi or, heavens forbid, astrologer can save human lives. Thus far, none of them had.
  7. Medical personnel are worth more to humans than professional athletes, yet, it doesn’t show in their salaries and sundry perks.
  8. Crude oil isn’t worth a fig to a society that has no markets. And yet, there exist governments that tax fuel use (Canada, for example).
  9. We now know how animals in ZOO cages must be feeling. Aliens, if there are any, looking at us through their mighty astronomical equipment, must be amazed. Or gods, if there are any.
  10. Some predict that the planet will regenerate faster with no people around. And they are doing whatever they can to make sure there are no people remaining anywhere to witness the regeneration.
  11. Most people don’t need to leave their homes to get their work done. Which seems to put the social worth of some of their work into sad perspective.
  12. With fast food outlets sitting almost empty, and children sitting in their homes, it turns out that children can survive without fast food.
  13. Our parents used to nag us about washing our hands and brushing our teeth, and whatnot. Now, governments have taken over. Turns out governments are trying to succeed where our parents have failed, but, on the other hand, some have realized that maintaining basic rules of hygiene isn’t as tough as they feared it would be.
  14. Most men found that they may be capable of fixing most household items, an incredible thought in a society based on throwing away entire light fixtures where a single bulb replacement would have sufficed.

And, last but definitely not least:

15. The acting profession is the least essential profession of all professions we know. Especially given the pronouncements coming from the following U.S. zip codes: 90027, 90028, 90038, 90068, and 90078 (Hollywood, Los Angeles, California).

The points mentioned above are based on a list that has been circulating around the internet the last few days. How much longer it will continue to circulate freely, nobody knows. The high-tech crowd has been flexing its muscle for quite some time now, and the time has come for it to quickly change into George Orwell’s worst nightmare.

When my family, myself, and several of my friends used to live in a communist country, we used to be younger and tried to laugh the governing comrades off. And, too, we always knew that, if we’re smart enough, we can defect.

Now, we’re asking ourselves: where can we emigrate to? Has the entire world gone crazy?

Judging by the points mentioned above, it has.

Tanned faces a scandal? You’ve got to be kidding

So, a politician here, or an official there, decide to take time off and fly to warmer climes for the Christmas and New Year’s break.

Major headlines follow, and resignations come soon after that.

If there ever has been a confusingly misleading campaign to take public’s attention off the real issues of the day, this is the one.

Has vacation travel been banned?

Not yet.

Have customs or immigration officials, either on Canadian soil, or in the warmer countries, questioned the merry travellers on anything else than if they have anything to declare, or how come their passport pictures look so fuzzy?

Absolutely not.

Plus ça change

Here’s what happened throughout all that dim: the tenor of the debate changed. How come they have all the fun while we’re left here to suffer? Instead of: how dare governments (and sundry activists) try to destroy our national economies through lockdowns? How dare those same governments (and sundry activists) try to dumb down our youth by making schooling almost impossible to achieve in any meaningful way? How dare those same governments (and sundry activists) try to make us all into sheep making its way to slaughter by forcing us to wear absurd face masks and demanding that we believe (and get scared into submission by) all this inane drivel about a plague combined with caries, with leprosy thrown in for good measure?

And, lest we forget, did you notice the mysterious disappearance of serious topics such as illegal immigration or the 5G communications systems from public square?

To be specific about Canada, where’s the outrage about our federal government’s scandals too numerous to mention? Where’s the uprising against the huge carbon tax increase? Where are the protests about hundreds of millions of dollars thrown away into the stinking hole of so-called international aid?

All fallen by the wayside because a minister or two decided they needed some time off.

No need to fall prey to the naïve notion that all of this has been an accident.

According to an ancient saying, someone here is plotting schemes, lying in a church spire shadow all the while. We know the public faces of those plotters and we also know that we all are supposed to become their victims.

We don’t know for sure if there’s anybody hiding behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, behind Klaus Martin Schwab’s World Economic Forum, or behind George Soros and his Open Society conglomerate.

In today’s context, it matters little. It may matter much more tomorrow, should these three groups prevail. Revolutions have been known for getting rid of their own known instigators. The unknown organizers usually remain unknown to all and sundry, especially to the masses of the unwashed.

What do they want?

On the other hand, we know for sure what those three alliances mentioned above want.

The first group proposes all kinds of Malthusian arrangements because they feel there are way too many of us in this world. The second outfit suggests what American economist Martin Armstrong calls (with good reason) feudalist socialism. The third gang, not too far behind them all, is all gung-ho for world government, through the auspices of the United Nations Organization or, if need be, anybody else willing (if not capable) to achieve such lofty goals.

