Like a drunken sailor on a shore leave

The Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Pierre James Trudeau, has just thrown away a quarter of a billion of dollars to (his own words) “help address the global food security crisis.”

Not only is it not his money to spend. Trudeau himself had been actively causing the crisis through his shortsighted and purely ideologically driven policies.

Speaking in Kigali, Rwanda, Canada’s buffoon-in-chief mentioned that (again his words) “global food insecurity has been increasing dramatically over the past several years, and it is now being further and directly exacerbated by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.”

Please note: “past several years.” That includes time long before Russian President Vladimir Putin even began thinking of invading Ukraine. In fact that includes time long before his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, decided to switch from television comedy to political tragedy.

One difference: Zelenskyi, at least, used to be an accomplished and widely popular television actor and producer. His Canadian counterpart never made it past the role of substitute high school drama teacher.

So: who’s to blame for the food crisis?

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and its effect on the situation has been self-inflicted: western countries go starving (and will be freezing come next winter) because of the sanctions that Trudeau has helped push through.

Trudeau should start wondering about what’s going on in his country.

As The Western Producer reports, farmers in Western Canada are amazingly united in their disdain for the federal Liberal government. They concentrate their contempt (logically) on the guy who represents the government. They have a pretty good reason: every week or two, as The Western Producer’s Kevin Hursh writes, the Liberals make another policy pronouncement that digs the hole deeper.

A couple of examples

New gun control laws seem poised to ban .22 calibre gopher guns holding more than five rounds. This may seem logical to someone in downtown Toronto, Hursh writes, but for farmers and ranchers it would be yet another restriction that makes little sense.

To top it off, here’s another new Health Canada decree: ground beef and pork will have to be labelled with a high saturated fat warning.

Whether it’s Liberal policy or not, they’re the guys who’ve been running things in Ottawa. Political leaders are responsible for what their bureaucrats do (or don’t do).

And yet another Trudeau favourite: his officials, doing his bidding, have been pushing to impose linking business risk management programs to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Trudeau has been known to be fixated on the so-called climate crisis. One result: most of research money his government provide for agriculture research must be focused on climate change.

One result: demand that absolute emissions for fertiliser by cut by 30 per cent.

Fertilisers have been a topic of serious (and heated) debate from time to time. The truth remains that heavy-handed government approach will not help matters one bit.

Recent reports show that Canada’s southern neighbour, the U.S., will be out of its diesel fuel reserves within eight weeks, give or take a few hours. Anyone who thinks that Canada is not going down the same path, is mistaken.

As The Western Producer’s Kevin Hursh predicts, making life more difficult and expensive for farmers so the government can tell the world it’s saving the planet, equals murder.

Meanwhile, Trudeau sends a quarter of a billion dollars (even if it’s only its Canadian version) to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Add to it the $514.5 million for (Trudeau’s own words, again) urgent humanitarian food and nutrition assistance.

And on it goes, one cliché follows another. Another verbatim quote: “Since 2020, Canada has allocated over $3 billion for gender-responsive humanitarian assistance around the world.”

What the heck does “gender-responsive” mean?

Canada is headed straight into poorhouse, thanks to Trudeau’s actions that he calls policies, and here he is, hoping to outdo his father who was hoping (in vain, too) that the rest of the world would see him as a Messiah. The rest of the world saw the elder Trudeau as a megalomaniac, bed-hopping playboy, but that’s another operetta.

Trudeau Jr. lists all kinds of issues the world is facing these days, without mentioning his own role in creating them.

A few facts

Again, straight from the Prime Minister Office’s mouth:

  • Global food prices in March 2022 reached a new all-time high, exceeding all major food crises on record.
  • Since the start of the year, Canada has already allocated $514.5 million in humanitarian food and nutrition assistance.
  • The Global Alliance for Food Security was officially launched at the G7 Development Ministers meeting in Germany in May, 2022.
  • On May 6, 2022, Canada co-sponsored a statement signed by 26 countries at the World Trade Organization on Open and Predictable Trade in Agricultural and Agri-Food Products in response to the food crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (I beg your pardon? You yourself say that the food crisis has been going on for several years. Russia invaded Ukraine just a few months ago.)
  • Canada has taken steps to increase its food production to meet global demand. (I beg your pardon? Canadian farmers would join issue with you here. See above.) Total acreage for Canadian wheat is expected to increase by 7 per cent this crop year. In May 2022, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food announced new investments so Canadian farmers can bring more cereals, grains, and oats to international markets. (I beg your pardon? Should Canadians not be the first to get a go at the Canadian-grown manna from heaven?)

And, to close it all: neither Trudeau nor anybody else mentions any guarantees that the money would go where they claim it would.

Most flagrant case: remember We Are The World? Of the grain shipped to starving Ethiopia that did reach the African country most went to feed her Marxist-led army in the Eritrean war, the conflict that had caused the famine in the first place. Most of the rest never reached Ethiopia, some if it didn’t even set sail: the intended recipients (read: Ethiopia’s Marxist government) either sold it to other parties outright, or re-sold it to the donor countries that had provided it for free.

Trudeau has been throwing good money after bad, solving nothing but feeling smug.

Who’s paying the piper? We are. How much longer will this farce go on?

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