Friendly skies no more

If you think you need to be somewhere and fast, you’d be better off to skip the event that you think you must attend and fast. In the worst-case scenario, just make sure you start travelling early enough. Preferably in your own car. Or riding your own bicycle. Or walking on your own feet.

Why? So you don’t have to fly. And especially not on a commercial airline.

Here’s the opening line from Ontario physician Dr. Mark Trozzi’s newsletter: No warning. No consent. No joke. Passengers are now being sprayed with the toxin Permethrin.

Who he?

Dr. Mark Trozzi is a medical doctor from Ontario. He resigned from all of his hospital positions, in order to be able to fight what he’d found to be one of the most terrible hoaxes pushed on humanity: the so-called Covid (or coronavirus) pandemic.

This would cost him his entire income and change his way of life. He has sold his house and greatly downscaled his family’s standard of living. He is now surviving on limited savings.

Dr. Trozzi has committed himself to do his part to help counter what he describes as “the criminal Covid enterprise.”

Here’s his story, in his own words: I am a medical doctor; I graduated in 1990 from The University of Western Ontario. I have been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past twenty-five years; and I have been on call in multiple emergency units since the onset of the so-called “pandemic”, until February 2021, including one ER designated specifically for COVID-19. I am an Advanced Trauma Life Support professor with the College of Surgeons of America, and I hold teaching positions in multiple Canadian medical schools.

… I do not have authority to tell you “the truth”, but I will share my honest experiences, perceptions, and digests of hundreds of hours of research on the subject of Covid-19.

At the onset of this “pandemic,” I was cautious and hence meticulous with N95 mask use, hand washing, social isolation and distancing etc. I studied coronavirus science and was deeply involved in many emergency department drills to modify our practice in profound ways to deal with the “killer virus” we were advertised. However, various things soon made me consider that we were being deceived and manipulated.

What he saw on an airplane?

In Dr. Trozzi’s own words: I just dodged forced injections and nasal probe violations, by connecting through Mexico, on route to a very important event: the inaugural three-day WCH Better Way Conference starting May 20th.

On route, all the passengers including myself were heavily sprayed with the neurotoxin insecticide permethrin. There was no warning and no consent; that’s assault, and it’s happening around the world.

Dr. Trozzi then proceeds to suggest ways how to stop the World Health Organisation (WHO), linking to two possible actions (one and two) and another link, suggesting how to prevent the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) assault on humanity (WEF).

What’s the stuff?

First, the official description: Permethrin is a medication and an insecticide.

As a medication, it is used to treat scabies and lice, applied to the skin as a cream or lotion.

As an insecticide, it can be sprayed onto clothing or mosquito nets to kill the insects that touch them. Side effects include rash and irritation at the area of use.

A British chemist named Michael Elliot invented Permethrin in 1972.

Another verbatim quote: It (Permethrin) proved highly suitable for agriculture because it doesn’t break down in sunlight. The United States government first approved permethrin for use on cotton in 1979. Soon after, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that it was toxic to fish, so they restricted its use on cotton.

Only professionals can use restricted-use pesticides. After further testing, the government approved permethrin for use in many agricultural settings, with limits.

Farmers cannot use permethrin near water bodies and most permethrin use is restricted to professionals.

While humans should never consume permethrin, it’s unlikely to be lethal.

Inhalation and consumption can cause difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. If permethrin gets on your skin, it may cause tingling, irritation, and a burning sensation.

A common question is: does permethrin cause cancer?

There is no evidence of a link between permethrin and cancer.

Did you notice the wording? There is no evidence. Not that there is no link between the insecticide and cancer.

And no, being too cautious does not equal paranoia. Here’s another quote from that same file: the pesticide residue on spinach and other foods for that matter is so small that one could consume several hundreds of servings per day without any negative effects on their health. But if you want to limit your exposure to the pesticide traces you can wash the produce in cold water or baking soda water. And blanching or boiling the produce should also reduce the pesticide residue levels by at least 50 per cent if not more.

A side note: the suffix “cide” comes from Latin. The word cidium describes the act of killing or a slaughter. With the prefix “sui” it describes suicide.

Which is precisely what the world has been doing: those in power are guilty of the former act, while those who meekly accept it are committing the latter act.

Who’s behind it?

In Canada, it’s the federal government itself, its transport department in particular.

Claiming it’s all done in order to prevent the spread of insects on flights to and from some of the more exotic destinations, Transport Canada has officially ordered all airlines on such routes to “disinsect” their aircraft.

The word itself, “disinsect,” is a bit of a novelty, but this is not a linguistics study asking why not use such good old words like disinfect. Obviously, bureaucrats have to show some kind of activity. So they invent new words.

The Transport Canada memo is a proof of disingenuity the likes of which is tough to swallow.

For example, it stipulates that Permethrin 216A be used at as a residual, or at the top of descent, or when the aircraft is blocks away (an airline expression for distance from the gate).

While the expression “residual” can mean “spraying while there are no passengers aboard,” you can’t push the paying crowd outside on the wings when the plane begins its descent to approach levels, and the same goes for the “blocks away” situation.

Should anyone ask, for example, for the origins of the disgusting (and, too often, sickening) stench, the cabin crew can only say what product he cleaners used, and, if and when pressed, how and when it is used. If the passengers aren’t happy, they are to be directed to speak to the company’s head office.

Canadian registered air carriers are required by several countries to spray insecticide in the flight deck and guest cabin prior to travelling to those countries. This, the memorandum continues, is a preventative measure against the importation of foreign insects that may carry disease or damage crops.

The insecticide has been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for application on board commercial aircraft. According to the WHO, short-term exposure when spraying this insecticide has not been found to cause any adverse health effects.

Considering the WHO’s record of information failures and disinformation scandals throughout its history, why not believe in the tooth fairy?

Especially when reading the next line in Transport Canada’s memorandum: no formal inflight announcement.

Why not? Because, Transport Canada says, the spraying happens when there are no passengers aboard.

In the context of the paragraph that orders when the spraying is to happen, this is laughable.

Alibi? No way!

Several Canadian airline officials, all speaking on the condition of strict anonymity, said there’s nothing they can do: government orders. They (their airlines) would be grounded if they disobeyed.

Some would go so far as to say they had no issue with the policy: it was a matter of public health, after all.

If they thought these statements would get them off the hook, they should start thinking again. The Holocaust was, legalistically speaking, perfectly fine: a law, after all, to exclude the so-called unsuitables from human society, and an official order to eliminate them all.

To sum up: the Canadian government is guilty as charged by Dr. Mark Trozzi, and so are the airlines that toe the line.

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