How do we know it? Simple, really: they can hardly be more open and outspoken about their objectives.

All of these goals have a common denominator. Socialism.

It would be useful to remember that communism, fascism, Nazism and social democracy are all different faces of socialism.

Yes, Soros would face certain difficulties with the Nazis so far as the world government is concerned. But, then again, Soros would face even tougher difficulties in attempts to get the Nazis on his side because of his racial origin: he’s Jewish.

Changing tacks

The cops call it M.O., an abbreviation for the Latin expression: modus operandi. Meaning: that’s how they do it most of the time.

Here it is: we’re facing a crisis, say, seeing floods of perfectly illegitimate refugees. That this crisis, in and of itself, would cause the world pretty frightful consequences, of that there’s no doubt.

Just as some people seem to begin waking up and start raising questions, here’s another crisis descending upon us. An unknown virus whose outburst the World Health Organization (WHO) calls, without any reason, a pandemic.

Another reason to get scared.

People start asking questions? Let’s hit them with lockdowns, quarantines, all kinds of requirements (face masks, for example), and whatnot, all in the name of genuine care for everybody’s health. Noble concerns, all of them, no?

People start asking questions about vaccinations linked to the entire issue? About unofficial news about camps for resisters, about limitations imposed on those who manage to avoid the jab? Let’s hit them with news about those cynical politicians who have the gall to remain merry amidst all of this gloom. That would learn ’em both: those doubters, and the politicos who dared not to toe the party line.

Today’s mainstream media live off sensational headlines that they way too often forget to follow up on the very next day. There’s a new sensational headline coming up.

A perfectly strange case of forgetfulness that looks almost clinical from the outside looking in, and one that begs the question: is it real, or is it intentional?

The latter case seems more probable, judging by the ease with which our politicians, with mainstream media in tow, hop from one crisis to another.

There are but two constants. The first: the barrage of number of cases of this season’s flu that the media keep adding up. If they report, say, 200,000 infected people, it means there are 200,000 infected people around even as we speak. The other is the number of crises popping up.

Will the instigators ever run out of their so-called reasons to demand that we keep our mouths shut and do as we are bid?

Or will we be strong enough to stand up and tell them that we won’t take it any longer?

One hopes for the latter but fears the former. Just look around, sheeple.

Fraud made in Canada. Could it happen here, too?

What happened to the WE scandal?

What’s Canada’s real deficit?

And, in particular, how can it be that a person has been obviously unethical, to the point of breaking the law, and so often, and still, that person hasn’t been indicted yet?

A series of questions that have been appearing with alarming regularity on sundry social networks, with a serial official silence following them.

One of the posts added another question: how come this person, meaning Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hasn’t been investigated yet?

For the record: he was investigated, and not only that, he was convicted by his own government’s ethics commissioner.

And, for another record, the WE scandal was peanuts when compared with other affairs, such as the SNC-Lavalin imbroglio.

White as pure lamb

One thing that hit me when the election fraud scandal started down below the 49th parallel: Elections Canada published a statement almost immediately afterwards. The announcement said that this kind of thing couldn’t happen here because, you see, in Canada, we count all the votes by hand. Scrutineers from all parties represented in each riding are present and check the counting, too. Nothing untoward like this can happen in Canada, Elections Canada said, thus indirectly suggesting their officials in fact did believe something untoward was indeed happening in the U.S.

To be precise: Dominion Voting Systems Inc. has not been involved, at least, not officially, in Canada’s federal elections. On the other hand, its fingerprints shine for all to see in a number of other Canadian elections, such as some provincial, municipal, and political party leadership votes.

The speed with which Election Canada went public could have been caused by the undisputable fact that the company whose machines and software have been wreaking such havoc in all disputed elections they were used in (not only in the U.S., but elsewhere, too: Venezuela, anyone?) resides at 215 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2T4, Canada.

Dominion Voting Systems describes itself as a leading industry supplier of election technology across the U.S., Canada and globally.

Dominion further trumpets that it is “the ONLY provider in the market with fully-flexible and scalable election technology that can be customized for any jurisdiction.”

What Dominion Voting Systems does NOT say is that its vice president of U.S. engineering, a self-identified Antifa member Eric Coomer, has been on public record as stating his anti-Trump views and a number of similar beliefs.

