This is an un-effing-believable war

It takes more courage than anything to expose the current crisis for what it is: a war waged by disinformation tools.

First, it was the so-called plandemic. This is not a typo. This is how many call the panic surrounding a mysterious would-be viral concoction and many governments’ dictatorial ways of pretending to fight it. What they were trying was simple: get their citizenry scared enough to submit to vaccination more dangerous than the imaginary virus itself.

It didn’t work as planned.

Here came Plan B: war between Russia and Ukraine. It is actually between America and Russia, and latest developments revealed even more: the U.S. and its NATO allies keep dispatching all kinds of weaponry to Ukraine, saying they’re trying to help the country. Russia keeps dispatching those weapons into smithereens before they can be unpacked and installed. This happens to weaken America’s (and NATO’s) weaponry reserves, but those deadly toys’ manufacturers get paid, anyhow.

And when it so happens that Russia and Ukraine come close to peaceful resolution, the West send their politickers (politicians they aren’t) to Ukraine with orders to stop the nonsense of a peace agreement.

All that is, of course, covered in the clouds of disinformation, with governments on both sides claiming theirs is the only truth and anyone who dares doubt it, be damned for spreading lies.

American radio talk-show hostess, with a lot of experience on TV and in social media, Kim Iversen, decided she would like to get to the bottom of it all.

Herewith a bit of a transcript of her findings.

Outright lies keep appearing not only in social media, mainstream (legitimate) media are guilty, as well.

  • Example #1: Ms. Iversen mentioned she fell for one such fake image when she saw Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy clad in full military gear: she was impressed that he was going to join the fighting in the front lines. Turns out it was a year-old photo, and Iversen had the integrity to admit her mistake and apologise.
  • Example #2: A German political news channel, Bild, shared a video of what looked like terrible Russian bombing in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Turns out the footage came from a 2015 explosion in a chemical plant in China’s Tianjin in 2015.
  • Example #3: Newsmax used a photo of an older lady, crying in front of her devastated home. The caption described it as a photo showing the current devastation in Ukraine. The picture was taken in 2015.
  • Example #4: An Italian news broadcast showed footage from a video game known as WarThunder, to accompany its broadcast from Ukraine. No doubt, Ms. Iversen said, viewers watching a literal rain of missiles must have been horrified.

Ms. Iversen went through some most egregious examples of the bloody lies our governments and media have been dumping on us. She made a very valid point: she lived and works in a western nation that claims to be supporting Ukraine, she couldn’t use anything coming out of Russia: western governments and media have made sure none of it gets past the watchful eyes of censors.

So, Ms. Iversen does not support Russia. She can only point to things she can get to. And that she does with precision.

  • Example #5: 13 courageous soldiers, defending the Snake Island, were confronted by a Russian navy ship. An audio record shows the Russians telling the Ukrainians to lay down their arms to avoid bloodshed and useless loss of life. The recording then plays the Ukrainian soldiers yelling, “Russian warship, go and f**k yourself.” The report continued they fought until the Russians killed them all. President Zelenskyy, the news went on, said he would award the men medals for their valour.
    As Ms. Iversen pointed out, whoever said those people had died was mistaken. Instead, Ukrainian border guard disputed whether anyone was killed. A video footage would emerge almost right away, showing the Russians providing food and water to 82, not 13, men from the Snake Island, and transporting them to the Crimea.
    In fact, some of the soldiers have given interviews, saying that if the Russians wanted to bury them, they could have done so, but they didn’t. And now, they will be going home to their families, instead.
  • Example #5: a shocking video of a tank swerving in a street, running over a civilian car. The person in the car actually survived the crushing experience. The media have been describing it as a Russian tank to prove Russians’ callousness during their invasion. It turned out it was a Ukrainian tank, it had lost control and accidentally ran over that vehicle.
    By the way, Russian tanks are marked with a white letter Z, Ms. Iversen added, telling her listeners to watch for that when seeing similar videos in the future.
  • Example #6: many have seen the heart-wrenching video of a father bidding good-bye to his wi9fe and daughter as he’s going off to battle the Russians. Turns out, the man is Ukrainian by state citizenship. In fact, he’s one of the Donetsk People Republic’s rebels. He was sending his family to Russia for safety while he was staying behind to fight the Ukrainians.
    The mayor of his city published the video several days before the Russians invaded Ukraine.
  • Example #7: the so-called ghost of Kyiv. Footage of a fighter pilot who had shot down several Russian pilots. It went viral, got millions of views. First claim: he’d shot down six Russians in one day. It would jump to ten kills a little later.
    A fighter pilot who shoots down half-a-dozen enemy aircraft during her/his career is called an ace. To get six in one day, or ten in one week, is incredible. Unbelievable, actually.
    It turns out that the footage is taken from a video game called Digital combat simulator, but even after this had been debunked, the former Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, keeps tweeting that it is real. He even shared a masked photo of the pilot.
    Now, there are wild rumours swirling around: who’s the pilot, what if it’s a female pilot? But, the truth has risen again: it’s an old photo, re-circulating in all kinds of media for years.

Lest you think nonsense like this happens only this side of the Big Pond, here’s one, coming straight from Germany.

Der Spiegel, the country’s newsmagazine of record, has removed a video showing the testimony of an evacuee from Mariupol’s ‘Azovstal factory, a stronghold of the Azov militants and other Ukrainian fighters.

The Azov Battalion is the one that sports swastikas on their flags and whose members are openly proclaiming their adoration to all things Adolf Hitler.

The video shows a woman who claims Azov fighters lied to her and her family, that they had been held hostage and used as human shields.

Another German outlet, Junge Welt, noticed the deletion on Thursday evening.

Taken to task by Junge Welt, Der Spiegel said it had obtained the video from Reuters, and that it was temporarily taken down.


There were discrepancies in the content that they noticed only too late.

What discrepancies?

Mind waiting? They’re still putting them together.

The Reuters video is but one-minute long, while the clip Der Spiegel ditched was longer by two minutes.

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