We get governments we deserve. Do we?

None of the three Canadian political parties that are called mainstream deserve anybody’s vote. Meaning: none of them is deserving of the honour of governing Canada.

These include, for the record and in alphabetical order, the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the New Democratic Party of Canada.

The Bloc Quebecois don’t count: theirs is but regional interest, limited to one province alone.

And neither do the Green Party: not only have they never reached the status of mainstream, they have never governed, either.

The Honourable Brian Peckford has compiled a rather comprehensive list of reasons that explain why all three of the mainstream parties have failed us.

The Honourable Brian Peckford is the last signatory of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms left standing, a fiery fighter trying to keep that hallowed document alive (if not well).

The Honourable Brian Peckford served as the third premier of Newfoundland from March 26, 1979 to March 22, 1989. A member of the Progressive Conservative Party, Peckford was first elected as the Member of the House of Assembly for Green Bay following the 1972 Newfoundland general election.

If anyone was a thorn in then-Prime Minister Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau’s side during the negotiations that patriated Canada’s Constitution and introduced the Charter, it was Peckford.

And now, he is a thorn in in today’s Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau’s side.

How much we owe

A country’s strength is measured not only in numbers of humans under arms and the quality of their weapons. A country’s debt is a much more serious and reliable indicator.

In Canada’s case, Peckford quotes the Royal Bank of Canada’s figures. They are viewed by many as more reliable than anything on government debts and deficits coming from government’s Statistics Canada. StatCan’s figures may be precise on many other marks, but not on debts and deficits.

In the last 40 years, Canada’s debt has mushroomed 10 times (in words: ten times).

  • 1981 – 1982: Canada’s federal debt was $107 billion
  • 2021: Canada’s federal debt is $1,411,000,000,000

A federal debt in trillions for a country of less than 39 million inhabitants (38,310,597 as of Wednesday, March 23, 2022)?

Worse than shocking.

Our children, and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren will be paying off our modern governments’ irresponsibility.

Peckford asks the most logical question: can you imagine operating your household like that?

Health care

  • 2019 —- 4.6 million Canadians were without a family physician – (StatCan)
  • 2021 — Canada ranked second last out of 11 industrialised countries on health care
  • 2021 —- Canada has ranked below the average of these countries on affordability
  • 2021 —- Canada has ranked LAST in terms of performance as compared to spending

Source: The Commonwealth Fund


Another indicator that is important for a country’s future: will Canada attract people willing and able to invest and carry business here? And make it biblically simple: yes yes, no no.

The following numbers, as quoted in the Honourable Brian Peckford’s list, were returned by World Bank:

  • Canada has ranked 23rd in the world so far as ease at doing business goes
  • Canada has ranked 122nd on time it takes to get an electrical permit
  • Canada has ranked 64th on time it takes to get a construction permit

Corruption Index

Now we are getting to a minefield that has been creating headlines. Not only in recent times but throughout most of Canada’s history.

The problem here is that, in the past, the transgressions were minute and easy to dismiss compared to what we’re witnessing these days, weeks, months and years.

Here’s the issue: no matter what one thinks of The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney’s governing ways, plagued by juicy stories that were telling us his government would never pass the smell test, at least he would face the music when push came to shove. When fisheries inspectors let tins of bad tuna reach markets, the best fisheries minister the country had known (John Fraser) had to resign.

Imagine anything like that today!

So, herewith, from Transparency International:

  • 2021 – Canada fell out of Top Ten in the world, ranking 13th now, and that does not include the recent violations of her Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Competitiveness Index

Another important economic indicator that helps determine not only a country’s present situation but, much more importantly, it has major impact on a country’s future.

According to Trading Economics:

  • U.S. ranks 2nd
  • South Korea ranks 13th
  • Canada ranks 14th

Trading Economics is a major source for anyone keen to know the most precise statistics on all of the world’s individual economies, both by countries and by sectors.


Another economic indicator that helps explain a country’s current situation and predict her economic and social future.

Yes, social, too: a low innovation index number shows that a country thus affected is prone to preferring intellectual laziness to creativity.

Here’s what Conference Board of Canada’s figures say:

  • U.S. 2nd
  • Canada 13th

Who are they?

The Conference Board of Canada, a Canadian not-for-profit think-tank, are dedicated to researching and analysing economic trends, as well as organisational performance and public policy issues.

A pretty authoritative body. Some economists say they are not always right in their analytical conclusions, but all nibs agree they are always right in their figure.

What matters most?

As The Honourable Brian Peckford puts it, it’s the governance.

And here, the list is really worse than shocking and disgusting.

The Honourable Brian Peckford goes through the tally, and it is pretty obvious he’s not too happy.

Who could be? Just judge the list the Honourable Brian Peckford has compiled, and feel free to add other transgressions as you’ve seen them.

  • The Prime Minister’s Office (including Privy Council Office which reports to PM) employs 1,500;
  • Prime Minister breaking the law five times and still remains in office;
  • no party has yet introduced legislation to increase penalties on MPs who break the law;
  • Parliamentary Committees closed down by majority party. See the SNC Lavalin scandal;
  • according to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, the Prime Minister is guilty of obstruction of justice;
  • laws have been introduced that will limit a person’s freedom;
  • during the so—called pandemic, we have witnessed numerous violations by governments of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • a judge hearing a case against the government party for whom she was a candidate and wouldn’t recuse herself;
  • accused of mischief can see you in shackles when brought to court;
  • independent science ignored and often denigrated;
  • doctors and researchers harassed and losing their jobs from government agencies.

All of this, the Honourable Brian Peckford concludes, has been happening through the last (quite a few) decades under the watchful eye of Conservative, Liberal and NDP Parties.

So why should taxpayers vote for this picture of incompetence, Constitution-breaking, wild-spending, science-corrupting, unproductive, law-breaking, health-destroying, tech-failing leadership? he asks.

A logical question, one that should make us all wonder: do we need guys like this governing us.

The most logical answer would be: NO.

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