But, ignoring all allegations of stolen American elections, the Canadian question still remains unanswered: how is it possible that an accused and convicted law-breaker could have been voted in, and not once, but twice, and the second time it would come on the heels of several massive scandals?

His government’s own ethics commissioner concludes the Prime Minister broke the law. And what would happen? That same Prime Minister would remove the ethics commissioner and place into office a person that, he hopes, would be more pliable.

Systemic or systematic error?

Yes, the Canadian voting system, inherited from Great Britain, is flawed. First-by-the-post just does not cut it ten times out of ten. A government-forming party could have won fewer votes than the party that would end up forming Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

On the other hand, it still sounds better than the proportional systems that have been favoured in most continental European countries. While they may differ from one country to another, they still lead to much more backdoor politicking than the system we’ve got here.

But, and this is the most important omission in Canada’s election laws, we haven’t any semblance of recall legislation whatsoever. Our so-called politicians (politickers would be more just), with the intrepid Prime Minister leading the charge, have been showing us day in and day out how useful it would be.

As it is, what we’re left with is a statement by Elections Canada that there can be no underhanded skulduggery in our federal elections.

This, by the way, would be the same Elections Canada that a federal election ago granted political party status to a professional association a.k.a. the media guild that runs matters within our public broadcaster, the CBC. That journalists should be above everyday politicking is one side of the coin, as is the fact that this application, in and of itself, should have caused Parliament to stop funding the outfit right then and there, and have it sold for spare parts. But, in any case, the fact that Elections Canada even saw fit to consider this outrageous chutzpah should have led to its own bitter end in the scrapheap of history.

Still, we’re told that we should trust our voting system, just because Elections Canada told us to.

Bitter lesson

If there is one thing I learnt in my (too) many years in journalism as a profession, it’s this: don’t believe any rumours until they’d been officially denied.

Since I simply can’t accept that so many Canadians would be so stupid as to elect this Liberal Party gang of rascals, and not once but twice, to boot, I have to give way to a paranoia I never knew I had suffered from.

Granted, Andrew Scheer lost the last election for the Conservative Party. Not too many people would accept him as their national leader. And it remains to be seen whether Erin O’Toole shows any better than his predecessor in Conservative office. They have both been guilty of seeking favour from the mainstream media, the only place they should have avoided more than Satan would avoid the cross.

But, no matter these misgivings, we still provide room and board at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1M4, Canada to an arrogantly illiterate buffoon who only brings worldwide ridicule and shame on our country and will leave it in a terribly worse shape than it used to be when he came on the scene.

Seeing all this, would you believe that Trudeau got in fair and square?

I would not.

A Canadian historian goes bonkers

A new joke has been making rounds in Russia, and, it seems, it has become wildly popular in that country. Here it is:

A guy who happens to be a foreign spy enters a pub somewhere in Russia. The regulars take one look at him and say: “You speak like a Russian, and you dress like a Russian, but you definitely aren’t Russian.”

So, the newcomer orders a glass (stakan, 100 grams they call it) of Stolichnaia vodka and downs it. The regulars shrug and say: “You speak like a Russian, you dress like a Russian, and you drink like a Russian, but you definitely aren’t Russian.”

Now desperate, the newcomer breaks into kazachok (a Russian dance). The regulars shrug and say: “You speak like a Russian, you dress like a Russian, you drink like a Russian, and you dance like a Russian, but you definitely aren’t Russian.”

The guy returns home to America, goes straight to his spy chief’s office and reports he failed.

“Hell,” the spy commander yells, “you Afro-Americans screw up everything you touch!”

Why all this?

The trickle of accusations that this or that equals cultural misappropriation has grown into a veritable flood.

Mostly, the cries deal with the names of sports organizations. Just as mostly, they come from people whose jobs should not exist, that’s how irrelevant they are.

Just a few examples: professor of Canadian and Indigenous history at the University of Manitoba, a Dr. Sean Carleton, posted a Twitter message on the subject of NHL club Vancouver Canucks’ logo. It shows a killer whale or orca. And Dr. Carleton, who obviously must be bored beyond humane limits, is upset. The logo, he says, uses elements of Coast Salish or Haida design.

This is not the first time in recent history that the Canucks got into hot water.

In an attempt to get better in goal, they hired Braden Holtby, a Stanley Cup winner with his previous team, the Washington Capitals. In order to show respect for the people of the area he was moving to, Holtby had his mask re-painted, using Indian (First Nations, in the politically correct lingo) motives.

Unfortunately, Holtby used the services of an artist who could not claim even an ounce of Indian blood.

