No way back?

Finland and Sweden decided to drop their neutrality by joining NATO.

Without a scintilla of doubt, they will both regret that move sooner rather than later.

Certainly, even if they remained completely neutral, it wouldn’t matter much. In the age of nuclear and other such weapons, both countries would have to be on another planet to avoid the devastation of modern war.

Who are they?

Neutral a mere 75 years, Finland became an independent state only in 1917. She used to claim neutrality between the two world wars but was attacked by Iosif Stalin’s Soviet Union who felt Finland wasn’t neutral enough (any similarities with today?).

Her neutrality was marred after the Second World War by a Soviet military base presence near Finland’s capital, Helsinki, that would be gone only after 1955.

A welfare state to end welfare states these days, Finland borders Russia. That makes her membership in NATO all the more dangerous.

The Swedes have enjoyed two centuries of neutrality. They used to be great warriors but no longer, except in hockey and tennis. Their role in the 30 Years’ (1617 – 1648) War was overwhelming. The conflict cost anywhere between 4.5 to 8 million soldiers and civilians their lives (depends on who’s counting and how). It would take more than four centuries for humans to suffer a more devastating series of conflicts in the wars of the 20th century.

Not that the Swedes remained completely out of wars: during World War II, they allowed the Germans to transport their troops and weapons on the way to the then-Soviet Union.

The Swedes have felt the itch of joining NATO for quite some time. After the conservatives lost in the election of 2014, the new government, the Social Democrats, said they saw no reason to join the alliance. The then-Prime Minister Stefan Löfven promised to adjust Sweden’s foreign policy, giving up on its aspirations to join NATO.

Funny how things change: Löfven’s Social-Democratic replacement, Magdalena Andersson, didn’t feel bound by her predecessor’s promises.

And another interesting angle: both countries are run by leftist politicians neither of whom is enamoured of the U.S. in any shape or form.

Strange approach

Whether they are shortsighted, or plainly lack in basic intelligence, both Finland’s and Sweden’s Prime Ministers have overlooked a few lessons from history.

The first one: the Soviets used to control the so-called Warsaw Pact, a communist countries’ military alliance. That alliance passed away on March 31, 1991, aged 36.

From that moment on there was no need for NATO to exist any longer. It was, after all, created as part of the so-called “policy of containment,” a.k.a. the (President Harry) Truman Doctrine of 1947.

Brilliant as the idea may have been, current state of affairs shows that the deadly cancer of Marxism has become part and parcel of today’s West’s politics. We thought that we’d run away from it coming from the East, people in the former communist countries cry, and bingo, here it is again, overwhelming us from the West.

In any case, it seems from the outside looking in that Western leadership (read: America) still believe that Russia, their main rival during the Cold War, is now down on her knees and could be subdued.

Facts confirm this view. Otherwise, NATO wouldn’t have done what they did in 2008, at their Bucharest (Romania) Summit. They invited Russian President Vladimir Putin, and extended invitations to several countries to join, including Ukraine and Georgia, two former Soviet republics.

Why they wondered why Putin viewed this as a provocation remains a mystery.

And the relationship’s been going down the hill since.

The Suomi and Tre Kronor (Finland and Sweden, respectively) should be shaking their heads.

As soon as they filed the paperwork, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put out an announcement, blazoning forth that Canada was the first among the 30 NATO members to ratify the two countries’ ascension. He made it sound as if Canada won the marathon at the Olympics, as if ratifying such protocols was a track-and-field race.

That all other NATO members followed suit that same day, and the difference could have been associated with time zones mattered not. And that Canada’s ratification followed a motion that unanimously supported only the idea of the two countries joining NATO, a motion passed in the beginning of June, and that the ratification was made using an order-in-council, sidestepping any meaningful debate, mattered not, too.

Real goals

Here’s what matters: the world has gone one step closer to an outright war.

Yes, Russia DID attack Ukraine. And yes, Western powers, led by the U.S., DO support an openly fascist country.

Many agree that all of this is happening because the few who run the United States are obsessed with Russia’s raw material riches, and, also, because they can’t stand Russia competing with them (successfully) in supplying fuel commodities to the rest of the world.

And as many agree that all of this is happening because the few who would like to run the entire world, following what they call Great Reset, see this kind of conflict as one of the possible paths to success. It would cost billions of people their lives, but who cares: artificial intelligence (AI) to the rescue!

Czech writer Karel Čapek foresaw situations like this in his novel War with the Newts (1936) and play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots (1920). For those unfamiliar with the niceties of the Czech language, the word, Rossum, was a play with words: rozum, in Czech equals reason.

The Newts devastated the world, while the Robots started an uprising against their masters.

Humanity did not win. This should serve as a warning. If it doesn’t …

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