Toe the party line or be damned, an ex-MP insists

If you don’t like the news, shoot the messenger. That’s what an ex-Liberal MP for Toronto’s Spadina-Fort York riding is suggesting.

Adam Vaughn didn’t like what America’s Fox News was reporting on Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

So, he tweeted, “(Fox News) was the convoy’s biggest amplifier. While folks talk about taking RT off the air… Fox News is just as corrosive… Maybe it should be returned to its country of origin.”

RT, for those who haven’t been in touch with the news lately, is Russia Today, an outlet openly sponsored by Russia’s government. They broadcast over television and the internet in a number of languages, all of them spoken well, and, unlike, say, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, they do not hide their bias.

Adam Vaughn kicked his blanket off by saying that Fox News was a vessel for information geared towards the Conservative Party of Canada’s “base.”

Here’s the most upsetting part: some Canadian cable and internet providers have already cut off access to RT News. This broadcast, as well as its sibling, Sputnik, both owned by Russia, operate news channels in a number of countries. Politickers (politicians they are not) have been trying to score cheap points off them since the failed anti-President Donald J. Trump Russiagate scandal.

A strange riding

Spadina-Fort York is but a decade old as a riding. Vaugh won it in its premiere in federal elections.

In the second election contested in that riding, Kevin Vuong won the Liberal nomination and then the seat. He won it as a Liberal but he sits as an Independent: Vuong is a son of refugees from Vietnam, which made him a multi-cultural darling

A mere few days before the election, the Liberal machinery found out Vuong did not provide what they called proper disclosure.

He was facing a lawsuit at the time, and, on top of it, he had a sexual assault charge against him from 2019 dropped.

He didn’t volunteer this information to the party’s internal vetting process.

Except, it was too late to change the ballots. He ran as a Liberal, and now sits as an Independent.

Before entering politics, Vuong’s day job had him active in the business and finance industry. He also served as a reserve officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Canada’s not alone

Lest anyone thinks Canada’s gone bonkers, here’s a gruesome piece of news from the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe as she loves calling herself.

Police of the National Centre of Fight Against Organised Crime, their news release said, have apprehended an individual and charged him with public endorsing and justifying Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

This is a huge insult in the context of Czech history.

Only 80 years ago, two courageous Czech patriots, sent into what used to be known then as the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia by the exiled Czechoslovak government, managed to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich.

Heydrich, known to history as Adolf Hitler’s henchman, was serving as the Acting Imperial Protector in Prague, adding to his day job the chairing of high-ranking Nazi consultations to massacre all Jews, preferably worldwide. They called it the Final Solution. In fact, Heydrich was attacked as he was driving to the Prague airport, to get to Berlin and chair yet another session of the consultations.

From that moment on, the Nazi killing machine in the former Protectorate went into high gear. Too little towns, Lidice and Ležáky, both suspected of familial links to the assassins, were razed, its male population killed, females taken to concentration camps, and children, if they survived, taken to be resettled and Germanised. News reports were publishing names of people guilty of endorsing and justifying Heydrich’s assassination.

The same line of guilty verdict: endorsing and justifying.

Unlike in Nazi times when people thus accused were taken to a firing range just outside of Prague and executed on the spot, without any court proceedings, the newest news out of Prague states that people found guilty of endorsing what Russia is doing in Ukraine face up to three years behind bars.

Not to be outdone, the Czechs’ closest neighbour and former co-patriots in Slovakia have gone one further: 25 years in prison for that same offence.

Is this progress or is this progress?

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