Ignorant at our peril

The West, prodded by the globalists from the World Economic Forum, has been provoking a snake while barefoot, and the snake doesn’t like it.

The not-so-shocking result: the good old Europe as we’ve known it is about to fall apart as an economic power, her population freezing to death in the meantime. European Union’s member governments will be accusing one another, hoping against hope that their own nations won’t rise up and sweep them precisely thence they belong. This will be a pretty dangerous state of affairs, until they are thrown out and the nations, thus freed, will go after the Marxist and Maoist crowd inside the European Union’s palatial head offices in Brussels.

The United States has been in the throes of idiotically misguided policies long enough to become the rest of the world’s laughing stock. It has in no time sunk from a superpower status to zero. An economic and political zero. A dangerous zero, still, what with all the nukes it keeps, and the irresponsible guys who run that formerly rich and wonderful country, but a zero, nevertheless.

The globalists’ idea of a unipolar world led by them has gone up in flames.

And while this fiasco goes on, they will all continue accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin. To them, and to their propaganda, he’s devil incarnate. Except, if they all do believe their own words, they’re bound to fail one more time.

Who’s he?

Western propaganda keeps repeating the mantra of a mad, oligarch-supported former KGB spy, megalomaniac like no other, keen on restoring the menacingly sinister former Soviet Union and establishing its rule all over the world (and beyond).

They see in him a mirror image of themselves.

True, Vladimir Putin is no angel. He can’t be: you don’t rise to higher ranks within any intelligence service while keeping your nose clean. And hands, also.

Putin’s bloody and dirty escapades while serving his former country in Germany have become part of legend. How much of it concocted to impress the masses (and the opposition), and how much of it is true, not many know.

But, unlike his predecessors, he’s not a slave to any particular ideology. Again: whether he used and ceased to be, matters little now. What does matter is his sharp criticism of what happened in his country in the fall of 1917, and that he dared take the first communist leader, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, off the pedestal. That move itself took a lot of courage: many of his own countryfolk still believe that Lenin was a saint to behold.

We are being told that Putin owes his power to the so-called oligarch class, doing their bidding all along.

Facts do not support this claim. Here’s what happened, actually: former President Boris Yeltsin picked Putin as his successor precisely because he knew the ex-KGB guy will have the balls to thwart the combined oligarch and communist blackmail: Yeltsin stood accused of some illicit dealings with the Bank of New York. The oligarch alliance with the communists was one of the strangest conspiracies known throughout Russian history. In the Duma (Russian parliament), they tried to impeach Yeltsin.

In came Putin. A few unexplained (and inexplicable) deaths within both the oligarch and communist ranks later, all talk of any scandal (and impeachment) disappeared.

Was it democratic? No.

Does it remind us of similar unexplained (and inexplicable) deaths in America? Yes.

Does the pot call the kettle black? A rhetorical question.

Those still swallowing the anti-Putin propaganda campaign would do well checking their facts.

While not exonerating Putin from any of his many misdeeds, some more criminal than others, accusing him of trying to restore the Soviet Union is beyond laughable. The guy’s on the record as saying that Russia was much better off without Lenin and his nightmarishly grandiose visions. While he’s at it, he dares mention that Russia’s gold reserves used to be the largest such reserves in the world before the Bolshevik coup d’état. Where’s that precious metal gone now? Putin demands to know. The loot’s been hidden by forces unmentioned, in hopes that the Bolsheviks will never find it. This hypothesis has been circulating for years, with no real proof forthcoming.

Getting at the rich guys

Most of the Russian oligarchs have been fearing for their lives since the moment Putin took over.

They have seen it in China: the filthy rich are wealthy at the communist party’s pleasure, and should they displease someone in the Forbidden City, a public execution follows (in the best-case scenario), or they disappear without leaving forwarding addresses, and their assets are confiscated by the state.

Putin is of the view that the oligarchs plundered Russia. He also claims that the outsiders (especially those from Harvard) used to give advice on how to transform Russia from communism to capitalism with their own interests in mind, rather than really helping Russia make the change.

Putin told the oligarchs he would leave them alone, amassing their billions, if they, in return, promise to keep their noses out of politics.

Many of those who have started paying attention to Russia only after she felt provoked enough to invade Ukraine, seem to be unaware of some basics. For example: with Mikhail Gorbachev still at the helm, even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO suggested that it join.

Whether Gorbachev was willing to consider the idea, who knows, and he won’t tell us now. But: Soviet hardliners, fearing he might be inclined not to dismiss the plan out of hand, triggered the August 1991 putsch against him: joining NATO would equal Soviet surrender to the hated Americans.

We deal here with split personalities: on one hand, America was officially Enemy Number One, on the other, most of them loved spending dollars they plundered from state reserves on American luxury goods (even a washer and dryer belonged among those).

Yes, it was Yeltsin who stood on that tank, leading opposition against the communist hardliners. With good reason: he was one of those corrupt officials who actually gave the oligarchs their chance, in return for enriching himself and his family.

But it would be Putin who’d get Yeltsin out of the mulligatawny. By the time of his entry into high politics, most Russian people viewed him as neither a communist nor an oligarch. People didn’t want to lose their newly-won freedoms which would have happened with the return of communist rule, and they openly despised the oligarchs who gained their wealth using methods that stunk. That’s what gave Putin his 70-per-cent+ approval rating.

A number of western media, from mainstream to hi-tech socials, have been carrying unverified stories about Putin’s personal wealth, hinting his ways of achieving it were not really too acceptable in polite society.

Whether these stories can ever be confirmed, nobody knows. They are irrelevant, and that’s what matters.

What is much more relevant is the fact that the history re-writes originate mostly within the rather limited circle of 30 (now 32) countries that comprise NATO. The rest of the world begs to differ.

What now?

Russia has been historically split into two factions. One called for more co-operation with the West, while the other claimed, with sufficient proof, that Russia hasn’t much to gain from such co-operation, other than the West’s loose morals, decadence and social debauchery.

So far as the current conflict with Ukraine goes, one side within Russian elites says that Russia should simply crush Ukraine into obedience and be done with it. Another side calls for peace settlement.

Both proposals are inadequate: even if Russian army takes the entire Ukraine and makes her part of Russian Federation, with whatever rules and laws, the guerrilla war would never cease. And it takes two to tango to negotiate peace. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky who used to be willing to consider it is now dead set against it. All indicators show that it was the West that led Zelensky to rejecting any peace negotiations, and he seems to be entrenched in their pockets more than would be acceptable for a head of a hypothetically independent country.

Different games

As some wise people suggested, the main issue here is that the West has been playing tic-tac-toe, while Putin plays a chess game.

That is why the fairly recent Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), whose summit brought together China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, has become so important as to warrant major headlines.

Most major western media ignored it, and, it seems, most NATO and European Union politicians aren’t aware of it, either.

They should start paying attention: in addition to the powers mentioned, Iran is getting close to being admitted, while Saudi Arabia, Qatar and NATO member Turkey have associated status.

If what we call, for wont of better words, the West, and mean the European Union and NATO, continue to ignore this major shift in the arrangement of global affairs, they do so at their peril.

Attempts to recreate the unipolar world, Putin said, “have recently taken an absolutely ugly form that the overwhelming majority of the planet’s nations find unacceptable.”

To make his point abundantly clear, he added that Russia and China “stand together for a just, democratic, multipolar world order based on international law and the central role of the UN. And not on any rules that someone has invented and tries to impose on others without even explaining what they are.”

Only a totally irresponsible politician will ignore these warnings.

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