Singin’ in the rain: a capital crime

A TikTok social media network user who calls herself amushroomblackly should be banned from posting on any such service till the end of her days, and without the tiniest right of appeal.

Frolicking between raindrops is a “black men frolicking” trend, she proclaimed, and white people enjoying a few drops of water falling on their heads in insupportably hot weather are guilty of cultural misappropriation.

American actress Drew Barrymore had the gall to post a video of herself enjoying rain, laughing her head off and, generally speaking, being quite a normal person.

That, amushroomblackly’s rant said, is a display of the mother (father? no, parents would be the most appropriate word) of cultural insensitivities aimed at “black creators.”

Guess what? Barrymore is a “coloniser” who made it possible for millions of her followers to “dismiss and disrespect the boundaries that black creators have set.”

Thus amushroomblackly, who, quite obviously has nothing better to do with her life than watch social media to detect all kinds of slights based on race.

So far as amushroomblackly is concerned, Barrymore’s video has become an integral part of a TikTok trend that is now known as “black men frolicking.”

How come?

Here’s how: another social media network user who calls himself thexsadxoptimistic (how do they come up with such outrageously stupid names, for crying out loud?) ran happily through a meadow covered by beautiful flowers, camera in operation.

Last May, he shared the clip on another social media network a.k.a. Mashable. The recording went viral in no time, and other social media networks’ users, mostly devoid of a scintilla of original imagination, started copying him. The Daily Wire claims that the entire fad spread to black women, as well.

Here’s a description of Barrymore’s crime: she had herself recorded for a short clip showing her enjoying the rain while she was standing in what appears to be the courtyard of a city building.

“Whenever you can, go out into the rain. Do not miss the opportunity!” she tells those who have nothing better to do with their time than watch such nonsense.

Barrymore’s followers, the Daily Wire story goes on to say, were happy to see the 47-year-young former child star embracing her happiness. According to the story, she can’t boast of a happy childhood, so no wonder her fans were ecstatic.

“Watching her heal her inner child makes me so happy,” was one way a Barrymore devotee expressed it.

“PROTECT DREW BARRYMORE,” wrote another user (yes, all in capital letters, which, in the accepted Internet code of manners, means that person was shouting on top of her/his lungs).

Considering that this particular video has collected more than 21 million views at time of this writing, why does Barrymore need to be defended?

Well, come to think of it, she does: morons like amushroomblackly, obsessed with what is known as “identity politics” won’t stop until and unless they destroy whomever they think is violating their idiotic notions.

Barrymore never said she was following the “black men frolicking” trend.

Why should she? Her country still has an Amendment in the Constitution that defends freedom of expression no matter what.

So, when amushroomblackly said the happy-among-raindrops video was racist, and stressed it is racist simply because she said so (verbatim: “When we say it’s racist, it’s racist.”) she has denied Barrymore her constitutional right. As simple as that.

The debate got even funnier when another participant (guess his skin colour, you have three chances to get it right), insisted passionately that only black content creators should be posting these types of videos. Anyone who considers themselves “allies” should agree with that stance, he demanded.

“If you’re a good ally, you know when to take a step back and re-evaluate your choices. And stop,” he said. “Let black people experience black joy with each other for once.”

Daily Wire, without much comment on the issue, put together a selection of recent stories documenting cases of this “cultural appropriation” (some go even further, they call it misappropriation) idiocy.

Don’t think this is a marginal issue. This is an example of identity politics introduced by people who don’t wish humanity well.

Why? Divide and rule. That’s why.

One thought on “Singin’ in the rain: a capital crime

  1. Inkavo August 28, 2022 at 15:48 Reply

    Dear Peter, you are ironically funny as usual.




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