Human-shuman, rights or not

Does time fly when you’re having fun or what? Like, it’s been only 73 years ago, on Friday, December 10, 1948, that the United Nations, then a relatively brand new international body, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It took the august body a mere three years since its foundation on Wednesday, October 24, 1945 to write the document, all 30 articles of it.

And it’s been taking humanity all of the 73 years of the lofty Charter’s existence to keep ignoring it.

Oh, we do celebrate its existence once a year, on the anniversary of its signing, and that’s about it. Our politicking leaders (politicians they are not, and statesmen even less so) make speeches and put out announcements about how important it is for humanity to uphold the Charter’s lofty statements, and how they are trying their darndest to make the Charter’s principles an everyday reality, and then, all we hear is the sound of silence.

It’s easier to prattle and twaddle one day a year about an exalted ideal than work every day to make it true.

A personal detour: having lived, and worked as a journalist, in a communist country almost a half of my life, I have seen similar celebrations, feting this or that cause with ingenuity worthy of a number of better things. An International Day of this, and another International Day of that would be announced with such regularity, most of the population wouldn’t even notice these days’ existence.

One of those days was supposed to celebrate environmental protection. The reporter who was assigned to cover this beat in our magazine was doing such a good job of it, communist authorities kept spending their time trying to denigrate and silence him. Covering environment was his own, personal choice, and he had an industrial engineering degree, to boot. That would make his reporting even more compelling.

The communist authorities should have spent that time and effort on fixing stuff he had uncovered, but they preferred to celebrate the environment one day in a year and then do nothing.

The reporter was lucky he had an editor-in-chief with solid communist links to the top who’d defend him.

And still: his passing remains unexplained till this day. A great swimmer, he drowned somewhere in the Mediterranean. Nobody believes it was an accident, as the authorities have been trying to explain it away. End of personal detour.

A bit of local colour

Life without Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, would be stiflingly boring.

This former substitute high school drama teacher whose only claim to fame is his late father’s last name has made it his reason for living (raison d’être in his native French) to issue a statement to greet any day his advisors tell him is worthy of the honour. Not that he would author any of the politically correct verbiage himself: what are civil servants for if not for creating such useless documents? They flood editorial offices with them, using the guise of news releases.

They hope sincerely that some publication would find Prime Ministerial opinions news enough to publish them, thus telling all and sundry what a genius Canada has at her helm.

So far as the stream of clichés goes, Canada’s Prime Minister looks unbeatable.

Of course, promoting such happenings like the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act and pretending it’s an incredible sign of progress like we’ve never seen before shows blindness. Why? Because it’s as racist as racist can get. Yes, the so much ballyhooed Critical Race Theory, pushed by illiterate ignoramuses who don’t know they are somebody else’s puppets, says these morons are correct.

On the other hand, it flies in the face of Trudeau’s own topic du jour, namely, ensuring, in his statement’s words, that every single person is treated equally, with dignity and respect.

That’s what his statement says, verbatim: “This year’s theme is Equality – Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights.”

If promoting one race over all others is not promoting inequality, then we all should start believing in the tooth fairy. And start celebrating the anniversary of the day that we had decided to do so.

Abuse of office

And so it goes, turning the entire Human Rights Day into a propaganda fest designed to split the community of peoples into groups divided by race, gender (and gender-self-description), and any other criteria for anyone who needs a financial injection (a grant, that is) from either the United Nations or her/his government. Look up the Shared Framework on Leaving No One Behind: Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Heart of Sustainable Development, a job-creation project if there ever was one. It must have cost gobs of money to create, and it must cost gobs of money to run. Money that would have been better spent elsewhere. Such as: saving people from the so-called pandemic using medications that have been around for decades, have been proven safe, and have but one shortcoming: they are cheap because their patent coverage has run out, and they don’t bring the so-called Big Pharma the profits their current (untested and dangerous) inventions do.

Here’s the result: only the well-off can afford the limited medical offering. The masses of the unwashed are out of luck.

This is a human rights mockery. Nothing to be proud of.

Another interesting angle: going through the archives of Justin Trudeau’s predecessors, none of them would waste so much public money on creating the many anniversary celebrations, from individual Canadian newcomers’ Saints’ days, all the way to the world affairs-oriented gibberish.

Well, Justin Trudeau’s predecessors were saving paper. His office is distributing the stuff electronically. Still, even compared only to today’s Canadian Prime Minister’s father, Canada’s current PM is a rank amateur. Considering his Dad was an avowed ideologue whose allegiances ranged from fascism through communism to social democracy and, eventually, to leading the Liberal Party, this sounds somewhat shocking.

On the other hand, ideologues born with silver spoons in their mouths are the worst breed of them all.

And so we get yet another sermon from the mount from someone who wouldn’t know human rights to save his life. All that at a time when he and his ilk are breaking basic human rights left, right and centre.

We should have brought him to account three elections ago. Those who made sure we didn’t should be brought to account, too.

That is not only our basic human right. It is also our obligation.

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