The world’s on a downward slope

The Russians are creating a buffer zone along their western perimeter.

That’s the definition of the current conflict between the two former Soviet republics, Russia and Ukraine.

Denials notwithstanding, Ukraine is still eager for NATO membership.

Russia says that would be yet another promise broken. Politicians representing major NATO powers and, by extension, the organisation itself, assured then-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO will not expand an inch toward the east from its then-easternmost capital, Berlin. That solemn promise was made following the dissolution of the opposing military bloc, a.k.a. Warsaw Pact. NATO has expanded into European post-communist countries since then, without much murmur from the Kremlin.

But Ukraine in NATO, that would be too close for comfort. Russia has decided that she will have none of that.

After so many broken promises, who can blame her?

Rights? What rights?

Of course, in pure academic terms, every nation can do what she wants, and joining anybody they like is in perfect order.

But, in real life, academic debates matter little. These debates, no matter how elegant and sophisticated even less than nothing in real life, not when the debate concerns international military alliances.

Here’s the deal, explained in the purest possible forms: in both theoretical and practical terms, a buffer zone creates a distance between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin views it as an absolutely necessary step. Not only because of NATO. Ukraine, in breach of several international treaties, has been attacking her own citizens who have the gall to be ethnic Russians. Also, Ukraine has been hosting a few very suspect and dangerous laboratories that work in developing and producing biological weapons, as well as using her nuclear power facilities in order to develop and produce so-called dirty bombs.

Yes, President Putin’s rhetoric, when it comes to ethnic Russians in Ukraine, sounds just like the inflammatory rhetoric of Sudeten Germans’ leader Konrad Henlein who wanted to separate this territory from what used to be Czechoslovakia shortly before the Second World War.

The Sudeten Germans, under Henlein, wanted to join Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Whether Russia can be accused of Nazism is a question for another day.

Return to Nazism

That Ukraine – especially in her western parts – hosts a number of military and security forces that are proudly pro-Nazi, and that Ukraine celebrates acknowledged Nazi war criminals of World War II infamy as her national heroes has been established beyond any doubt, reasonable or not. Only those who rely on corrupt mainstream (a.k.a. corporate) media for their knowledge of the world and are lazy (stupid) enough not to double-check this stream of lies can fall for the nonsense that claims that Ukraine has been defending democracy all along.

Granted, Ukraine’s national economy has been guided by self-serving oligarchs, just as Russia’s has been. With one minor difference of major importance: Russia has begun checking foreign companies’ activities in her territory, throwing out those that ignored her needs. Ukrainian oligarchs can hardly be more in overseas entrepreneurs’ pockets. See the U.S. President Joe Biden family’s direct involvement: Hunter Biden’s footprints are just a tip of an iceberg.

So: why anyone wonders that Russia is creating her own wall?

One point: so many still miss the point that the U.S.-led western governments and the media that they should have never been able to control but still do, have been lying through their teeth all along.

No, it hasn’t been Putin’s intention to restore the Soviet Union. A former KGB secret service officer, he’s realistic enough to know that no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man. That was Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s way of saying that you can’t go back in time.

Even if he was pining for the return of the great Russian empire, Putin obviously knows that this would lead to a terrible bloodshed.

The so-called pundits and other talking heads keep saying that Russia hasn’t defeated Ukraine yet because she hasn’t moved a relatively narrow zone.

If they knew whereof they’re blabbering, they would have known that this hasn’t been Russia’s objective at all.

Look at this map (provided by Global Research). It’s self-explanatory.

What you see is the 15 per cent of Ukraine as part of the zone of conflict. This not only means that 85 per cent of the country is free, making the number of so-called refugees rather difficult to explain. It also shows what the so-called Special Military Operation (not war) is all about.

Under the gun?

It’s about making sure Russia is safe. Nothing more, and nothing less, either.

Not many remember these days how then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy didn’t hesitate to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war when then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, in a fit of idiotic irresponsibility, brought Soviet missiles to Cuba.

Those missiles were some 90 miles away from the closest American beach.

NATO wants to station its weapons right under Russia’s nose.

The so-called Cuban missile crisis of 1962 lasted 35 days.

The so-called Ukraine crisis has gone on much longer: it started before the year 2008. That’s when the world, somewhat saner than it is today, agreed on a treaty that bound Russia and Ukraine to accept postures somewhat more peaceful than they had been. The deal was guaranteed by Germany and France, and Ukraine started breaking it before the ink had a chance to dry.

Two more agreements followed, signed in 2014 and 2015, binding Ukraine to stopping her abuse of her citizens of Russian extraction. Ukraine never kept her word.

Ukraine democratic? No way

Egged on by non-government organisations (NGO) with links to U.S. Administration of the day (Barack Hussein Obama, anyone? His Vice-President Joe Biden?), Ukrainian Nazis changed their country into a mess of unspeakable proportions.

With Obama conducting the show from backstage, his former VP is now blatantly trying to provoke his Russian counterpart Putin into exchange of fire.

Whether he is aware that this would spell the end of the world as we know it, nobody knows. Biden himself least of all.

Many agree that the destruction of the world seems to be the goal. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is quite open about the need to “eliminate” more than six billion people. So is Bill Gates and his Foundation, and so are George Soros and his Open Societies.

Meanwhile, the world has begun suffering: no flow of Russian oil and natural gas, no flow of Russian (and Ukrainian) wheat. The European Union (EU), under America’s pressure, has imposed boycotts on the deliveries of commodities from Russia and now, in a fit of incredible hypocrisy, is asking Russia to make sure her and Ukraine’s grain can be made available. Putin’s reply was straightforward: lift the sanctions, and the deliveries will resume.

The ideological hyenas who are running the world these days won’t let that happen. So what, millions will starve to death. It’s part of the plan, anyway.

Blaming Russia for this crime against humanity adds to the list of crimes these creatures have committed.

And, meanwhile, innocent people are dying. In Ukraine, and all over the world.

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