Is the U.S. breaking up? The Russians say so

Public opinion polls are for the dogs, and media reporting about them is even worse. This holds true especially if the news comes from Russia. But still, to hear about the numbers of Americans who want to break up their union, claiming neither of the two main political parties deserve their trust, that sounds shocking.

RT News, an outlet supported by Russian government, claims it got the numbers from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

That it was more than a half of Trump voters who told the researchers their states ought to secede isn’t much of a surprise. That it was also almost half of those who had given their votes to Biden, now, that is quite difficult to swallow.

Yet, there it is.

RT News got the gist of their story from, a site that, indeed, goes into more details. But it never reveals the most important data, starting with the list of questions in the order they had been asked, or the respondents’ demographic picture, including not only the numbers asked, but also respondents’ gender, age, education and, of course, where they live, in order to classify which states want what.

As it is, we now know that a sizable majority of both Trump and Biden voters agreed that “if our society so wants, it is the duty of every true citizen to help eliminate the evil that poisons our country from within.”

The evil remains unidentified, to a degree, except that each party accuses the other of all kinds of political mischief that would force the voters’ hand to vote for secession.

Trump’s supporters believe that Biden is out to destroy traditional values, while Biden’s supporters are of the considered view that Trump is out to destroy everything progressive (rather than traditional).

Both sides believe that, should the other side prevail, they would suffer disturbing consequences: Republicans would jail the Democrats, and vice versa.

Both sides are accusing their opponents of lying between their teeth. And both are saying that the First Amendment, the one that guarantees freedom of expression as part of U.S. Constitution, has holes an eighteen-wheeler would have no difficulty negotiating. The Biden crowd says media that support Trump are bloody liars, pants on fire, while the Trump crowd claims the exact opposite.

All of it in significant numbers.

It has gone so far as the Republicans comparing the Democrats to socialists, and seeing no difference, while the Democrats claim there is no difference between the Republicans and fascists.

There seems to be a huge gap in the Democrats’ education: fascism is an integral branch of socialism. Except, they have been taught otherwise, without proof.

The most dangerous idea, coming from both sides: a strong leader, one not answerable to either Congress or courts, would be of great help, in order to solve the puzzle asking: what next?

Considering the turmoil the U.S. has been going through in recent years, with political correctness, cancel and woke culture and similar nonsense, the situation begins to resemble Germany of the 1920s and early 1930s, with her Weimar Republic that ended in a communist attempt at a coup d’état that lost to a national socialist (Adolf Hitler’s) putsch.

Anyone with basic knowledge of world history must be aware where it got Germany, and where it got the rest of the world, too.

The difference: Germany got there because she lost World War One and the winners applied such strict and harsh measures for reparations, the country went bankrupt in no time.

The Americans are going down because they permitted a band of German Marxists, escapees from Hitler, to overwhelm their education system. As a result, the U.S. has become a luckless lackey of the People’s Republic of China., the site RT News used as its source, has been reporting on research advocating the demise of the United States for quite some time. And yet, even this site couldn’t escape being biased: its headline mentioned Trump’s voters only. Except, Biden’s voters showed similar sentiments in very similar numbers.

Whether the U.S. becomes a Disunited States former republic in the future, close or distant, remains to be seen.

In Canada, Quebec has been blackmailing the rest of the country, threatening separation, for so long not many are taking it seriously any longer.

Western provinces, especially Alberta, have been feeling disaffected, too, and the voices abut “Wexit” have been growing louder lately.

Whether anything of the kind happens, on either side of the 49th parallel, remains to be seen.

But that the feeling of alienation and unhappiness with what’s been going on the last few decades has been getting stronger is of no dispute.

Still: if anything of the kind happens in the United States, we’re looking at another civil war.

And if anything of the sort happens in Canada, we’re going to look at another round of excuses why public flogging of current politicians of all stripes is ungentlemanly, bordering on impolite.

To each his own.

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