Soros, Schwab put their cards on the table, face up

For those who are going to cry “conspiracy theory,” a warning: this comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The horse, in this case, happens to be none other than George Soros.

Writing for the Austrian newspaper, Der Standard in pretty pedestrian German, George Soros has opened up from both barrels: it’s either his way or it’s no way.

The “either” equals leading the world into an authoritarian single-government dictatorship.

On paper, the United Nations would be the seat, in reality it would be a tightly-knit group, a.k.a. Committee 300.

The “or” equals the defeat of this outrageous notion.

Soros uses a somewhat zigzag way to get to his point.

First, he laments the end of abortions in the U.S. For him, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe vs. Wade has spelt the “end of democracy.”

A perfect lie, of course. The U.S. Supreme Court has only overturned the previous abortion law. Abortions up to the viability of the foetus are out, under the new ruling. Other than that, individual U.S. states themselves are easily able to create their own legal framework for abortions.

What Soros and his buddies, such as World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab or Gates Foundation’s Bill Gates, call Great Reset equals a global dictatorship under their steady helmsmanship (or helmspersonship, perhaps?).

Nobody will have anything to say and nobody will own anything. Nothingness such as this will make us all happy. That’s what this clan call Agenda 2030.


Elementary: cars, flights, eating meat, property and even procreation will be reserved for the global elites in the future. Under one condition: if they prevail.

Another goal?

Anyone who begs to differ is an extremist. Thus, here’s Soros re-phrasing the good old saying by the ancient Roman politician, Cato the Censor: Et ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam. That’s how Cato used to end each of his speeches: besides, I think that Carthago should be destroyed.

So far as Soros is concerned, it’s Russia and China that should be destroyed.

Only one party can assure that the U.S. becomes democracy again, and it’s the Democratic Party. Of course, someone has to be in control. Soros’s Open Societies are the best candidate.

China and Russia stand in the way, so far as Soros is concerned: Xi Jinping in China and Vladimir Putin in Russia want to impose a multipolar worldview. How dare they disagree with him?

He’s got a problem here: manipulating events in China or Russia will be more difficult than manipulating American elections. To those who still can’t believe this has happened, check George Soros at a World Economic Forum meeting in Davos before that election: he called Donald J. Trump’s presidency an unfortunate blip in history and promised this would be rectified come the next round.

It was.

Realising things won’t be that easy with China and Russia, Soros wrote in an earlier article for Der Standard that we’re facing The Battle of Our Lives (that was the headline). Verbatim quote: “We must defeat Russia to save our civilisation!”

His reasons? The Third World War could begin and “possibly our civilisation would not survive it.”

A lonely wolf? Not

World Economic Forum chief Klaus Schwab tried his writing skills in the leading German business newspaper, Handelsblatt, last January.

Here’s what the world should do: get rid of national parliaments and introduce instead a world dictatorship.

Schwab’s name for his idea says it all: Governance 4.0.

Where do these theories lead?

Sri Lanka’s government tried to implement them, much to their citizens’ chagrin.

Within one single year energy supplies almost disappeared, inflation jumped to some 50 per cent, food cost on average 80 per cent more than it did a year ago.

What the heck happened? Sri Lankan government read George Soros’s Environmental, Social, and Governance manual for inexperienced rulers and failed economists. That’s all.

Growing organic food is one thing, banning chemical fertilisers is another. As Free West Media reports, when most farmers (90 per cent of them) use chemical fertilisers and all of a sudden they have to change their ways, it can’t surprise anybody that all of 85 per cent of them would report immediate crop losses.

The numbers are shocking: rice production is down 20 per cent. Sri Lanka used to be self-sufficient. No longer: now, she had to import most of her supply.

The result? A public uprising, with violence galore.

Who’s smiling in the background, rubbing his hands with glee?

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