Mum’s the word. It shouldn’t be

Is it possible to claim you didn’t know when a crime against humanity was happening just round your corner?

Many Germans who lived in their country during Nazism use ignorance of what was happening as an excuse. True, the Nazi regime, just like any other authoritarian regime (word coined by Benito Mussolini of fascist Italy’s infamy) knew how to keep their crimes secret.

As the late Dr. Rudolf Vrba, co-author, with Alfred Wetzler, of the so-called Vrba-Wetzler Report, used to say: the Jews would enter the trains that would take them to their deaths not knowing what lay ahead. True, they did hear a rumour or two, but the stories coming out of Nazi extermination camps were so incredible, they wouldn’t believe them. How could a nation that gave the world such beacons like Beethoven, Goethe or Röntgen, to name but a few, succumb to such depths?

For those not steeped in their history: Ludwig van Beethoven was a composer whose works changed the world of symphonic music. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, and critic, has been considered one of the greatest literary figures of the modern era. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a German engineer who discovered rays named after him, now known better as X-rays, earning the first-ever Nobel Prize in physics awarded to anybody.

The answer is, sadly, they could, and they did.

Vrba and Wetzler were two escapees from the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz (known as Oświęcim in Polish). They wrote their report to warn the Jews of Hungary: the Germans had occupied their country at that time, and were preparing to kill the about half of a million Jews who still resided there.

The report never got to those poor souls, and they perished.

Had they known, Dr. Vrba used to say, if each of them cast a stone, it would have been a hail of stones. Whether they’d win against the well-armed and trained SS thugs is another question, but, at least, they would have died fighting, not going to their deaths like sheep to slaughter.

Times have changed

Control of information is one of the main features of authoritarian regimes. They employ all kinds of tools, ranging from bribing the media (especially those of the mainstream kind), so that only their message gets out, twisting the regulatory agencies’ arms, so they don’t permit anything that disagrees with their goals, making social media platforms’ bosses do their bidding by silencing all those who dare beg to differ or ask questions, even, all the way to straightforward censorship.

All of this was much easier to do before the onset of modern communications technologies.

In any case, what’s going on now, and how, makes it impossible to say we didn’t know: the information is out there, just look for it.

Why should you?

Because the official propaganda makes no sense whatsoever. The idea is to use common sense just a bit – and all those catastrophic predictions of the modern plague that is combined with caries with a bit of leprosy thrown in for good measure, go out the window.

British documentary film director Luke Holland’s last work, Final Account, asks this question with an urgency that is understandable: is ignorance bliss or does ignorance equal irresponsibility? Or cime, even?

Final Account is at least as important as Holland’s other works, such as Ich war Hitlers Sklave (I Was Hitler’s Slave) or Eden.

Opening with Italian writer Primo Levi’s quote, “Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions,” Holland questions what sociologists call “banality of evil.”

His subjects were indoctrinated into the Nazi system early in life.

Look at today’s younger generations, brought up in the culture of political correctness that leads directly to the so-called cancel culture and its cousin, woke culture.

These are the generations that are prone to swallow today’s regimes’ propaganda without uttering a single question mark, and without protest.

Holland’s subjects were either ignorant, or they heard a whisper or two but were scared enough to even ask. Some may have known more but they couldn’t believe the scale.

Those who don’t see the parallels with today are either blind on purpose, or clinically.

The third option is the worst: they are part of it, whether they know it or not.

Sick society

Some call it a disease: people don’t see what is going on right in front of them.

Such as: they don’t bother to read what the World Economic Forum ideology has in store for them. American economist Martin Armstrong calls it, quite properly, “feudalistic socialism.” An elite group will rule the world, while the rest of us will return to serfdom.

The mechanism for such Great Reset, a.k.a. 4th Industrial Revolution, is simple. Just check out what the Soros-backed Open Societies propose with their one-world government.

The Gates Foundation calls for a reduction of the Earth’s population by 6.3 billion, from 7.8 billion to a mere 1.5 billion souls. Reduction is a polite synonym for genocide.

Ignorant approach to our existence today and into future is not only puffed-up, it’s arrogant.

No need to go too far: see the results of the culture of identity in publicly broadcast news of various groups, mostly based on race differences, attacking others and giving it a veneer of political movements.

Read, for example, what the so-called Critical Race Theory is all about. White-skinned children are taught to despise themselves because they happened to be born white.

The Jews were ordered to wear Stars of David to show their race.

People who have reason to refuse vaccination against a non-existing virus are now being ordered, in some places, to stay away from public venues, such as grocery stores, and there now already exist jurisdictions that require that they wear signs that show they haven’t received a jab.

The silence is overwhelming.

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