Someone’s lying! Turns out they all do

Thief! Look who’s talking, you’re a thief yourself, and a robber, too! Hearing that from a highway bandit! And YOUR Mom wears army boots!

That’s the level of conversation Russia and Ukraine have sunk to.

Except they use better-sounding insults to describe one another.

Oligarch and plutocrat have become four-letter words du jour.

Each country accuses the other of being run by oligarchs (or plutocrats, these words are so close to being identical it borders on the interchangeable).

Supporters of either side join the choruses, aiming to whip up hatred against the other side. They end up introducing draconian edicts, laws, rules and regulations that would make (in chronological order) Vladimir Lenin, Iosif Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and all of their followers too numerous to mention) turn green with envy.

And that’s only the last century. This century, with its political correctness, cancel culture and woke ideology has made last century’s socialists look and sound like rank amateurs.

George Orwell thought he knew them all. Bosh. He knew nothing.

Expressing views that, so far as governments are concerned, approve of one or the other combatant’s actions has become a criminal offence.

Considering that, for example, it was a capital offence in Nazi Germany to approve of the assassination of the acting Empire Protector (Reichsprotektor), Reinhard Heydrich, the cruel irony would have been obvious. If only the pliant corporate media (a new synonym for mainstream media: language keeps developing) dared mention it.

In fact, several countries have gone so far as to officially urge their citizens to snitch on whomever they hear or see making any sounds or signs of disagreements with the official government policy (a.k.a. narrative these days: language keeps developing).

What’s wrong with that?

Russia and/or Ukraine have been run by oligarchs (or plutarchs).

By whom, pray?

Oligarchy sees the power resting with a small group of people. They don’t necessarily occupy the corridors of power. Enough for them to control them. Such individuals may share nobility, fame, wealth, education, or corporate, religious, political, or military control. But, most of all, they are rich and they control those who love being called Honourable or Right Honourable, or any other such title that signifies position of power.

Oligarchy is an ancient Greek word. The English, not to be outdone, introduced the world plutocracy (or plutarchy) in 1631 (that’s called progress: we know the date of plutocracy’s origin, while in oligarchy we may or may not agree that it was Aristotle who coined it). The English limited their definition to a society that is controlled or ruled by people of great wealth or income.

In any case, the Russians have been claiming that Ukrainian leaders are a bunch of no-goodniks, lining their pockets with money stolen from hard-working Ukrainian people, and those poor, hard-working Ukrainian people have nowhere else to turn but to dreams of Nazi justice that would rid their land of all those leeches that carry mostly Jewish names.

Ukrainian oligarchs are in the back pockets of the oligarchs who control the United States of America, and of those who are pulling strings for the European Union, while they themselves remain hidden somewhere backstage.

Whether the scenario as described by Russian leaders is perfectly and unequivocally correct remains a moot point: it is the scenario they are presenting to the world, and many are lapping it up, no questions asked.

The view from Kyiv is basically the same, just with the names switched around.

Russian oligarchs hold their country’s president Vladimir Putin by the balls, so to speak. He, a former high-ranking KGB officer, is prone to accepting bribes, in fact, he encourages them, even.

Some of the Ukrainian attacks are more imaginative: no, it’s not the oligarchs who keep Putin in power, it’s Putin who controls them using what is known as carrot and stick policy. He can throw a goodie to a billionaire who helps him, but he can turn around and have an ultra-rich guy stripped of his money and fancy clothing, and send him to the counties that used to house Soviet Gular concentration camps, and the Tsar’s internal exile settlements before that.

Way too many around the world are lapping this explanation of events up. The psychology is simple: those rich guys deserve nothing but spanking with lashes soaked in high-density vinegar, preferably hitting their bare buttocks.

Truth be damned

It would take too much of hard thinking for most to realise that one set of oligarchs is laughing all the way to the bank. It’s the American plutocrats. Guys who operate off-Wall Street, in the shadows, making sure America’s government do as they are told.

On this occasion, American oligarchs have invested too much in Ukraine to let such prey wriggle away. Their revenues are not going to enrich the Ukrainians. They are not going to enrich Europe, either.

Oil is the commodity of record that is involved here.

Americans want to deliver it to Europe across the Big Pond in tankers, and who cares about the Earth Day ideology. The Russians offer to deliver it through pipelines, a much cheaper and a much cleaner proposition. Not that the Russians are so concerned about the environment, but it’s the card that works like charm on all those green nuts in Brussels, the European Union head office city.

That’s when both sides start smearing one another with lies that would be quite funny, if they weren’t that tragic in their consequences.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made so many billions in American currency, and he has it stashed in (pick your safe country). He has also made sure his family are safe. They now reside (again, a list of choices, pick one).

On the other hand, Zelenskyy’s predecessor in Ukraine’s presidential office, Viktor Yanukevich, is hiding in Russia, with his money (and family) moving around the world, safe from Ukrainian security services. He stands accused of misappropriating (read: stealing) government’s (read: taxpayers’) money, and, worst of all, making sure the so-called “orange revolution” of 2014 at Kyiv’s Maidan Square, failed.

That so-called revolution was organised and run by non-government organisations from all over the EU, with a couple of their American colleagues thrown in, and that because Yanukovich had the gall to reject EU’s financial aid package that had all kinds of strings attached, and accepted one from Russia that claimed here’s the dough, and it’s all yours, do with it as you please.

Yes, how sincere the Russian offer was is open to debate even today, but it did promise not to interfere with Ukraine’s independence. The EU had made it public that they would want to have a role in running the country once it accepts its gift.

In any case, the lists both sides are throwing around are filled with mind-boggling amounts each of the alleged miscreants have supposedly stolen and stashed away. Judging by those lists, billions of Ukrainian dollars are earning interest for each side’s criminals, and nobody has asked about the billions smuggled out of Ukraine (there’s no better word for it) by such American oligarchs like Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (and his family).

Don’t know the name? Why, he’s America’s 46th president. His son Hunter used to run the family’s business interests in Ukraine. Both papa and son’s behaviours were so unusual, they are now matter of both criminal and Congressional investigations in their country.

Remember that when trying to figure out who spreads more lies in the America (represented by Ukraine) against Russia conflict.

A helpful hint: checking out the allegations against reality, none of these guys’ claims would pass the smell test.

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