The CBC has lied – again

Is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation still the tie that binds Canadians? Judging by the taxpayer-funded broadcaster’s actions the last few decades, it has outstayed its welcome long ago.

Leslyn Lewis, a candidate in the current battle for the Canadian Conservative Party leadership, has witnessed it first-hand in another case of shoddy propaganda the CBC had been accused of performing time and time again.

Lewis, a Canadian lawyer in her day job, and a politician, represents the Ontario riding of Haldimand — Norfolk. She ran for Parliament (and for her party’s leadership) telling voters that she believes (verbatim quote from her own web site) that government should exist to serve the citizens and not the other way around.

“We must be a country where the freedom of religion, conscience and expression, and the rule of law are upheld,” she said in her description of herself.

That would explain why the CBC crowd must hate her with a passion.

Leslyn Lewis has the wounds from an unprecedented attack by CBC on a Canadian politician to prove her point.

What happened?

The World Health Assembly is debating creating a series of documents that would make the World Health Organisation (WHO) the sole arbiter on health situations and their handling, circumventing national governments, including those elected in democratic countries. Their vote is forthcoming within days, and if passed, it would bring the world yet another step closer to the dreaded single world government, the dream of World Economic Forum’s Great Reset planners, Gates Foundation population controllers, and George Soros’s Open Societies’ designers who want to remove democracy from our lives.

Sounds important enough, and Leslyn Lewis asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about it during Question Period on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

On Thursday, the very next day, that is, the CBC – running on $1.2 billion annually from Canadian taxpayers – published an article criticising her for the temerity, chutzpah, even. How dare a Member of Parliament ask questions of the country’s Prime Minister?

CBC used people whom they called neutral legal experts.

To begin with, no real expert would resort to name calling. A real expert would analyse the matter at hand and pronounce which statements can be proven as correct, and which can’t, and why. End of story.

The three “neutral experts” described the legitimate question as “fearmongering” and “a conspiracy theory.”

That’s typical for those who haven’t a clue about reality: label everything racist, sexist, bigoted or – if all else fails – a conspiracy theory.

The CBC would have had dreadful difficulty calling Leslyn Lewis a racist: she was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and her skin colour reflects it.

So, instead of asking her to rebut those would-be experts’ labels, the CBC ran them as pure gospel from the mount.

Leslyn Lewis, a lawyer, as mentioned, did the only sensible thing to begin with: she checked those experts’ credentials.

She was in for a shock: none of them was independent. In fact, the CBC should have declared that these people speak the way they do because they are paid (quite handsomely) to do so, and if the CBC didn’t do it, they all should have excused themselves.

Who are they?

The findings were not as surprising: the CBC has been known for twisting reality to fit their ideology.

I double-checked Leslyn Lewis’s findings, and they are on the dot.

Timothy Caulfield is listed online as a member of the Trudeau Foundation. Not that the CBC ever mentioned that conflict of interest.

Timothy Caulfield’s Twitter account is filled with dismissive and divisive language against those who have chosen to not be vaccinated against COVID-19, and articles with headlines such as: No, You’re Not Entitled To Your Own Opinion.

Dr. Steven Hoffman is another member of the Trudeau Foundation. Not a word about that in the CBC story.

To make matters even more troubling, Dr. Hoffman is a Director for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, which reports to Jean-Yves Duclos, the federal Minister of Health.

Duclos is leading Canada’s delegation to Geneva for the World Health Assembly talks. Essentially, Dr. Hoffman was defending his boss in the media. That would have been fine and dandy if the story revealed the name and position of his boss. It didn’t., but without letting people know what fact was missing.

The CBC did mention that Dr. Hoffman works for the WHO, though. Thanks for the little crumbs of truth.

And, last but not least, Dr. Kelley Lee, the third respondent in the CBC smear story, happens to be a former WHO employee.

Again, why not use his voice. But in honest journalism, that fact should have been made obvious throughout the quotations from him.

That Lee’s position is funded by the Canadian Research Chairs Program was obviously irrelevant to CBC. That program is funded by the federal government and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research have a hand in overseeing it.

Whom does it report to? To Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos.

What’s the issue?

Simple and straightforward. As Leslyn Lewis puts it, academics who are connected with the Trudeau Foundation, have active and historic working relationships with the WHO, and have employment income stemming directly from the federal government, must face questions about potential conflicts of interest and bias.

The CBC made sure nobody asked such embarrassing questions. Not in their story, anyway.

Here’s the obvious conclusion: people with connections to the Trudeau Foundation and the WHO are deliberately trying to silence legitimate doubters.

Amendments to the International Health Regulations that the World Health Assembly will decree on in Geneva this week, should be open to debate by all before a single vote is cast.

And so should be the Global Pandemic Treaty, now in the stage of final negotiations between 193 countries.

Is the attempt to silence those have questions a conspiracy?

If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck, is it a duck?

Leslyn Lewis’s competitor in the current Conservative Party leadership contest, Pierre Poilievre, says that, should he win it, and should his party win the next elections, one of his first steps at 24 Sussex Dr. would be to defund the CBC.

Leslyn Lewis should join him to make this promise part of her campaign, as well.

And should the current Canadian government vote for the two ominous WHO treaty proposals, helping them to happen, they both should announce that Canada will abandon them first thing after their swearing-in ceremony.

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