Not all that glitters is gold

It took almost 800,000 Americans for American scientists to arrive at a shocking finding: fluids that some pharmaceutical companies call vaccines aren’t as efficient as their makers have been claiming.

A vaccine is supposed to prevent the onset of a disease over time.

The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA shots, and the Janssen viral vector vaccine showed that their ability to fight infection and / or death decreases with time. Given that all of these fluids have been used during a comparatively short period of time, such a vast and fast decline sounds threateningly shocking.

The medical community bible, The BMJ (an abbreviated name for the original British Medical Journal), found that testing for the one used most frequently (Pfizer) has been shockingly inadequate. Various governments’ claims that insist that those liquids are safe for human consumption no longer sound as gross fake news. They sound now like a seriously criminal disinformation campaign.

The Public Health Institute, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the University of Texas Health Science Center looked at data from 780,225 American veterans between February and October of 2021. The sample included different ages and sexes, based on American demographic picture.

As reported in another learned’s bible, the Science magazine, effectiveness against infection in March of 2021 was 89.2 per cent for Moderna, 86.9 per cent for Pfizer, and 86.4 per cent for Janssen, by September of that same year, these numbers dropped to 58 per cent, 43 per cent, and 13 per cent respectively.

The so-called Delta strain was probably to blame the most, the scientists mentioned in their report, but they had to admit that vaccine protection went down across all age groups they had been looking at.

Besides, more than 26,000 fully vaccinated people among 498,000 fully-vaccinated people tested returned positive PCR test results.

These results have not been limited to the United States, either: a number of other domestic and international studies have shown that the efficacy of the so-called vaccines has been dropping not only significantly, but also much faster than expected.

The study cited in Science finds that the researchers are not only at a loss when looking for the reasons of such results: so far as solution go, they came up with repeating the already failed methods of combating the issue: they said there was “an urgent need to reinstate multiple layers of protection, such as masking and physical distancing – even among vaccinated persons.”

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