Silence isn’t gold, NASA finds out

Why has America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to remain mum about the real reasons of climate change for so long seems to remain an enigma wrapped in mystery.

Records show that the agency has known since (at least) 1958 that changes happening in what scientists call planetary weather models are not only normal but that they happen quite naturally, too.

Yet, NASA played along, keeping alive the hoax of climate change caused by humans and their activities.

NASA registered changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, and subsequent changes Earth’s axis shift in 1958. It would explain the shifts in an article on the agency’s website in 2018, without mentioning too loudly the connection between the shift changes and changes in climates. Indeed, the article would start by saying that scientists have been attributing the changes so-called glacial rebound, as well as to the mass loss that has been happening mainly in Greenland due to the ice melting there.

“In general,” the NASA document stated, “the redistribution of mass on and within Earth — like changes to land, ice sheets, oceans and mantle flow — affects the planet’s rotation. As temperatures increased throughout the 20th century, Greenland’s ice mass decreased. In fact, a total of about 7,500 gigatons — the weight of more than 20 million Empire State Buildings — of Greenland’s ice melted into the ocean during this time period. This makes Greenland one of the top contributors of mass being transferred to the oceans, causing sea level to rise and, consequently, a drift in Earth’s spin axis.

“While ice melt is occurring in other places (like Antarctica), Greenland’s location makes it a more significant contributor to polar motion.”

What was going on

A few numbers: between 1900 and 2000 the Earth’s spin axis drifted about 4 in (10 cm) every year, adding up to a total shift of more than 33 ft (10 m) by the end of the century.

Is it a little? Is it a lot?

It is enough to cause what some call global warming, others global cooling (depends on where they are watching and what), with those who like keeping their alibis intact calling it all climate change.

Serbian geophysicist and astronomer Milutin Milanković described the collective effects of changes in the Earth’s movements on its climate over thousands of years. Already in the 1920s, he announced his hypothesis that it is the variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession that result in cyclical variation in the solar radiation reaching the Earth. This orbital change strongly influences the Earth’s climatic patterns, he wrote.

Several scientists (such as Joseph Adhemar, James Croll) advanced similar views in the 19th century, except it was almost impossible at the time to verify their findings using reliably dated evidence.

It took NASA till now to grudgingly accept that either others knew more than they did, or that the American agency didn’t have the courage to go against the grain.

To sum up: it is NOT the sport utility vehicles and our love of beef that change our climate.

NASA kept its mouth shut while all kinds of charlatans, mostly of left-wing inclinations, have kept insisting that we stop using straws made from plastic to sip our piña coladas, and that we slaughter all of our beef cattle while we’re at it.

And if we don’t, the Earth will cease to exist within a dozen years.

Well, if the current madness a.k.a. pandemic doesn’t end soon, they’ll get their wish much sooner than a dozen years hence, but that’s another issue.

In any case, it did take NASA till 2000 to mention on its Earth Observatory site that Milanković seems to have been right and our planet has been changing due to outside influences humans have no power to control.

Why the mainstream media haven’t picked this up yet, 21 years after the fact, allocating space to those who claim we’re doomed because we have too much carbon dioxide (CO2) surrounding us?

Sun’s to blame

Milanković was right, after all. It is the solar radiation oscillation that impacts our climate, and it does so based on our annual seasons, as well as on the latitudes: this makes all the difference between the ways the rays impact us.

It took almost half of a century for the scientists to realise that the Earth’s climate has been changing as long as this planet has existed, and that humans are innocent bystanders in the entire game. The Science magazine published a study in 1976, stating that the Milanković cycles match the various climate change cycles as they have been happening throughout history.

It is important to remember that these cycles can last centuries, millennia, even. Telling all and sundry that this or that temperature is the highest since time records have been kept is either irresponsibly stupid or stupidly irresponsible. And there are no ifs or buts about it. It would take a much longer period of exact records to even begin devising alarm signals, never mind ringing alarm bells.

It would last America’s National Research Council another six years after the Science publication to acknowledge that oyvey, we have been wrong all along, and Milanković had been right all along.

For those uninitiated in the American scheme of things: the National Research Council (NRC) is the operating arm of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences.

None of this has yet got through the thick skulls of climate alarmists, headline-grabbing politicians and insultingly docile mainstream media. To them riding anything by an electric energy-powered vehicle is anathema. Answering questions such as at what cost to environment the power sources come to life never bothered them.

It would take the Climate Science News to come up with a straightforward answer: quoting verbatim from their article, like COVID-19, climate alarmism is a tool global elites wield to control our lives.

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