Junior high school science shoots down Gates and his panic-mongering

The world’s most outstanding virologist, epidemiologist and environmentalist, William Henry (call me Bill) Gates III claims that way too many people inhabit this planet, causing it to go into convulsions because of too much carbon dioxide in the air.

That’s the stuff known in junior high school textbooks as CO2.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, the world’s most powerful and influential environmentalist pressure group, dismisses the CO2 claim as so much hot air, while explaining that the entire matter is based on political ideology rather than science.

In a recent (and quite wide-ranging) interview with Epoch Times, Moore went so far as to identify the direction whence the ideology was coming: from the left side of the spectrum.

While it is baffling to see Gates, the world’s fourth richest man, promoting left-wing ideology, the founder of the Soviet Union predicted that many a capitalist could become what he termed as a useful idiot (полeзный дурaк, read as: poleznyi durak, in Vladimir Lenin’s native Russian).

Lenin spoke from experience, having got American would-be entrepreneur Armand Hammer on his side early during the Bolshevik regime.

Of course, Moore, perfectly inexperienced half a century ago, when he was helping to start Greenpeace’s first major project, didn’t know much about whence the money to pay for the group’s first boat had come. The project to stop U.S. nuclear weaponry testing in Alaska was paid in huge part, clandestinely and unlawfully, by the Soviet Union. Through often unsuspecting third persons or organisations, to be sure, but still: if one dug hard enough, the source could be tracked all the way to Москвa, Cтaрaя плoщадь Ho. 4 (Moscow, 4, Old Square), the head office of the Soviet communist party.

Patrick Moore has some pretty impressive educational credentials (a BSc from University of British Columbia in forest biology, and a PhD for his research of heavy metal contamination in Rupert Inlet, caused by mine tailings.

Insider knowledge

Moore left Greenpeace in 1986, after 15 years in leading roles with the group. Knowing as much as he does about Greenpeace’s inner workings, he has criticised the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic, replacing it with emotion and sensationalism.”

Greenpeace, in a fashion typical for all left-wing argumentation, has labelled Moore as a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, the logging industry, and genetic engineering industry.

Not realising that they are becoming too big for their britches, Greenpeace went on to describe its co-founder as someone who “exploits long-gone ties with Greenpeace to sell himself as a speaker and pro-corporate spokesperson.”

Greenpeace was hijacked by people with political ideology from the left, Moore charges: “But the ultra-leftists took over my organisation when they realised there was a lot of money and power to be had there.”

Moore is now a director of the CO2 Coalition. Since 2015, this group has been creating educational material about carbon dioxide. Their papers are set out to prove that CO2 emissions do not cause global warming.

“Carbon dioxide is the basis of all life on Earth,” says Moore, contradicting the self-appointed preserver of the Earth, Gates.

Contrary to what climate alarmists claim, Moore says, “carbon dioxide is the basis of all life on Earth.”

An article published in 2016 in Nature established and proved that CO2 fertilisation has had significant impact on the greening of the planet.

As Moore puts it, the push for net-zero carbon emissions by governments around the world is “purely a political slogan.”

Moore said key elites in Western society pushing environmental scare stories are hiding the fact of their self-interest, conflict of interest, in fact.

“It puts [politicians] in the media, and the media makes much money from the sensationalism, and the activists then raise money,” Moore points out, and he does have a point here.

We’re paying for our own destruction

And Moore explodes a bomb under all these panic stories: “Nearly all the money going to the scientists who are writing these things is public money, so it all has to be approved by politicians, and bureaucrats working for the politicians,” Moore told Epoch Times. Scientists who question the panic-mongers are, in fact, committing professional suicide.

Of course, one doesn’t need doctorates to shoot the climate changers’ propaganda down. Junior high school classes suffice.

If there were zero CO2, there would be no plant life. That’s how simple it is.

But, and that’s the point, the Gateses of this world, dead set on reducing the world’s population for a host of reasons, none of them valid, need to scare the population into submission.

As Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics put it succinctly, those who take the Gateses of this world at their word, should commit suicide. That’s how they will help save the planet. They exhale CO2 with every breath of oxygen they take in. People are the threat, not the environment.

The United Nations Climate summit got front-page line-story headlines. Not because it was rigged beyond belief. Because it was set to scare all of us.

Here’s what’s happening now: the United Nations blocks countries that it deems un-cooperative.

This trend, copied faithfully from the authoritarian regimes, does not permit a single sign of a differing view. This, after all, is how the so-called Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset demand it.

We are at a crossroads. If we didn’t sleep through junior high school science classes, we should be able to take the right path. One that won’t lead to destruction of humanity.


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