Holtby committed an act of cultural misappropriation. Thus Dr. Carleton.

Instead of sending Dr. Carleton a request that he direct his steps into an area better not described in mixed company (or at the dinner table, your choice), Holtby apologized profusely, and commissioned a local Indian artist to paint him another mask.

Holtby must have realized that by signing with the Canucks he joined a world ruled mercilessly by idiots. The club’s owner, one Francesco Aquiini, had just fired the team’s anthem singer, Mark Donnelly. Poor Mark’s sin: he sang O Canada at a rally that protested the new mandatory facemask fashion.

If Dr. Carleton’s was a lone voice in the Sahara Desert, fine, we’re entitled to being idiots, this is a democracy, after all.

But if this becomes a new fashion, then, alas, something is desperately wrong.

And it has: most recently Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Cleveland Indians announced that they will be changing their name. Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Edmonton Eskimos and National Football League’s (NFL) Washington Redskins have already dropped their former names. They are nameless while this is being written. MLB’s Atlanta Braves, NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, and NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks have yet to announce their plans, if any.

Of course, the Blackhawks have, for the time being, banned wearing your typical Indian attire, starting with warbonnets and sundry headbands, to their home games. People who would insist on wearing this kind of traditional attire without showing proof they are of 100-per-cent Indian blood would be asked to leave the arena forthwith. No word yet on whether they would be reimbursed for their tickets and parking fees. No word yet, either, on whether the Blackhawks would be demanding that other teams introduce this policy, too, whenever their club drops by for a road game.

Those who defend this example of perfectly clinical moronism point to the fact that, for example, the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes asked the Hopi tribe leaders for permission to use Kachina in their logo.

For the uninitiated: Kachina is a spirit being in the religious beliefs of the Indian cultures located in the south-western part of the United States.

Since the Arizona Coyotes’ current existence is closely (some would say too closely) linked to Indian gambling institutions in the area, their Kachina obedience is easily explained.

But the principle is not.

Step in different shoes

Is it cultural misappropriation when many Indians, chiefs included, wear trousers (with belts or suspenders, or both), white shirts with ties, and jackets, with polished shoes on their feet?

(To avoid any potential misunderstanding: ties worn around people’s necks are also known as cravats. Croatian soldiers who, a couple of centuries ago, lived in France, were wearing this kind of nonsense, the French, fashionistas as they always have been, adopted it, calling it croats, which quickly led to a mutation: cravats. Most Croats would become acquainted with the Indians only when some German filmmakers decided to change Karl May’s imagined stories into films about a noble savage named Winnetou. They filmed most of the Wild West sequences in Croatia. May was behind bars for some allegedly serious insurance swindle when he wrote his Indian stories. He had one fact right: Winnetou really existed. He was the chief of the Mescalero Apaches (and the Apaches in general, with the Navajo included). His father was Intschu-tschuna and he had a sister Nscho-tschi. Both of these names appear in the film series. Everything else was Karl May’s imagination, including the Germanic ways all of his characters – including the Indians – lived under.)

Or: is it cultural misappropriation when Louis Armstrong sings about Moses who heard from the Lord he should tell the Egyptian Pharaohs to let his people go? Are the gospels cultural misappropriation?

Of course not. And neither is Karl May’s Winnetou.

While useful, Canadian and Indigenous history studies should keep to studying history. Activism, such as that shown by Dr. Carleton, would seem to indicate there’s not much material to study. A wrong conclusion, by the way. Canada’s history is pretty rich, and a lot of it deserves to be discovered yet. Unable or unwilling to dig deeper, the activists have invented a brand new field for their efforts.

Except: this is no longer history. If they are sincere, they would stop collecting wages as historians and start fundraising for their activism.

Nothing less.

James Bond’s Dr. No pales in comparison

Don’t rely on the so-called social media to learn much about what some would-be Messiahs want the world to change into. If you want to know what this entire Great Reset idea is all about, YouTube, a Goggle subsidiary, would tell you that any post that tries to explain the plan (and, consequently, questions even a part of it) is being removed. Why? Simply because it is against something they call their community standards, whatever that is supposed to mean.

You can always try reading Klaus Martin Schwab’s Agenda 2030 explained in his own words, in his publications on what he calls the Great Reset. A caveat: that would require knowledge of some basic economics, preferably of the ideologically untainted kind. It would also require that the readers know how to slalom through the strange mumbo-jumbo. Ability to read between the lines would be useful, too.

