From 24 Sussex to world stage

Canadians, we have a bit of a minor problem of major proportions: Justin Pierre James Trudeau is not really a Canadian citizen.

The Prime Minister of Canada who has been so scared of Canada’s citizens he had to hide in an “undisclosed location” instead of staying in his heavily-guarded official residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, is a Global Citizen.

Says who?

Says Justin Pierre James Trudeau, a co-convener of a worldwide fundraiser named Stand Up For Ukraine.

Who are those global citizens?

Here’s what they say:

We are an action platform dedicated to achieving the end of extreme poverty, powered by a community of millions of Global Citizens who believe in one world, one people – where everyone has an equal chance to thrive. This is our world and the actions of one can have a profound impact on many. That’s why we rally around the critical issues of climate change, poverty, and inequality.

This is our generation’s moment. It’s in our hands.

Global Citizens are action takers and impact makers. Our mission is to end extreme poverty worldwide, now. Our voices inspire action to defend the planet, defeat poverty, and demand equity. We post, tweet, message, vote, sign, and call to influence leaders and citizens to act. The collective actions of our community can make a difference to end extreme poverty now.

End of quote that says one world and one people, indicating one government, too, precisely the feudalistic socialist objectives proclaimed by World Economic Forum’s Great Reset propagandist Klaus Schwab and Open Societies’ financier George Soros.

The movement also says it (another quote) rallies around the critical issues of climate change, poverty, and inequality but, it seems, they are quite flexible. Enough to include other problems, such as America’s war on Russia, disguised as a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

A career move?

Whether Trudeau Jr. wants aims to become Canada’s sole voice in Global Citizen’s leadership (or management) system isn’t known. Not yet. If he does, he better hurry: somebody else is representing Canada already. She is an Erin Thomson.

This is what it says about her on the group’s own website:

Curious about the world and our place within it, her prior journey has taken her through a progressive marketing experience, across brand, property, consultancy and agency. She has developed and managed large-scale national and international projects, events and campaigns for respected properties and brands – including the Toronto International Film Festival, Canadian Olympic Committee, Vancouver Olympics, General Motors, Aeroplan, Labatt and the National Hockey League. Through fundraising and community investment initiatives, she fuelled her passion for building relationships and the power of connection and community to make this world a better place.

And if Trudeau Jr. has set his eyes on global premiership (or presidentship, whatever they decide to call it, he better hurry even more: Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has run the Global Citizen’s fundraiser for Ukraine along with Trudeau Jr. The German politician (and physician) used to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s minister, most recently as minister of defence.

Of course, even Mrs. von der Leyen better be sharp: if she wants to represent her own country, Germany, Friederike Meister stands in her way as German country manager.

Official blurb:

Ms. Meister joined Global Citizen in 2019. She has over eight years of experience in corporate comms (read: communications, these guys just love their abbreviations), PR and public affairs and prior to GC was a member of the Exec (read: executive) Board at a comms agency in Berlin which focused on campaigns for Non-profit organisations, the German federal government, PR and strategic consulting. She began her career as a journalist (the blurb offers not a word which publication, though), worked as press assistant for a MEP (member of European parliament) in Brussels and at the comms department at the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

Friederike is trilingual and has a truly European outlook having studied Political Science and European Studies in Germany, the UK, Spain and Sweden and holding a joint Masters’ degree from the University of Bath/Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. When Friederike is not cycling through Berlin or Madrid, she loves to travel the world with her backpack.

Huge boots to fill

Trudeau Jr. is obviously aspiring to follow his papa Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau’s trail.

To many Canadians, Trudeau Sr. was a philosopher like few others. That’s what mainstream media kept saying at the time, and there wasn’t much access to any alternatives then.

True, there used to be some who dubbed him a one-eyed king among the blind, the founding editor of the Toronto Sun Peter Worthington leading the charge. Unlike the mainstream media of the day, Worthington was a journalist enough to dig for facts instead of the so-called Trudeaumania hysterics. Still, many Canadians used to view Trudeau Sr. as a guy who was more than just simply a mere politician: a statesman, and that of worldwide stature, too, he was.

To many knowledgeable in the international scene, Trudeau Sr. was a buffoon, if not a plain village idiot, but, obviously, his eldest son views him differently. And, clearly, Canada’s current Prime Minister wants to go one better than papa.

Trudeau Sr. managed to upset several American Presidents (he was banned from entering the U.S. for a period of time), while Trudeau Jr. is trying to upset Russian President Vladimir Putin. To Trudeau Jr.’s chagrin, Putin ignores him like most polite people do when someone issues flatulence (farts) during a party in a closed room.

And all that even though it should be Putin who ought to give Trudeau Jr. all kinds of accolades.


Trudeau Jr. must remind Putin of his younger years, when he used to be a Soviet KGB spy, and his country used to be governed by George Orwell-style slogans.

Under Trudeau Jr. rarely a day passes without a news release announcing that the Prime Minister celebrates the day of this or that momentous importance. Events such as, for example, abuse of women can continue freely 364 days a year (365 days in leap years), but on that one particular day, the Prime Minister reminds the world that he is vigilant, watchful and alert.

The only problem: most of his initiatives cost people money that could and would have been spent better elsewhere.

How much? About $12.4 billion in Canadian currency. That’s how much the Stand Up for Ukraine global pledging event and campaign has raised for (to quote again) people fleeing the Russian invasion, inside Ukraine and abroad.

The European Commission contributed €1 billion of money that isn’t theirs. That would come close to $1.5 billion Canadian. Not that it would patch noticeably the deficit Trudeau Jr.’s government have sent into trillions, but each trillion has to start somewhere.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development threw in another €1 billion in “loan to cover the needs of the people displaced by the invasion.”

It all sounds humanistic to the nth degree, until we realise, that is, that the money goes to support but one side in a war between two scoundrels: America and Russia.

Yes, this is between Russia and Ukraine on paper only.

Unusual set of values

Granted, innocent people caught in a war none of them had helped start deserve all kinds of help. Even if those helping them have to tighten up their own belts.

Except, all kinds of hysterics aside, a few numbers may help cool heated heads.

Such as: Ukraine covers about 660 thousand square kilometres.

The battles haven’t exceeded beyond about 15 per cent of Ukraine’s landmass.

Using all your fingers and toes, here’s the result: people wishing to leave the areas of danger have about 500 thousand square kilometres of safety.

That’s problem No. 1.

Many of the people leaving Ukraine have been living in areas unaffected by the conflict. Bluntly: they are leaving safe havens. That would be problem No. 2.

Problem No. 3: under international law, you can claim refugee status only in the first safe country you enter. Quite a few of the fleeing Ukrainians, most of them, to be precise, cross the first safe country they had entered and move on to a country that offers better social benefits. That’s called status shopping, and it is illegal.

Yes, other countries – other than the first safe havens – can offer residency to those who had obtained refugee status. In Canada’s case, it’s called landed immigrant status.

What is Trudeau Jr.’s offer?

  • targeted charter flights to Canada for Ukrainians;
  • short-term income support to ensure basic needs are met; and
  • temporary hotel accommodation for up to two weeks.

All that and more in addition to a number of other programs.

At the same time Trudeau Jr.’s government has not had enough money to support Canada’s war veterans. That is, those who risked their limb and life to keep Canada safe and free, and a safe haven for those who really deserve it. Trudeau Jr. doesn’t give a hoot.

Except: what is Canada compared to Great Reset’s and Open Societies’ one-world vision?

Don’t ask Justin Pierre James Trudeau that. He’s a Global Citizen, after all.

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