Sinking in a swamp

Does Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believe his own lies?

Announcing (and enforcing) stringent vaccination and travel mandates that were supposed to help the country fight what some called a pandemic, Trudeau exhorted all to just follow the science.

Turns out there was no science to support his government’s draconian measures.

That’s what court documents that reflect testimony made under oath show.

There are several lawsuits looking into the matter. Former Newfoundland premier Brian Peckford with co-applicants filed one, People’s Party of Canada (PPC) Leader Maxime Bernier went to court, also. Businessmen Karl Harrison and Shaun Rickard filed another one. And Quebec lawyer Nabil Belkacem, representing himself, filed the fourth lawsuit.

Here’s what they’ve found out thus far: the federal government bureaucrat who wrote the policy that prevented unvaccinated Canadians from flying or travelling by train didn’t get a single word of recommendation from health officials.

Jennifer Little, director general of COVID Recovery at Transport Canada, admitted as much, under cross-examination under oath in federal court as a government witness in support of the mandate.

Her own words (verbatim): “I don’t recall a direct recommendation.”

The question was whether she was aware of any recommendation by Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) or Health Canada to impose mandatory vaccination policy for travellers.

“Certainly, we worked very closely with them in preparing the policy, which was supported by the government. So in terms of a written recommendation, for example, no,” Little said in court. “But as part of the policy-making process and the decision-making supporting process, certainly … we were working very closely with our health colleagues.”

CYA (Cover Your Backside) is the nickname in bureaucratese for such statements.

The courts are judging challenges to federal vaccine mandate for travel, in place for nine months and on June 20. The unvaccinated can now travel by plane, train, and marine vessels. Still, the new rule maintains that international travellers on their way to Canada must still be vaccinated. Unvaccinated Canadians need to quarantine upon re-entering the country.

Little’s team of just under 20 members began working on the policy in late July after the government decided to impose a mandate, which it announced on Aug. 13.

Just like the Nazis

Little’s team have no scientific background. So, she said in court, she would accept without any further questions whatever data and information PHAC provided.

“It’s not my responsibility to question or analyse the data that the experts on public health in this country provide me,” Little said.

It was precisely this kind of approach that would send a number of German officials straight to the gallows, following the Nuremberg Tribunals that judged Nazi crimes committed in the Second World War.

Asked again if there had been a recommendation from PHAC or Health Canada, and whether she had any “e-mails, briefs, or reports” from these organisations that recommended mandatory vaccination in travel, Little replied (verbatim, again): “I do not recall a document from the Public Health Agency of Health Canada to Transport Canada recommending that Transport Canada take this approach.”

The government suspended the vaccine mandates on June 20 with the caveat they could bring them back at any time according to the situation.

They are now using this suspension in an attempt to have these lawsuits declared moot. They ran into a wall named The Hon. Brian Peckford who phrased his lawsuit as a defence against behaviour that contravenes Canada’s Constitution and the country’s Charter of Rights.

To recapitulate:

Mandatory vaccination was a part of the Liberal fall 2021 election campaign.

Having won a minority government, they imposed mandates on the public service and federally regulated sectors, as well as on travel by air, train, and some marine vessels.

Trudeau and his ministers have been maintaining they followed as guided by science and following the advice of public health experts.

“Every step of the way throughout this global pandemic, we had Canadians’ backs, and that meant ensuring that we followed science, that we did everything necessary to keep people safe and that we did everything necessary to make sure our economy would spring back as quickly as possible.”

Thus Trudeau in the House of Commons on June 15, just check your Hansard.

Now it turns out he was lying through his teeth.

Dr. Eleni Galanis, director general of the Centre for Integrated Risk Assessment (CIRA) within PHAC, has been close to Dr. Theresa Tam’s decision-making process. Dr. Galanis’s unit is supposed to be detecting, anticipating, and evaluating public health risks and to be supportive of decision-making for risk management.

Asked in cross-examination what was said about vaccine mandates during those meetings, Galanis replied (again, verbatim): “It usually is around what the decisions have been and … when things are planning to be changed.

“So Dr. Tam would inform us that the decision has been made to do this, or if she’s in preparation for meetings … where the lifting of these will be discussed and asks us for supporting information if required.”

Galanis was unaware of reasons why the vaccine mandates were lifted a few days before her cross-examination.

The lifting of the mandates was discussed with Dr. Tam’s advisory group, “but not recently,” suggesting the decision had been made much earlier than the June 14 announcement.

Who’s she anyway?

Judging by her official curriculum vitae, Dr. Galanis hasn’t seen a live patient any time during her career: according to University of British Columbia (UBC) listing, she’s been doing science and government work.

So, Galanis would behave like an exemplary government bureaucrat should: after all, who is she to question the unflagging Dr. Tam? That Tam never really provided the group any rationale for removing the vaccine mandates? Come to think of it, neither Tam, her advisory group, nor CIRA ever debated or discussed the merits of the travel mandate, anyhow.

“We talked generally about—I don’t remember specifically about the vaccine mandate but about the border measures generally and the plan to lift the measures or decrease intensity of the measures throughout the later part of the winter as driven by this early transition phase that we’re in,” Galanis testified.

Neither the issue of the mandate itself nor what the mandate was actually supposed to address (the risk of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in different modes of transportation) was anywhere close to the top of the agenda.

After hours of examination and cross-examination, a sad fact emerged: the PHAC brief to government never contained a single hint of recommendation to mandate vaccination as a requirement to travel by air.

As The Epoch Times reported, the particular Health Canada official who has the final say on authorizing COVID-19 vaccines in Canada wasn’t consulted on imposing the mandates.

Celia Lourenco is director general of the Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate within Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch. That’s the office that has the final say on approving vaccines.

She was never advised, nor was she consulted on the issue of mandating the injections for travel or working in the public service and federally regulated sectors. Lourenco said in court.

Vaccines must provide at least a 50 per cent of proven rate of protection against infection to win authorisation.

Lourenco confirmed that the current two-dose mRNA vaccines lose most of their effectiveness with time, providing very little protection after 12 weeks. Thus, she confirmed the correctness of charts prepared by PHAC for the court. Such vaccines would not be authorised had they shown such figures during initial trials.

And yet, they were.

Hopping on the high horse of irresponsible propaganda, Lourenco said the vaccines remain in circulation because they provide protection against severe outcomes, although she could not provide a numerical threshold.

No reply to legitimate questions

Meanwhile, The Epoch Times asked Health Canada for the names of any individual, agency, or group within the department who had ever recommended that the government impose, keep in place, or remove the vaccine mandates.

An unidentified spokesperson pointed to the government departments behind the decision, sidestepping the question very neatly.

To sum up: Trudeau and his Cabinet were (and still are) focused on politics rather than public health.

Within a couple of days since announcing the mandates, Trudeau would call a snap election, hoping he would win majority and be able to push through more of his scandalous extraordinary measures.

He only managed to scrap up a minority government, that would have lost the first no-confidence vote it encountered, and that has been surviving barely thanks to the NDP socialists.

Meanwhile, five million common-sense Canadians who wouldn’t be jabbed no matter what have had troubles travelling and working, even.

Trudeau’s Canada deserves the description coined by American economist Martin Armstrong: feudalistic socialism. She permitted the former high school drama substitute teacher to run her. Fool me once, your fault, fool me twice, mine. But fool me thrice?

Both feudalism and socialism have proven themselves to be first-class criminal failures. Canadians seem not to have learnt from history. That’s why they’re bound to suffer.

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