As Armstrong Economics put it succinctly, what a careful between-the-lines reader will find is Communism 3.0 with more than a hint of feudalism thrown in for good measure.

The social media’s brainwaves have been moving from an invisible virus to a very visible President, and all that to hide the real meaning of the Great Reset, something its authors and adherents have been very open about (see Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has no issues with it).

Who the heck is he?

Some are beginning to view Klaus Martin Schwab as the anti-Christ.

Armstrong Economics questions the anti-Christ designation. As they should.

Yes, ostracizing everyone who would try to buy or sell anything without a digital health certificate goes against every sign of humanitarianism.

Lockdowns imposed on every human endeavour, including meetings of the religiously faithful goes beyond crazy, and yet, look at the number of politicians who support the idea without even batting an eyelid (Manitoba anyone? Ontario, perhaps? just to stay in Canada).

Nobody during this world’s history (as we know it, at least) has managed to force the entire planet into submission using solely peaceful means. Not yet.

Schwab is walking in the footsteps of all those criminals who, having realized that the only way to take over the world is violence, have tried it.

Merciless, cruel tyranny is the preferred path.

That’s Klaus Martin Schwab’s path. He can dress it up pseudo-scientifically as the fourth industrial revolution, but the facts are simple. Having tasted freedoms and human rights afforded them by democracy, people will wake up sooner or later.

The only issue today: let’s pray it’s sooner rather than later, because then it could turn out being too late.

Which system works?

The Americans are facing a two-headed monster: in addition to having democratic rights, their country is based on what their history describes as Republicanism.

Citizens are represented by elected officials who are sworn to protect their interests in both systems, republican and democratic.

Of course, there are minor differences of major consequences. Here’s the difference that stands out the most: pure democracy protects the rights of the voting majority, leaving minorities to their own devices. Since the laws depend on what the majority wants them to achieve, the minority is left hoping they would form majority next time an election comes around.

So: do the Americans have democratic rights? They are a republic, after all. Here’s the deal: people elect their representatives in a republic, and these representatives then write laws. These laws can be challenged on constitutional basis, and the constitution specifically defends minority rights.

So, political scientists, that is people whose job it is to invent and explain rules, define the United States as a “representative democracy.”

In any case, to get back to today, Schwab (and George Soros, and Bill and Melinda Gates) can hardly care less about such niceties such as differences between pure democracy and republicanism in any shape or form. They know that taking the world over by being nice to people does not work. They are more steeped in history than America’s Founding Fathers who had thought a Republic would fix all the ills society in their times encountered.

As Armstrong Economics put it, they must have thought that Gaius Julius Caesar was an evil dictator while his opponents, such as Cato and Cicero, were the good guys.

Here’s Armstrong Economics’ conclusion: every Republic in history has turned into an oligarchy.

Schwab, obviously, knows it.

Spreading the word

Schwab has sent his new Communist 3.0 Manifesto to every world leader and every governor/premier of every state and province around the world. Another proud supporter of the World Economic Forum founder’s ideas, Jeff Bezos of the Amazon (and Washington Post) fame, offers Schwab’s newest oeuvre online for free.

On the other hand, some politicians, such as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, say publicly they oppose Schwab and all his works.

Whether Jason Kenney remains faithful to his fiery words remains to be seen. Judging by several of his previous turnabouts, it’s questionable whether he himself knows.

Here’s what we’re facing: people like Schwab (and Soros, and the Gates couple, and many more too numerous to mention, including young Trudeau) know that the longer they can prevent people from rising up, the more small businesses will be destroyed. A basic fact: North American small businesses employ about three quarters of the civil workforce on the continent.

This is no longer only about the generation capable of voting these days. This is about their children, and their children’s children.

Klaus Martin Schwab is not a Messiah. He’s not a Karl Marx, or a Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov-Lenin, or a Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili-Stalin, or an Adolf Schickelgruber, a.k.a. Hitler. He’s not a Mao Zedong, or a Pol Pot. He’s not a Kim Jong-un, either.

Klaus Martin Schwab presents a much deeper danger: his reach goes worldwide, and immediate, because of modern technology. He knows how to abuse people’s self-preservation instincts by creating a worldwide artificial panic in a way that would make Nazi propaganda chief Dr. Josef Goebbels turn green with envy.

Klaus Martin Schwab prefers tyranny to all other methods of political struggle.

He deserves a payback using those same methods, in order to teach him, and his cohorts, a lesson none of them would ever forget.

It ain’t over till it’s over, or till the fat lady sings

Challenging the results of the U.S. College of Electors vote is nothing new, Armstrong Economics writes.

