Sick bed at 24 Sussex Dr.

What’s the synonym for a village idiot who resides at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1M4, Canada?

Two words, and you can guess three times.

Correct answer: Justin Trudeau.

Here’s a Twitter message sent under his own name to his own account (and the Prime Minister’s Office, a.k.a. PMO, has confirmed the fact the message contained):

I’ve tested positive for COVID-19. I’ll be following public health guidelines and isolating. I feel okay, but that’s because I got my shots. So, if you haven’t, get vaccinated — and if you can, get boosted. Let’s protect our healthcare system, each other and ourselves.

For the record, using publicly available information, Trudeau has been vaccinated twice (in a very public display, on both occasions). In another (obviously staged) public display, he received what is known as booster shot in January 2022 (six months ago, that is).

He tested positive for the non-existent virus within weeks since his last vaccination, creating another public relations hoopla by being moved away from his family and making regular televised pronouncements on the steps in front of a building that isn’t his official residence.

And yet, he still tested positive again.

For those who sympathise with this World Economic Forum’s Young Leader, Great Reset promoter, and ersatz politician, a few things to ponder:

  • His announcement raises a serious question: if those vaccines were as safe as he had been claiming, how come they had failed him as often as twice?
  • That leads to another question: can those who don’t trust Trudeau be right when they had claimed (on all three occasions) that they’d love to see laboratory analyses of the stuff injected into his body? They were suggesting that Trudeau received shots of innocuous replicas, such as plain water.
  • And another question: if the Prime Minister gains no immunity after a full course of the experimental mRNA vaccine treatments, why should anyone else believe they will be safe once they get jabbed?
  • One more question: why should Canadians trust their Prime Minister on anything? After all, facts prove that he lied to them regarding vaccinations (no matter whether knowingly or not: ignorance is no excuse).

According to official statistics, about 80 per cent of Canadians got jabbed. Canada’s population on June 14, 2002 was 38,385,559 meaning that 30,708,447 Canadians behaved like sheep led to slaughter. Of course, the federal government is the largest employer in the country (their own records show that they have 319,601 souls on their payroll). Its employees have been forced into vaccination (or else lose their job). Add to it all those (unconstitutional) mandates, and that may explain the huge share of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated Canadians to a degree. But still, even so, these numbers are worse than outrageous.

Here’s a partial list of (now proven) vaccination side effects: myocarditis, pericarditis, circulatory issues, neurological issues, female reproductive and pregnancy issues, male testis issues, Bell’s palsy, strokes, increased cancer rates, tens of thousands of deaths, millions of injuries, etc. As mentioned, the list is but partial: the future is filled with more negative implications, many already known by now, and many more just suspected at the moment.

Trudeau’s behaviour is in style, however: his record is filled with deception, mistruths, misinformation, disinformation, ethics breaches, censorship, as well as false accusations of those who beg to differ. Promoting experimental mRNA materials injections that were never properly tested and making his employers, Canadian taxpayers, the World Economic Forum and Big Pharma’s guinea pigs is nothing more than hitting at par for the course.

Which leads to a final question: how dare he, an example of the inefficiency of the so-called vaccines, still be pushing through the immoral (and illegal) demands that put pedestrians and traffic into mortal danger?

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  1. mirkaadler June 14, 2022 at 13:09 Reply

    vonnejnivilidzidiotale psychopatikkriminal


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