It’s where the Titanic is headed that counts

Those who vote decide nothing.

Those who count the vote decide everything.

Thus the great Soviet dictator Josif Stalin.

We saw Stalin’s definition proven alive and well in 2020 in the United States, and there will be more elections forthcoming in the very near future: down under, the Aussies should vote any time between February and May, with inside prognosticators pointing to March of 2022.

The first round of the 2022 French presidential election will be held on April 10, 2022. A heated runoff will take place between the top two candidates on April 24, 2022, if there is no winner in the first round.

George Soros is licking his lips about what’s going to happen in April or May of 2022 in his native country: that’s when Hungary will hold her next parliamentary elections. The globalists have had it with the current Prime Minister, Viktor Orban. Many believe the vote will include the population’s reaction to Hungarian government’s handling of the so-called Covid crisis. The plan is to muzzle all those praising Orban for his stand in the refugee crisis and claiming his country’s legitimate rights within the European Union, the current leader’s strong points.

Meanwhile, the Italians will have time to think until June 1, 2023 (but not later), while Britain’s Fixed-term Parliaments Act sets the election date to May 2, 2024.

And the Americans will enjoy their mid-term elections next November.

That explains what American economist Martin Armstrong calls the Panic Cycle. That also explains the sundry authorities’ sudden concerns about the so-called new variants of coronavirus, whatever they wish to call them: the idea is to reinforce the panic.

Major North American sports leagues have they joined the fray, announcing that they keep records of how many athletes on each of their teams began sneezing, and changing their schedules accordingly.

The top hockey league in the world, the NHL, is even making sure all of its fans (and players) are aware that its personnel’s participation in the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games in China depends on the non-existent pandemic and China’s quarantine rules.

That the People’s Republic’s human rights record has been going to hell with increasing speed doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, either, that the People’s Republic stands among the accused of spreading an artificial entity as a new bioweapon.

Here’s the issue: none of these issues is of overwhelming importance.

What will happen?

We shouldn’t be talking so much about next year, except for those elections, as we should about the years that will lead up to 2032.

Yes. A decade from now.


Because that’s when we’ll see the reasons for today’s panic mongering, at long last.

It’ll take at least till then for the globalists to succeed in finally ending democracy.

The World Economic Forum gurus call democracy “populism.” Masses of the unwashed are way too stupid to know what’s best for them.

They call themselves the elites, and the plan is for them to retain power, and for the rest of the world to keep our mouths shut and keep working.

All that while the Earth’s population will be shrinking from 7.8 billion to 1.5 billion souls, making this process a genocide on a scale unseen since at least the Great Flood (of Noah’s Arch story’s fame).

In World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s native language: maul halten und weiter dienen.

Out with the Keynesian economics. Milton Friedman be damned. Three cheers for Karl Marx in Schwab’s version.

The idea is to strip normal people of all of their debts and, while they’re at it, of everything those debts are supposed to pay off.

Government will default on their own debts. They ran out of real money (worldwide average) in 2014, after all. To hide this perfectly shocking failure, herewith the solution: their citizens will own nothing and be happy because governments will erase all of their debt, too. Instead of a pension, citizens will be receiving something tentatively called Guaranteed Basic Income.

This is a Ponzi Scheme to end all Ponzi Schemes.

Here’s what it means: an investment fraud pays existing investors with money received from new investing arrivals. We’ll invest your money and generate high returns with little or no risk, such schemes’ organisers promise. Instead, they use newcomers’ money to pay those who had invested earlier. What’s in it for them? They keep some of such contributions for themselves, that’s what.

Crying at the wrong funeral

And, meanwhile, everybody and their dog keep arguing about (you guessed it) Covid as a virus, vaccines as either a fraud or a real medication, Covid passports as an infringement on basic human rights, lockdowns as an economic idiocy that solves nothing, and the pure illegality of it all.

Yes, those who argue that Bill and Melinda Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros are mere puppets of powers stronger than anyone of us can imagine, and that even the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci is but a Big Pharma marketing guy, may have valid points.

Except: none of this is the real point. Not even Big Pharma’s profits are the real point. And not even the poisoned foodstuffs we eat and water we drink, and the strange vapours in the air, or the obviously killing electromagnetic waves from the newest 5G communications systems are the real point.

The real point is the question of why governments of all stripes are assaulting their own nations with all kinds of lockdowns and unconstitutional mandates, and why right now.

Why so much hurry? in other words.

Because of those forthcoming elections.

Oh, the globalists will try to rig them, of that there can be no doubt. You can’t have the wrong people run countries, even the good old British comedy series, Yes Prime Minister knew. And that series hit the waves pretty long ago.

That’s what explains the rush.

And that’s why we have not much time left to stop this crime against humanity.

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