One world government would support Canada’s dictatorial PM

Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi. In literal translation: what is permitted to Jupiter is not permitted to an ox. Meaning: if (or when) a VIP does something, or acts some way, does not matter how outrageously, that does not mean that everyone (or anyone else, for that matter) can do it, too.

It’s called double standard in simple English.

Why Jupiter of all planets? Iovi (some transcribe it as Jovi) is the dative form of Iuppiter (“Jupiter” or “Jove”). He used to be known as the chief god of the Romans.

Just two years ago

Farmers in India, upset about farm laws that they regarded as anti-farmer, gathered to protest at the borders of India’s capital city, New Delhi. Justin Trudeau was all agog, shaming India’s government for its “repressive measures.”

Not only was he openly interfering in another country’s internal matters, but his statements met with enthusiastic approval, as expressed by Stephane Dujarric, spokesthingie for the United Nations Secretary General.

As reported by Joseph A. Klein, a commentator who specialises in all things United Nations, Dujarric’s response regarding the protests in India was straightforward: “As to the question of India, what I would say to you is what I’ve said to others when raising these issues is that people have a right to demonstrate peacefully.”


The UN spokesthingie went on: “And authorities need to let them do so.”

To make sure everyone knew whereof he spoke, he added, “We want to see people have a voice in their lives.”

Dujarric’s statements were made in December of 2020.

Fast forward to February 16, 2022.

Joseph A. Klein asked that same UN spokesthingie about his thoughts on recent developments in Canada.

He quotes Stephane Dujarric as follows: “I have no particular comment. I say that it’s also every Government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their citizens through accepted legal framework. And that people also have a right to demonstrate peacefully.”

Why he did so nobody but Stephane Dujarric knows, but he somehow omitted something he had said about the Indian farmers’ discontent in 2020: government authorities need to let people exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully.

Klein, author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom, noticed the discrepancy and made sure others know about it, too.

Letting people use their right to disagree is precisely what Canada’s government has been guilty of NOT doing.

A jaundiced eye

When India’s government mishandled their farmers, Justin Trudeau was showing all kinds of signs of disgust. As a high-school substitute drama teacher, he should know how to grimace properly.

Not that India’s authorities were too happy with his performance.

“Let me remind you, Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest,” Trudeau proclaimed in his best sonorous tones, eyes flashing, lips twitching, back then. “We believe in the importance of dialogue and that’s why we’ve reached out through multiple means directly to the Indian authorities to highlight our concerns.”

In reply, India’s External Affairs Ministry summoned Canada’s High Commissioner Nadir Patel to express their displeasure with Trudeau’s comments. It was, the ministry told the envoy, an “unacceptable interference in our internal affairs.”

Whether this titbit has got anything to do whatsoever with the outcry in India a couple of years ago, the news isn’t saying. It only confirms officially that India’s High Commission in Ottawa keeps watching Canadian proceedings keenly.

The news as reported in Indian media: India on Thursday said that it has taken note of the Canadian government invoking the Emergency Act to quell protests by the country’s truckers and that it has been following the developments in Canada.

The Indian High Commission in Canada continues to look at the developments “closely,” External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said at a media briefing.

“We are following developments in Canada in the context of blockades and protests. We have noted that the government of Canada has actually invoked the Emergency Act. Let me leave it at that on that issue,” he said, replying to a question.

Well, in any case, he had more tact than Trudeau a couple of years ago.

Bagchi also referred to the advisory issued by the Indian High Commission in Ottawa on February 8 in view of the truckers’ protest in Canada.

“Our High Commission in Ottawa issued an advisory for Indian nationals in Canada, Indians travelling to Canada, asking them to exercise caution and remain alert, avoid areas where demonstrations and large gatherings are taking place and monitor the evolving situation,” he said.

“I think the High Commission continues to look at developments closely. Whatever is needed, we will take further action,” Bagchi concluded.

Well, definitely more tactful and diplomatic than anything Trudeau had done and said.

What do they read, hear and see?

The Canadian news is running around the world like a wild fire. And it paints a very dreadful picture of the country.

Justin Trudeau has been described as a jester of the lowest denomination all over the place, including some mainstream media (and not only in India). There is a world of difference between a jester and a clown. The former means a fool, or a buffoon, while the latter conveys thought, philosophy, even, albeit in humorous ways.

That this reflects on Canada (and Canadians) as a nation is beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise: how could they elect him to be their prime minister? And not once? Not twice? Thrice!

A prime minister dismissing protesters as a “fringe” group not worthy of his attention. Then, seeing that the protesters’ numbers were much higher than he could imagine, and that they were not leaving anytime soon, he turned himself into a genuine autocrat.

It would be interesting what his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, would have told his son were he alive today.

Trudeau the elder invoked the War Measures Act, a predecessor to today’s Emergency Act, in 1970. He was facing violent activity by an armed separatist group involved in activities that fall into the definition of terrorism.

Trudeau junior is facing a demonstrably peaceful protest that does not argue with him on the question of vaccinations or face masks or social distancing. It only questions the legality of his demand that all Canadians do as he orders them or else.

Yes, the truckers were blocking the bridges between Canada and the United States. About one quarter of trade between the two countries happens over those bridges.

So what?

Canadians, for example, have the right to strike. The idea is to cause the company they are unhappy with enough trouble to bring it to the table to negotiate.

Yes, absolutely, the company is in an uncomfortable situation. Come to think of it, the word blackmail is not really inappropriate.

Yet, this tactic is legal: the strikers, more often than not, have no other way to bring the other side to their senses.

The parallel with the bridges is obvious.

Solving a perfectly legal action by imposing an act that is supposed to be used only when they country is close to ruin happens to be illegal.

Another double-standard

The Emergency Act, passed in 1988 to replace the War Measures Act used by current prime minister’s father in 1970, lay dormant since it had become law.

Pro-Palestinian mobs, many associated with a host of organisations recognised worldwide as terrorist, have been harassing Canadian Jews with increased violence: they knew they would get away with it under Justin Trudeau.

Enacting punishments like up to five years behind bars for peaceful disagreement with him and all he stands for, Trudeau has joined the putrid, stinking and corrupt ranks of criminals such as Vladimir Lenin, Josif Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini (to name but those still in fresh memory).

Ordering private banks to freeze the accounts of protesting Canadians, including those who have been trying to show their support through donations, and all that without a sign of a court order, Trudeau has shown for the rest of the world to see what the so-called Great Reset is going to be all about.

Yes: Justin Trudeau (and his right hand Chrystia Freeland) are in the pocket of Klaus Schwab, the founder and undisputed boss of the World Economic Forum. The originally lowly German engineer who calls his idea of the 4th industrial revolution Great Reset, has said so publicly and for the record.

Not to be outdone, Trudeau himself has been speaking of the Great Reset in glowing terms. American economist Martin Armstrong who has obviously read Schwab’s bestseller calls it feudalistic socialism.

That’s what Justin Trudeau has been trying to force Canada to become.

And he’s got the United Nations’ ear.

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