Numbers tell a sordid story of deceit

This data is incontestable: the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported on Tuesday, December 31, 2019 that a novel coronavirus outbreak was spotted in Wuhan, China.

The American pharmaceutical company, Moderna, sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Thursday, December 12, 2019.

The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was involved in this mailing, too.

It was about that same time that leaked reports indicated that Klaus Martin Schwab, the boss of the World Economic Forum, had been telling all who were wishing to listen that a virus was coming in January 2020.

Are these events linked?

Historians insist that nothing happens by accident.

Did this?


The by now infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the highest ranking American medical policy makers, just happens to be one of the principals in the Moderna company’s power structure.

Again: a coincidence?

Not really, and nobody asks him, the current U.S. Administration least of all.

On the other hand, the sequence of events says it all.

And so does the logic: how could Moderna (and NIAID) know more than two weeks before the WHO made its announcement that a mysterious pneumonia was sending people to hospitals in China?

Looking the other way

And how about that bubonic plague that has emerged in China in September 2020? Where are the panic-mongering announcements coming from the WHO?

It started in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province: a three-year-old boy was diagnosed with the Black Death killer. Luckily, that boy’s case was mild and since he got treated right away, he’s on the mend now.

Still: there were many more cases of bubonic plague reported in China at that time. Bubonic plague is much more serious than any form of pseudobronchopneumonia, the complaint allegedly caused by Covid-19, and yet, the sound of silence has been deafening.

Bubonic plague has been the murderer of tens of millions of people in humanity’s history. It wiped out about half of Europe’s population in the Middle Ages. It is spread by rats and other rodents, not from person-to-person.

Yunnan Province was not the only area affected: so was southwestern China’s Menghai County. It borders with Myanmar and Laos, and is quite close to China’s borders with Vietnam and Thailand.

And a herdsman in Inner Mongolia, a Chinese autonomous region 3,520 kilometres northeast of Menghai caught the bubonic plague, too.

Just so we’re not feeling too safe: there have been a few cases of plague diagnosed and reported in the U.S., too. They included all three forms of plague, starting with Bubonic, going through pneumonic, all the way through to septicemic.

Still, the two basic questions about the coronavirus remain: what did Dr. Fauci (and, by extension, Moderna) know, and when did they know it?

To help us sort it all out, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics compiled a table showing what happened when.

A sadly useful piece of reading material.


Dec. 31, 2019:WHO says mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China
Jan. 11, 2020:China reports 1st novel coronavirus death
Jan. 21, 2020:1st confirmed case in the United States
Jan. 23, 2020:China imposes strict lockdown in Wuhan
Jan. 30, 2020:WHO declares global health emergency
Feb. 5, 2020:Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined
Feb. 11, 2020:Novel coronavirus renamed COVID-19
Feb. 24, 2020:COVID Crash begin in share markets
Feb. 26, 2020:1st case of suspected local transmission in the United States
Feb. 29, 2020:1st death reported in the United States
March 3, 2020:CDC lifts restrictions for virus testing
March 15, 2020:CDC warns against large gatherings
March 17, 2020:Coronavirus now present in all 50 states
March 17, 2020:Northern Californians ordered to ‘shelter in place
March 18, 2020:China reports no new local infections
March 19, 2020:Italy’s death toll surpasses China’s
March 20, 2020:New York City declared U.S. outbreak epicentre
March 23, 2020:Dow Jones Industrials bottoms in COVID Crash
March 24, 2020:Japan postpones Olympics
March 24, 2020:India announces 21-day complete lockdown
March 26, 2020:United States leads the world in COVID-19 cases
March 27, 2020:Trump signs $2 trillion stimulus bill
March 27, 2020:UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive
April 2, 2020:Global cases hit 1 million
April 4, 2020:New York sets single-day record for new COVID-19 cases
April 9, 2020:Evidence that the first COVID-19 cases in NYC came from Europe
April 21, 2020:Autopsy revels 1st U.S. COVID-19 death was earlier than previously thought
May 27, 2020:U.S. reaches 100,000 deaths
May 31, 2020:George Floyd’s killing spurs mass protests
June 11-17, 2020:Cases in Arizona, South Carolina, and Florida soar
June 24, 2020:NY, NJ, Conn. tell Florida travellers to quarantine
June 30, 2020:EU says it will reopen borders to 14 countries, but not the U.S.
July 7, 2020:U.S. submits formal notice that it will withdraw from the WHO
July 7, 2020:Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tests positive
July 11, 2020:Trump wears a mask in public for the first time
July 12, 2020:Florida breaks single-day record for new COVID-19 cases
July 26, 2020:Florida surpasses New York in total coronavirus cases
July 31, 2020:$600 per week pandemic aid expires
Aug. 7, 2020:Sturgis Motorcycle Rally seeds multi-state outbreak
Aug. 7, 2020:COVID-19 outbreak at Georgia summer camp infects 260
Sept. 11, 2020:Trump officials said to manipulate CDC reports
Sept. 22, 2020:U.S. reaches 200,000 deaths

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