Journalists are lying: what else is new?

Mainstream media have decided that what they think of events is the news, not the events themselves.

Saying that is like re-discovering America.

Is this finding important, anyhow?

Yes and no.

It does show a sad state of the journalism trade when a relatively reliable polling organisation reports that less than one-quarter of Americans believe that the media is focused on finding the truth and reporting the facts.

The Trafalgar Group published not only the results and the way they differ between people of various political inclinations, it also presented the entire background of its poll on its website, including the methods they use in their polling.

The report on their website shows differences between ages, genders, as well as mentioned, political affiliations.

That tends to make their results read quite believable. With a margin of error under three percentage points, it should.

Political split

As could be expected, the Republicans were the most wary of the mainstream media, but even the Democrats’ opinion has changed since earlier polls: their trust in these media has gone down, and considerably so. Which is not to say that they used to trust the media before and now, they don’t. They didn’t before, it’s the margin that has widened.

Trafalgar isn’t alone: a recent Gallup poll confirmed its findings. Only about one-third of Americans trust their media, a figure unseen since 2016, and 20 percentage points below the year 2000, Gallup found.

The Americans must be appalled: the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism checked trust in the media in 46 countries around the world and ranked the U.S. dead last.

In any case, trust in the mainstream media all over the world is at all-time low.

For whatever reason, it is the Finns who trust their mainstream media the most. Having read Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s newspaper of record at least thrice, without understanding a single word, I don’t get it.

It is taken as read that all these results represent attitudes toward the so-called mainstream media. At least, that’s how Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler sees it: “Thanks to the decentralization of the news through the internet and social media, the mainstream press outlets no longer have a monopoly on controlling the news.

“Unfortunately, the mainstream media has been slow to adjust to this reality and don’t seem to realize that the average American can now see in real time the difference between the actual facts of a story versus what the mainstream media says,” Mr. Meckler told The Daily Caller. Granted that this publication supports views that can be described as leaning to the right wing of the political spectrum, but the statement is telling, in and of itself.

The question comes back: is all this important or not?

And the answer, yet again, is: yes and no.

Why no?

Simple: those who are pushing an invented health scare to achieve goals that have nothing to do with public health whatsoever must be happy to see the general public divided in a dispute that sidesteps any debate about their objectives.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals an astonishing development in Americans’ health since the so-called Health Czar took over half a century ago. His recently published book, The Real Dr. Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, makes the word “shocking” pale.

Hand-in-hand with unscrupulous corporations, with the Big Pharma leading the charge, Dr. Fauci stands accused of feeding Americans’ diets that have changed beyond belief. Foodstuffs poisoned from the moment seeds went into the ground, meat filled with toxins, air filled not only with visible smog, but also with invisible electromagnetic waves caused by the modern communications systems. Kennedy sums up his facts with precision, making sure that they withstand legal challenge: he is a lawyer, after all.

The mainstream media ignore Kennedy’s information, just as they do the message that comes from the back of the stage.

The tragedy is that those backstage people are pretty (and cynically) open about their goals. And yet, most seem to be blind to what they’ve been trumpeting for years.

The Davos, Switzerland-based World Economic Forum, represented by Klaus Schwab, is trying to introduce what it calls either Great Reset or the 4th industrial revolution. It will be a regime of serfdom with those who call themselves the elite becoming more powerful than they are now, and the rest of the Earth’s population becoming serfs.

American economist Martin Armstrong calls it, with reason, socialistic feudalism.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, claiming it wants to save the climate, would like to see the Earth’s population cut from 7.8 billion to 1.5 billion, and this, they have figured out, is the easiest to achieve through a genocide dressed up as a mass voluntary suicide, using all kinds of medications that will make their owners (including Mr. Gates) richer in the process.

And the Open Societies, run by George Soros, promote a single world government, controlled (on paper) by the United Nations, but controlled (in fact) by the groups that he happens to represent.

Why yes

The answer is straightforward: for pretty the same reason why we should be ignoring the mainstream media, we should do our utmost to make them change their ways.

We should be hitting the mainstream media where it hurts them the most: in their bank accounts. Fewer readers, listeners, viewers or users in general equals lower advertising revenue in particular, and that leads to smaller profits.

Just watch an annual general meeting (AGM) of a corporation that owns a vast network of media assets when the board reports that the revenue won’t permit any year-end payment on their shares.

The equation is that simple.

The powers behind the current crisis are counting upon rising tensions in society, hoping these would lead to open confrontations, preferably armed. That’s when they would be able to employ their armed services, all of them used to blind obedience toward their masters.

Such a confrontation would lead to a disproportionate proportion of so-called collateral deaths, that is, to a disproportionate number of innocent bystanders killed by stray bullets flying in all directions.

To conclude: it is useful to know that most of us do not trust mainstream media, but it’s much more important to know their paymasters and rise up against THEM.

And that, by the way, includes Canada, whose major news organisations have been bribed quite openly since the arrival of Justin Trudeau on the scene as the country’s intrepid leader.

But we should remember that the media, mainstream or otherwise, are but messengers. It’s those who are sending out the messages who are guilty of crimes against humanity.

It’s these people who should be held accountable first.

Let’s hope against hope that they will be. Before it’s too late, too.

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