Armstrong Economics is a serious publication. It takes the science of economics seriously. It hasn’t got much time for ideologies.

The College of Electors, Armstrong Economics postulates, is supposed to have final say on who becomes new President of the United States, based on the results of the vote within the individual electors’ states.

Except, the results can be challenged by both sides. The victors usually have no reason to do so, but for those who lost, well, that’s a different story altogether.

As Armstrong Economics points out, in 2017, the Democrats in the House tried very hard to have votes for Donald Trump in Alabama and Georgia struck.

In 2005, Barbara Boxer, now a retired politician who served as a United States Senator from California from 1993 to 2017, did her utmost to strike Ohio for George Bush.

According to the U.S. Constitution, it is the state legislators who pick the electors, not the governor. On top of that, the House of Representatives, combined with the Senate, can lawfully either accept or reject the Electoral College vote results. One of the reasons for rejection: confirmed fraud.

And that’s what’s going on right now: President Trump alleges the election was stolen from him due to widespread fraud.

Armstrong Economics adds another twist: the entire U.S. presidential election system is questionable, to put it mildly.

Why? Simply because there are no uniform federal requirements.

California seems to have put the challenger, Joe Biden, over the 270 Electoral College votes required to win. But: if you take California’s 55 Electoral College votes and split them in accordance with the popular vote result, the incumbent, Donald Trump would walk away with 19 Californian votes, Armstrong Economics stipulates.

Real fraud

Cynical jokes have been making rounds not only in the U.S., but around the world, too. They all deal with a highly unusual number of dead people casting their votes, and overwhelmingly for Biden.

Armstrong Economics, in this regard, mentions the state of Michigan in general and the city of Chicago in particular. Their record in deceased persons’ votes has been remarkable.

Not too shocking, after all. History tells us that Chicago especially is a hot seat for crime family-style voting, and has been for quite some time.

Another question Armstrong Economics poses: why use foreign-built technology for U.S. elections? Certainly, Dominion machines come from a next-door neighbour, Canada, but still: a foreigner can’t become a U.S. President, so, why should foreign-built technology help decide who becomes the new White House resident, that is, the de facto ruler of the country?

There exists a much easier way, done either online or in-person. Armstrong Economics calls it cross-referencing to tax records.

If you are not filing taxes, you do not vote. Can anything be simpler than that? Hardly.

That system of checks and balances, Armstrong Economics says, eliminates duplicate voting, illegal aliens, and dead people. If you can buy all kinds of toys, gadgets and paraphernalia online, and in a secure manner, too, why can’t you vote the same way?

That would alleviate all (or most) fears of fraud.

Yes, Armstrong Economics concludes, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas case on fraudulent elections. It was an outrage and a disgrace to the nation.

It gives both sides the chance to claim from now and into eternity that they have won (or had the election stolen from them in bright daylight).

Where that can lead is beyond imagination, and the most often expected outcome would be violence.

What happened so far can hardly be outdone, except for the (still remote) possibility that the incumbent would prevail, and won’t have to vacate the premises at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., 20006, U.S.A.

Canada: high treason in high places?

A frightful hobgoblin is stalking the world. This is a paraphrase on Karl Marx, whose opening line in the Communist Manifesto limited itself to Europe. And Marx’s next sentence clarified: The hobgoblin of communism.

Canada’s Prime Minister either does not care, or, and that’s even more scary, he just likes the idea.

Justin Trudeau is obviously unaware who can harm the country whose security he’s responsible for.

As revealed by several Canadian media outlets, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun and Rebel News, Justin Trudeau is all gung-ho about Chinese military taking part in Canadian Armed Forces’ winter warfare training. And when some military commanders express their uneasiness about having potential enemies attending Canada’s military establishment institutions (such as CFB Petawawa, for instance), the Prime Minister gives them hell.

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) cancelled one such training session after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. The cancellation threw Justin Trudeau into spasms of a tantrum. From now on, he ordered, all such decisions will be made by him, and no back chat is permitted.

Malignant cancer

China has a military agenda all over the world.

It is very obvious in the Caribbean region, and Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe has confirmed it: his country is willing to deepen military cooperation with Caribbean countries.

That includes the current seaport expansion project in the already commercially important port at Kingston, Jamaica, as well as the port at Freeport, Bahamas, China’s possible new base of operations 90 miles off the U.S. coast.

