Putin to the rescue?

War begins when diplomacy fails.

Considering the ideologically motivated morons who run the United States these days, their similarly challenged friends within NATO’s chain of command and their like-minded gang at the helm of the European Union, the world seems to be on the brink of the Fourth World War (China has already won Nr. 3 without lifting a gun).

The main problem here: if it really starts, it will (probably completely) destroy this civilisation as we know it. That’s what all of the modern weaponry is all about.

It’s not about the disagreement between Russia and Ukraine. If this devastation, a.k.a. WWIV (WW4 for those who don’t like Roman numerals), happens, it will be about distracting peoples all over the world from the real issues.

Real issues include what is known as Great Reset (or 4th Industrial Revolution), worldwide genocide in the name of saving the environment from people, and one-world government to replace those that people have the power to elect (and dismiss) come next elections.

Few of the roots

Clearly, it was frightfully clumsy of the newly-installed government of the newly-independent Ukraine to declare Ukrainian as the only official language and banning the use of Russian in any dealings with officials and authorities.

Ukraine used to be an integral part of the Soviet Union, and one of the things Soviet leaders did was mix nationalities within individual republics (there were 16 of them). The idea was to weaken national (or nationalist) feelings and patriotisms. There would be Soviet nationalism, Soviet morals, Soviet everything.

But: imagine an old lady somewhere in rural Ukraine who, all of a sudden, is denied, for example, medical care. She can’t speak Ukrainian.

Certainly, she has lived in Ukraine for decades, and plain manners should have made her learn the language of the natives. At the same time, she was Russian, and you know how it is with them: theirs is a superpower and the indigenous tribes better bow their heads and learn the newcomers’ language, and manners, and pronto.

In any case, stories like that made rounds through Ukraine with lightning speed, thanks to social media. They didn’t help endear the Russians to the Ukrainians.

Politics is the art of the possible, the 19th century German Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, was quoted as saying (he never denied saying it).

What was (and still is) happening in Ukraine shows all sides attempting to achieve the impossible.
Prowling bandits

When the Soviet Union broke apart in 1990, none of the newly established republics had much experience with what the then-still-rich West had to offer. In fact, all former communist countries seem to have lived in the dream that the sooner they join what they thought were western democracies, the better for them.

They could have hardly been more wrong.

The so-called Frankfurter Schule, a cohort of Marxists who had fled Adolf Hitler’s Germany, began poisoning North America’s education system in the early 1950s. They took it over almost completely by the 1960s. America controlled (still does) NATO, just as the Soviets used to control (and don’t any longer) the Warsaw Pact. And the European Economic Council (EEC), set up originally as a tool for economic co-operation, would fall under the spell of self-described Marxists, Trockyists and Maoists, changing itself into European Union. That new body wants to change Europe into a single state under their leadership.

And the post-communist countries moan: we left the east, only to encounter it again, coming from the west!

Nobody can deny that way too many western individuals have been wreaking havoc in a number of post-communist countries, Ukraine perhaps the most of them. The current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C., 20500, has been one of the main perpetrators.

These people didn’t bring capitalism, and they didn’t bring democracy, either. What they brought was money and abuse of basic democratic rules.

The current White House resident and his son are prime examples: the junior has been involved in a number of activities that would have seen him behind bars in any civilised country, while the senior, then as America’s No. 2, blackmailed Ukraine using government-to-government deals, to make them go easy on the junior.

Picking between EU’s interference and NATO’s might as a nuclear defence umbrella, Ukraine decided to join the latter, and that made Russia angry.

Russia has been objecting to Ukraine’s treatment of Russians living there, using language that would make the Nazi leader Konrad Henlein pale with envy.

Henlein used to urge Adolf Hitler to annex the then-Czechoslovakia-s northwestern areas, a.k.a. Sudeten, claiming there were more Germans there than Czechs, and the Czechs, governing from Prague, abused the poor Germans.

Despite a deal from the 1990s that seemingly settled that question once and for all, the Sudeten German heirs still dispute the legality of it all.

Compared to that, the argument between Russia and Ukraine happened yesterday.

Over everybody’s heads

Russian president Vladimir Putin just did something not many expected.

He decided to speak to citizens living within the EU directly, sidestepping both governments and mainstream media. That this made the EU’s petty dictators hot around their collars is obvious. Especially those in Germany who have been trying like busy beavers to ban Russian web- and TV-based news service, RT, in their country.

Using language everybody and anybody would understand, Putin pointed out that old (and proven) maxim, according to which preventive war equals committing suicide for fear of death.

He didn’t need remind anyone of the origin of this statement: the Iron Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck himself.

Putin didn’t bother mentioning a 1990s agreement that stipulated that NATO will not expand too close to Russia’s borders. That deal is a tad controversial: it decides matters for newly emerging governments without asking them for their views.

He only said, without mentioning it, that NATO, and, therefore, the U.S., and the EU, as well, are breaking it, and Russia will have none of that.

Putin pointed out that America’s desire to grab Russia’s immense riches is what the current crisis is all about. And for that, he added, they want to involve Europeans. Have you dug holes deep enough, he asked, supplying them with enough life necessities, to survive the at least next 100 years while the air above ground is unliveable?

Those inciting today’s tensions blindly believe that their power is so unlimited that they have nothing to fear, Putin added, addressing his listeners as “European fellow citizens.”

It could have been a hint at the invisible powers behind the World Economic Power, and the Gates Foundation, and the George Soros Open Societies, but Putin wouldn’t go there.

The threat of a worldwide conflict is real, Putin said, adding Russia is definitely not going to surrender, and she won’t stand for abuses her citizens suffer in Ukraine.

But, he finished with flourish, all’s not lost, Russians and Ukrainians are wise people, and they will arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.

Not that he helped his cause much by stating that the poor oppressed Russians don’t want much more than independence from the fascist Ukraine. Yes, anti-Semitism has been rampant in Ukraine for centuries. So it has been in Russia, too.

Russian president calling Ukraine fascist equals a pot calling the cattle black.

What the new deal between Ukraine and Russia is going to be remains a secret. Perhaps even to Putin himself. And to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy too.

But his appeal to ordinary people, suggesting they should get rid of their today’s powers-that-be, must have shocked many: European and North American mainstream media are silent about it, while it has become topic of these days for Europe’s average Joes and Marys.

2 thoughts on “Putin to the rescue?

  1. mirkaadler January 30, 2022 at 12:47 Reply

    jo,jo, dobry. I kdyz ty WWIV moc nerozumim. Jako mezi ruskem + cinou a zapadem?

    On Sat, Jan 29, 2022 at 7:35 PM Questions, questions, questions … wrote:

    > Peter Adler posted: ” War begins when diplomacy fails. Considering the > ideologically motivated morons who run the United States these days, their > similarly challenged friends within NATO’s chain of command and their > like-minded gang at the helm of the European Union, the w” >


  2. Peter Adler January 30, 2022 at 12:56 Reply

    presne tak


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