Public enemies not so public

Too many public enemies Nr. 1, and too few real culprits brought to light and responsibility: that’s the world’s problem Nr 1 these days.

We had (and still have) George Soros of the Open Societies infamy as the guy responsible for all kinds of class-based and racially motivated havoc.

We had (and still have) Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum infamy as the guy responsible for Great Reset, a.k.a. socialistic feudalism (in the prescient words of American economist Martin Armstrong).

We had (and still have) Bill Gates with his Malthusian plans to depopulate the planet (genocide, in other words) in the name of saving the climate.

We had (and still have) Dr. Anthony Fauci, the American stooge for the world’s major pharmaceutical companies (a.k.a. Big Pharma): the policies he has been pushing through the last half of a century have brought the world to the brink of total collapse.

And, last (thus far) but definitely not least, and not to be forgotten, we had (and still have) Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO), who wants the world to give his body the power to dictate everything about health, both public and individual, from A to Z (and beyond).

Did you notice how the headlines have been shifting from one public enemy to another? The idea is simple: confuse the masses, and keep them bewildered.

Common denominator

Look into all those proclamations made by people who claim that not only the planet needs to be saved, but also, it has so happened that they are the only ones anointed enough to do the saving.

Analyse all of their proclamations: made publicly, yet still ignored by way too many who would end up on victim side one of these days. They all call for an unconditional end to individual nations’ governments (what’s the United Nations for, right?). They view democracy as the most deeply flawed social system ever (she is: if she weren’t, she would have been defending herself since her arrival on the scene). And they very openly consider most of humanity as a bunch of yahoos and village idiots who deserve either to obey their orders without question or perish.

The so-called mainstream (or corporate, in today’s parlance) media dance to these self-anointed would-be leaders’ tunes with shocking enthusiasm. They label anyone (and everyone) who dares differ with all kinds of descriptions they consider insulting. Whoever dares use her/his grey cells (and, usually, common sense) risks being derided and pooh-poohed, often with serious implications. Being ostracised by your neighbours in one thing, unpleasant, to be sure, but being ostracised by your learned colleagues (in many such cases in our educational and scientific system) can ruin your career.

Why’s all this happening?

Well, we ought to bow before our elites, oughtn’t we?

If there’s one misleading view, this is precisely it, and if there’s one scandalously unacceptable word to describe these people, this is precisely it, too.

Who are those guys?

It must be a tough job. But somebody’s got to do it. Becoming a member of the world’s elite, that is. Or, better still, a member of the élite: the acute sign over the first letter e will add to your feeling of superiority.

But, mind, don’t you dare mix it up with a typewriter type that provides a dozen characters to the linear inch: it’s called elite, too, and you wouldn’t be caught dead using a typewriter.

But: enough of the frivolity.

Being the cream of the cream (crème de la crème, as they call it in the hoity-toity circles) in whatever society is a serious business. So serious, in fact, it can help you join the club that has been leading civilisation into nothingness.

And that’s precisely what’s been happening the last few centuries.

It’s one thing to be viewed as part of the top-notch crowd as one, say, of the fastest runners. Or the most innovative mathematician. You have to earn the accolade, and it’s not hereditary, either. Your children, should they wish to follow in your footsteps, will have to start at almost Ground Zero, and work their way up, blood, sweat and tears and all that rot thrown in. (Why almost? Their parents’ elite position may help open a door or two.)

Using the word elite in any creative endeavours, such as writing, singing, painting, sculpting, composing, etc., misleads: the quality of the outcome is always in the eyes of the beholder and the fact that all the nibs have agreed that this or that artist is tops is nothing but opinion.

Rarefied difference

But then we have a different sort of elites. That’s those people who claim they know not only where the world is headed, but also where it should be headed, and how. Don’t ask them why: they know, and it’s none of our business, anyway.

Here comes the most important part: most (if not all) members of these elites have joined before they had been brought up in families that have been parts of networks, mostly invisible, living under the motto that money equals power (and power equals even more money).

There aren’t many newcomers into the inner sancta of these groups. Their members shun publicity at all cost. Oh yes, they do on occasion get involved in one charity or other but, upon closer look, theirs is an effort that ends bringing more money, power and influence into their own backrooms.

Many insist that such claims equal what they derisively call conspiracy theories. Many who see those labels, accept them unthinkingly, and so the process goes on unimpeded.

Soros, Gates, Schwab, Fauci, Ghebreyesus, they are all mere pawns. Well-paid, influential, too, but pawns still, nevertheless. If they weren’t influential, they would all be in the nick by now, for life with no parole, digging ditches for oil and natural gas pipelines in the permafrost tundra.

Still, on occasion, even the best-trained pawns make a mistake. Such as the former Ethiopian terrorist Ghebreyesus of the WHO, who has demanded that his group receive powers that would end up surrendering national rights and privileges to his group of unelected (and corrupt) officials.

Lest they think they would become power mandarins, they would be wrong: it’s the powers behind the scenes, mostly anonymous, who would continue calling the shots.

The World Health Assembly is supposed to vote on the latest WHO power grab, a.k.a. World Pandemic Treaty, later this month (May 22-28, to be precise).

Many are now up in arms, doing all they can to stop this open attempt to strip individual nations of their unalienable rights and privileges. Whether they succeed remains to be seen.

But even if they do, it still won’t mean much. Not unless and until we, the masses of the unwashed, call the real powers-that-be out and show them that we need their elitism like dead men need winter coats.

Will we? Won’t we?

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