Following the relatively recent Soviet examples (Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, to name but a few), the Chinese have put into action a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean. They are after all kinds of gains: economic, political and potentially military.

China’s word that she comes in peace is not acceptable: she created several new islands in the South Sea, pledging not to militarize them, then went and militarized them.

Nothing new, really: China also promised Hong Kong autonomy until 2047. She would change her mind in 2020. What is mere 27 years compared to history?

Like father, like son

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, while a young activist in Québec, was openly supportive of Marshal Philippe Pétain, the leader of France’s fascist government during the Second World War.

Trudeau Sr. also made a pilgrimage to Mao Zedong’s China shortly after the communist leader had taken the country over in 1949.

He would return 11 years later, with a similarly leftist quasi-politician Jacques Hebert. The two toured the Middle Kingdom (one of China’s many nicknames) at the invitation of China’s communist government and would write a book about their experiences. It was named Two Innocents in Red China, and even the title of the book was a perfect lie: both of them were perfectly aware that they were coming just as Mao Zedong’s so-called Great Leap Forward began to torture the people of the Middle Kingdom.

Trudeau Sr. was friendly with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (and similar such individuals wherever and whenever they would crop up).

Trudeau Sr. was also quite content (and said so openly) when Poland’s General Wojciech Jaruzelski imposed martial law in his country, trying to destroy the newly-born independent trade union movement known as Solidarity (full name: Independent Self-governing Free Trade Union Solidarity, Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy Solidarność in the Polish language).

Now, PET’s (elder Trudeau’s nickname) son is going a few steps further. He doesn’t propose to canoe down the Yangtze River as his father had planned (the Chinese government killed the idea outright, without even bothering to apologize).

No. Trudeau Jr. wants the communist China’s army, a.k.a. People’s Liberation Army (PLA for short) to be involved in Canada’s Armed Forces’ affairs to the degree of staging joint manoeuvres on Canadian soil. And when Canadian military brass begs to differ, he forbids such outrage outright.

Justin Trudeau can’t claim ignorance about China’s attempts to expand her influence all over the world. He can’t claim ignorance about the kidnapping of two Canadian citizens by communist China’s security forces, either.

His father, while not a bright academic star, as claimed by the doting media at the time of his government, at least finished his university studies.

The son hasn’t got that far. A substitute high school teacher of drama was his highest achievement in life before Liberal party rainmakers decided that it was time to use younger Trudeau’s name recognition in order to impose their socialist vision upon Canada.

What younger Trudeau is doing would be qualified as high treason in any civilized country.

Is Canada less civilized than, say, Timbuktu?

Trudeau’s newest step: harassing India

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just can’t help himself: as if the major scandals he had caused during his visit to India a few years ago weren’t enough, now he’s poking his nose into India’s internal affairs in an attempt to win a few more votes at home.

And the government of India have told him they would have none of it. They could have hardly been more straightforward: “We have seen some ill-informed comments by Canadian leaders relating to farmers in India,’’ said Anurag Srivastava, India’s Foreign Ministry spokesman.

“Such comments are unwarranted, especially when pertaining to the internal affairs of a democratic country. It is also best that diplomatic conversations are not misrepresented for political purposes.’’

Basically, here’s what Anurag Srivastava told Trudeau: learn you manners, you imbecile you, and meanwhile, until and unless you’ve learnt them, keep your mouth shut.

India has adopted new farm laws, and Sikh farmers aren’t too happy about them.

There are 18 Sikhs among the 338 members of Canada’s House of Commons, and three of them have made it all the way into Trudeau’s cabinet.

Instead of adjusting themselves to Canada, the majority of the about half a million Canadian Sikhs, mostly second- or third-generation Canadian citizens, keep close ties with their old country. They also have strong influence over immigrants who come to Canada from that corner of the world.

Most of their relatives live in the state of Punjab, and most of those relatives are farmers.

Many Sikhs in the old country have wanted to separate from India and create what they called Khalistan. The idea seems to have lost a lot of its traction in its last three decades – in India. Sikhs elsewhere, and those in Canada, in particular, seem to go on embracing the plan, annoying the government in New Delhi beyond belief.

Trudeau wasted no time throwing more fuel on the fire.

“Let me remind you Canada will always be there to defend the rights of peaceful protest. We believe in the importance of dialogue,’’ he said. “We have reached out through multiple means directly to the Indian authorities to highlight our concerns.’’

As could be expected, a number of overseas Sikhs would spring into action following Trudeau’s intrepid observations: let’s support the farmers.

