Canadian government infects Canadian banks with the plague

Banks fear runs on their funds perhaps more than they fear the plague.

Account holders withdrawing their money in large numbers may cost a bank its existence.

And that’s precisely what’s happening in Canada these days.

Why are Canadians doing it?

Here’s why: read a verbatim quote from Canadian Prime Minister’s office, describing the fifth session of what it calls Incident Response Group:

The group was provided with an update on the progress in implementing the emergency orders made under the Emergencies Act, including finance-related measures under the Emergency Economic Measures Order. Personal and corporate accounts suspected to be involved in criminal activity have been frozen and authority is being provided for all orders of government to share relevant information with financial institutions. This includes increased oversight of monies being raised in Canada and abroad via online fundraising platforms.

To make sure everyone grasps their lies, Justin Trudeau’s officials added this:

The group discussed the importance of ensuring the measures continue to be targeted, temporary, proportional to the threats posed to Canadians, and compliant with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Emergencies Act was invoked to end these almost three weeks of illegal blockades and to protect families, small businesses, and the economy.

Note the allusion to maintaining what the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms demands of Canadian politicians. Plus, note the other allusion, the one that describes legal protests as illegal.

Both have been written in an attempt to follow Nazi propaganda chief Dr. Josef Goebbels’s theory: a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

A cruel misstep

Trudeau went so far as to accuse Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition (the momentarily leaderless Conservative Party) of loving protesters using swastikas and waving American Confederate flags. He did so during Question Period when Melissa Lantsmann, a Conservative Member of Parliament for Thornhill, Ontario, questioned his leadership during the entire pandemic crisis, peaking at the peaceful truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

Not only were his statements proven as lies, but the Prime Minister picked a wrong fight, too. Melissa Lantsmann is recognised as one of the best debaters in today’s Canadian Parliament. She is also Jewish and comes from a family of Holocaust survivors.

So, she took Trudeau apart not only for spouting bald-faced lies, but also for his despicable lack of sensitivity.

Melissa Lantsmann demanded an apology. None was forthcoming.

With the country in nervous disarray, Trudeau’s right-hand and deputy, Chrystia Freeland poured some more fuel into the fire. Calling the current events terrorism, she introduced her government’s tyrannical reply: Canada’s financial terrorism laws would be expanded to seize all funds — bank accounts, crypto, crowdfunding hubs, etc. — belonging to individuals who supported the convoy trucker protest. All that even if that person merely donated $10 to the cause.

Canadians began withdrawing their funds from Canada’s largest banks almost immediately after they heard Freeland’s hysterical cry.

Freeland told Canadians that their money is no longer safe in any of the country’s banks. What would anyone do upon hearing that their government can now seize all their private funds without due process, evidence or any rule of law?

Here’s the idea that banking is based on: your deposits are yours.

Here’s how Chrystia Freeland sees banking: all your bank deposits are their assets.

Any notice? Due process? Court judgements? Are you kidding or are you kidding?

Who serves whom?

To sum it up: Canada’s government are using what they think is their right to simply loot the bank accounts of innocent people who merely want to participate in the protest against medical tyranny.

Remember: their debate is NOT about vaccination as such. Their debate is about mandates that impose it. That’s what they call illegal. In a civilised country, a point like this would have to be proven in court. But today’s Canadian government seem firmly set on ripping civilisation out of Canada’s social and political fabric.

The government have included all kinds of accounts in their illegal move.

Yes, illegal: even when seizing money from recognised groups that launder ill-gained funds for recognised terrorists, Canadian government must show bullet-proof evidence that would convince a judge to grant an order for such a step.

Nothing is illegal just on a public servant’s say-so. And nobody in government, Prime Ministers included, is anything more but a public servant.

Ezra Levant of tweeted out that, “Canada’s largest banks are all offline. Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, CIBC Bank … What could cause all three to crash on the same day?” he would ask rhetorically.

What, indeed?

According to a number of sources, it’s the growing bank run that scares the banks out of their wits.

They could (and should) have stood up to government’s encroaching on such sacred principles like banking secrecy (similar to lawyer-client or physician-patient privilege) but they chose not to.

If enough people run on them and make the banks fail, well, the real owners of the money still have mattresses where to hide it, while banks will be selling off their buildings at bargain-basement prices.

On a more serious note: this can ruin the country. And that, it seems, is the real reason for Canadian government’s illegal power grab.

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