Lies lead humans into abyss

Disinformation has taken over the flow of knowledge and it causes humans to stop trusting most, on occasion all, sources of news they encounter. Including those formed by their own elected representatives.

Watching recent developments, this seems to have been the real objective of those who are manipulating our world into the tragedy a.k.a. Great Reset.

In the world of science, American economist Martin Armstrong calls Great Reset “feudalistic socialism.” A very appropriate name for a combination of systems that had both failed and that promise little hope of success if resuscitated as a brand new combination.

Mind, there’s a world of difference between DIS and MISinformation: the former equals deliberate and wilful lie created to achieve its inventor’s goals, the latter equals sharing news based on lack of knowledge but without knowing it.

Tough choice

It’s tough to discern real news from disinformation: it takes effort, together with a bit of knowledge and experience so that you know where and how to look.

For the record: the so-called fact-checkers, especially those working for the huge social media networks, do not meet any standards. They base their rulings upon so-called accepted science, or accepted rulings, handed down to them by their higher-ups. They have never heard, for example, that the beauty of science can be defined thus: what was known and hailed as solid truth yesterday is questionable today and may be laughed out of the story tomorrow.

An example: the following piece of information landed in my inbox the other day, all the way from a friend in Switzerland.

Quote begins:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has defeated the Big Pharma in the U.S. Supreme Court: the so-called Covid vaccines aren’t actually vaccines at all. The damage caused by mRNA gene therapy is irreversible, the court ruled.

Considering that the Supreme Court is the highest legal avenue available in the United States, there exists no legal way to appeal the decision.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, in his first reaction, that it had been international co-operation of a number of lawyers and scientists that made this success possible.

End of quote.

The news item goes on to discuss all kinds of impacts this ruling may and will have on what is going on Switzerland, what with her very special legal system. It also mentions the Nuremberg Code that set up binding rules on using any kind of medical treatments, with special emphasis concentrated on experimental procedures.

So, what’s the issue?

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) did intervene in the case of vaccination mandates, banning them, effectively.

A very quick search (and not through Google but, rather, using the DuckDuckGo search engine) established the reality: SCOTUS issues vaccine mandate decisions said one source, SCOTUS strikes down mandatory vaccination-testing policy, said another.

Most importantly, SCOTUS itself remained loudly mum on the issue mentioned in the would-be story. Searching the court’s database came back with the same result: if anything happened, SCOTUS isn’t aware of it.

The item that arrived in Canada from Switzerland came with a link to a site that calls itself Best News Here, but: their own source is called Rumor Mill News, and that should have been a dead giveaway.

So what’s the deal?

Your typical piece of disinformation by people out to discredit Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

His Children’s Health Defense website (with a special TV channel on top of it) must annoy them beyond acceptable levels. His huge (and perfectly documented) volume, The Real Anthony Fauci, reads like an open-and-shut indictment where the Judge can’t do better but sentence the American physician to forced labour in the far north tundra, digging natural gas and crude oil pipeline trenches with only a pickaxe and spade in the permafrost ground, with no parole.

Mainstream media attack Robert F. Kennedy Jr. left, right and centre, discussing all kinds of personal dirt, most of which they publish without proof. The New York Times leads the pack, as the Gray Lady seems to be obsessed with questions of recreational drug use somewhere deep in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s greener years.

The piece of disinformation mentioned above does respect some basic rules of this dirty game. It does include several proven (and provable) facts and factoids, such as statements by Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientist and vice-president at Pfizer.

Dr. Yeadon had blown the whistle on Big Pharma on a number of occasions. Quoting him again can’t cause much harm, the perpetrators of this disinformation piece must have decided. Using his statements would make their lie more believable.

And so would several other similar gems of truth.

Should the item about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s victory at SCOTUS go viral and become a normally circulating piece of would-be news, its real perpetrators could jump up and say: a bloody lie, SCOTUS had nothing to say about mRNA and gene therapy based on its use, not now, not ever.

It’s called discreditisation.

The idea is to sow doubts in people’s minds, making sure that they don’t know whom to believe. Follow that with fearmongering campaigns such as those about unknown diseases, and humans turn into sheep.

Sheeple instead of people. That’s what the Great Reset is all about.

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