A victim of his own web of lies? Or a liar?

Here’s the real 64-million-dollar question: does Justin Trudeau really believe everything he’s proclaiming as gospel truth?

If he does, he’s fallen victim to his own disinformation propaganda. Vladimir Lenin, Iosif Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels or Hermann Göring, to name but a few such gangsters in recent memory, did not. They were perfectly aware that they were lying through their teeth, and they were cynical enough to admit it.

If Canada’s buffoon-in-chief does believe his own lies, it’s no excuse, either. Simply because ignorance is no excuse.

But to bring such shame on his own country as Justin Trudeau had done, even his own father would be amazed if he saw his son’s scandal-ridden career.

A case in point: the world raised its voice in indignation upon hearing that that “mass graves” of dead and abandoned indigenous Canadian children had been found on the grounds of former Indian Residential Schools.

That the story wouldn’t hold a drop of water upon real editing is one thing. That the rest of the world swallowed it hook, line and sinker is another thing: why wouldn’t they if they heard right from the horse’s, apologies to horses, from Canadian Prime Minister’s mouth.

Shocking revelation

It would take the National Post newspaper about a year to not only realise that the original story had holes an eighteen-wheel tractor would have no issues negotiating, but that it was a bloody lie. Just as many had found in the world that is freer than the so-called mainstream (or corporate or, Heavens, legacy) media.

Here’s Post writer Terry Glavin’s main conclusion: “…[N]ot a single mass grave was discovered in Canada last year.

“The several sites of unmarked graves that captured international headlines were either already-known cemeteries, or they remain sites of speculation even now, unverified as genuine grave sites.

“Not a single child” accounted for during the extensively researched commission “was located in any of these places,” Glavin reported.

“In none of these places were any human remains unearthed.”

So: what the heck?

Putting matters into context, Glavin wrote that “nothing new was added to the public record” concerning the history of residential schools in Canada.

“The legacy of the schools had already been exhaustively explored in the testimony of hundreds of elders and a series of inquiries, public hearings, criminal cases, settlements and federal investigations going back decades. Most important of these efforts were the widely publicized undertakings of the 2008-2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), and the content of its voluminous findings.”

But, down on their knees before the official propaganda, many store windows still have the symbolic orange flags on pretentious display. The fact that some such flags appear on private apartment balconies seems to prove that there exist more woke families in Canada than meets the eye.

Absolutely, “every child matters” is a perfectly proper sentiment. Except, it’s a perfect lie when it comes to indoctrinating innocent school children about the so-called white privilege, or when the claim has it that “the Church committed mass murder of native children.”

Here’s one indisputable fact: not a single child that would meet the official propaganda description has been found. Neither in the alleged mass graves, nor anywhere else.

Activists, egged on by government propaganda, took it upon themselves to exact proper revenge by burning down a number of Catholic churches.

That their actions returned them to Middle Ages is one thing.

That their actions proved again how illiterate they are by measuring ancient history by today’s standards is another thing.

And again: whether they acted out of ideological hatred for religion, or out of sheer illiteracy, matters not.

What matters is that the calumny spread around the world faster than the Covid-19 propaganda.

In denial

Justin Trudeau hates religions, with the exception of those whose ideologies prescribe violence against those who wouldn’t adhere to them.

That is one of his own ideologies, and he has proven it by his actions more times than once.

To show his hatred again, he now demands that the Pope come to Canada and make amends in Canada for the “nearly 1,000 bodies” found in mass graves.

So far Trudeau is concerned, the fact that he is promoting a proven hoax doesn’t matter: the plan is to humiliate a religion he does not like by having its nominal head bow in shame.

Many of the independent news providers have been proving it for quite some time that the entire story is a sham (LifeSiteNews comes to mind). They would encounter name-calling, labels using such words as “bigots” or “racists” or “history revisionists,” and worse.

Here’s a rule: when you run out of arguments, you can still resort to swearing. That’s precisely what the corporate (mainstream, legacy) media have been doing all along.

Justin Trudeau kneeling with a teddy-bear at an unmarked grave is a photo that shows that he should have remained a substitute high school drama teacher. No professional drama troupe would have him, that’s how lousy his acting is.

National Post’s Terry Glavin went straight for the jugular: “One of the most totemic images from the turbulent summer of 2021 depicted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding a teddy bear, kneeling at a little flag marking the site of a grave near the former Marieval residential school on the Cowessess reserve in Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley. Except it wasn’t a just-discovered residential school burial ground. The graveyard where Trudeau knelt was a Catholic cemetery, a community cemetery. Children and adults, indigenous and settler, were buried there, going back generations.”

Where did Glavin find out? Why, from native leaders themselves.

One more Glavin quote: “The Cowessess people noted from the outset that they didn’t discover any graves; the crosses and headstones had gone missing under disputed circumstances decades earlier, and ground-penetrating radar had been brought in to enumerate and pinpoint the location of each burial.”

How it got past the CBC censors in unclear, but Cowessess Chief Cadmus Delorme told CBC News: “This is a Roman Catholic grave site. It’s not a residential school grave site.”

So, does Justin Trudeau still believe his own lies? Judging by his own statement celebrating what he calls Indigenous Days, issued by his office on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the answer is: yes, he does.

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