What happens usually in Hollywood, happened in India’s Bollywood, as well. Actors, singers and other such entertainment crowd, mostly people who wouldn’t recognize a farm if they saw one, joined the chorus.

People in North America may be used to such posturing and they view the so-called celebrities taking sundry political and economic positions askance in growing numbers. People in India will still need some time to realize that being able to move in front of a camera does not yet a genius make.

A serious issue

Sikhs also form a critical part of India’s armed and security forces, and that concerns the country’s government enormously. Besides, neighbouring Pakistan used the separatist tensions of the 1980s and early 1990s to fuel the escalation with weapons, money. It also declared its support for the creation of Khalistan.

In what used to be described as an era of terrorism, thousands of lives have been lost, including that of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

And on June 24, 1985, Canada’s terrorists of Sikh origin planted bombs on two Air India jumbo jets. One cost all of the 329 lives aboard following a crash into the sea off Cork in Ireland.

The other plane was delayed at Tokyo’s Narita airport. The aircraft would be a write-off, of course.

India at the time expressed outrage over what it described as lax security for flights to India originating from Canadian airports.

Since then, Canada’s governments have been very careful so as not to hurt India’s sensitivities.

Opportunistic vote chasers

Of course, some politicians, eager to secure Sikh votes and support, would cross what New Delhi sees as a red diplomatic line from time to time.

They are aware that Punjabi is the third most-spoken language in Canada after English and French (and long before Chinese and all other tongues spoken in the Maple Leaf country). A fifth of all Canadian Sikhs live in Surrey, British Columbia and Brampton, Ontario. There are strong pockets in Calgary, Alberta, and Abbotsford, B.C., too.

Officially, Canada states that “Canada respects the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of India and the government of Canada will not recognize the referendum.’’

And then a high school substitute teacher of drama comes in and starts behaving like a hippo in a china store.

Clowns are supposed to entertain all and sundry, not to break relationships between countries that are supposed to be friends.

Bolivia kicks Big Pharma where it hurts the most

Bolivia has sent the Big Pharma and governments that toe its line to (fill in whichever destination of your own choice): the country’s president, Luis Arce Catacora, has ratified a new law that permits treatment of diseases linked to the current coronavirus strains using a solution of chloride dioxide (ClO2).

The official description of the new law, known as Nr. 1351, says it regulates the development, marketing, supplies and administration of CDS (official description of the chloride dioxide solution).

Both chambers of Bolivia’s parliament have already approved the new law.

The application costs $0.0588739 in Canadian currency per patient, and $0.0459237 in U.S. greenbacks, much less, that is, than any remedy offered by the major pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

According to verified information, at least 3,500 physicians in 20 Latin American countries have been using the preparation, with no side effects reported, and with an almost full success rate.

In any case, Bolivia has become the first country in the world to skip demands by Big Pharma and sundry governments that seek that entire populations be inoculated using vaccines that force human bodies into producing proteins that would force those bodies to produce immunity reactions. A number of scientists have been warning that the mechanism of these so-called auto-immunity illnesses can become a time-bomb that would trigger genetic explosions years hence.

In addition, a number of governments, while saying vaccination would not be mandatory, have not bothered to deny that those inoculated would be issued with special identity documents confirming they had submitted.

Citizens without such identification would be (or could be) denied access to some basic services, from rides on public transit all the way to school admission, hospital treatment for anything, even conditions not linked to coronavirus but remotely, as well as a number of other limitations.

Meanwhile, within hours of approval, at least two fatalities have been reported after using a much-heralded anti-coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer. That happens to be the vaccine reportedly preferred by the Canadian government, as well as authorities elsewhere (including the U.S. and Great Britain).

Considering that the Pfizer stuff has to be stored in temperatures around -70 Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit), while other companies claim their vaccines need only your usual refrigerator conditions to remain effective, the marketing war seems to have started in all earnestness, ignoring the under-reported side effects all the while.

The marketing hoopla also completely ignores the main fact: vaccines are supposed to serve for prevention, not for treatment. Thus, all those who pine for magical results brought about by vaccines may be crying beautifully, but at a wrong funeral.

In addition, the current pro-vaccine propaganda ignores a couple of basic facts: first of all, a vaccine is effective against one strain of a virus, and the much-heralded Covid-19 contains at least four of them, and, secondly, scientists have been trying to predict which flu strain is around the corner for their annual flu vaccination campaigns, and, during the last 20 years, they have been wrong 20 times.

Bolivia has cut straight to the chase, much to the charging of Big Pharma and their profit accounts.