Dictatorship back in full force in Germany

Germany has a rich history of fascism. It shows in her authorities’ treatment of those whose experience and expertise differ from what the officialdom had ordered.

They know that what people don’t know, doesn’t exist.

Bodo Schiffmann, a German physician, has experienced the official wrath first-hand.

Dr. Schiffmann was, until recently, a chief physician in a clinic treating vertigo in Sinsheim, a town in south-western Germany, close to Heidelberg and its famed university.

Dr. Schiffmann didn’t leave his post voluntarily. He was forced to leave.

He told his story publicly and was punished for his honesty.

Honest success story

The clinic to treat vertigo took a long time to build, and Dr. Schiffmann has been an integral part of it. Aged 53, he was thinking of finding a successor as soon as possible: the experiences gained at the clinic often contradicted what young physicians could learn from thick tomes of medical textbooks. He wanted his successor to learn from his success.

He realised that accepting everything at sight does not help anybody in their development.

Dr. Schiffmann’s clinic would treat cases described as hopeless by others, and they reached a success rate of four out of five cases cured, an 80 per cent success rate, that is. That included cases where others had told their patients to learn to live with their condition.

The Sinsheim clinic would often ignore the medical textbooks and act on their own research. That was the root of their success.

Scientific research is based on finding out what’s new, not rehashing what the previous generations claimed to be gospel truths. If we were to accept the view that all new information that contradicts what used to be taught is false, we wouldn’t need any new research. We might as well spend the money saved on recreational drugs.

Some called them realists, others call them cynics, but those who say that progress in science is measured at a rate of one funeral at a time have a point.

But swimming against the current stream is a really tough proposition.

Dr. Schiffmann’s story is yet another proof.

Dr. Schiffmann had the courage (gall, say some) to submit proof that face masks worn in order to prevent the spread of the Covic-19 virus are useless.

Dr. Schiffmann had the courage (gall, say some) to submit proof that so-called lockdowns kill more people than the condition caused by the Covid-19 virus.

Dr. Schiffmann had the courage (gall, say some) to submit proof that the experiment some call inoculation and others vaccination is obviously more dangerous than any respiratory disease on record.

Dr. Schiffmann had the courage (gall, say some) to submit proof that all those many so-called preventative measures endanger children the most, and that they lead to serious and permanent mental and psychic damage.

And, finally, Dr. Schiffmann had the courage (gall, say some) to submit proof that everything that has been happening in recent months shows beyond any doubt that we live in bloody totalitarian regimes.

The outcome?

All of Dr. Schiffmann’s business accounts were cancelled.

And so were his consulting rooms.

As Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz put it recently, most of us know of someone who had passed away following an injection of a vaccine that was supposed to save her/his life.

And, Dr. Schiffmann elaborates, there aren’t many who would be able to prove that they know anyone who had passed away with a positive PCR test, and if they had, they rarely had any symptoms of conditions caused by Covid-19. Their test returned a positive result, that’s all.

By way of explanation: A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, a recent invention (1983, by American biochemist Kary Mullis) is supposed to detect genetic material from a specific organism, such as a virus. The test is expected to detect the presence of a virus if you are infected at the time of taking it. The test could also detect fragments of virus even after you are no longer infected. Recent results prove that PCR test reliability is far from 100 per cent. End of explanation.

The condition caused by Covid-19, usually known as pseudobronchopneumonia, resembles all kinds of flu, and that complaint, as humans know, is highly seasonal.

So, Dr. Schiffmann adds, when another wave of colds or chills appears, as it always does, many of those who had been vaccinated will die. Survivors will notice it’s those inoculated people who are dying en masse. They will be blaming those who had not undergone inoculation.

It will be too late when people begin to understand what’s going on. And it will be way too late to figure out how to save those who had succumbed to the propaganda and had themselves vaccinated.

To be able to save people, Big Pharma and government authorities must reveal the full and detailed content of those vaccines. What we know now, Dr. Schiffman says, is that those so-called vaccines aren’t what they claim to be. That’s not enough.

Lies as official program

This is about future generations, Dr. Schiffmann points out. Today’s mighty seem very happy making sure that most of those who could be able to change this world for the better won’t even be born. Just check out their genocidal plans: there are way too many people on the earth today, and the 6.8 billion lives ought to be cut to not more than 1.5 billion.

How can you achieve this goal? Genocide is the answer.

Not many realise that we live in the Third World War. Yes, Dr, Schiffmann says, this fact escapes our attention because we don’t see nuclear bombs falling from the skies, we don’t hear any sirens wailing to warn us of the dangers.

This war is about information. The majority of people do not receive the most important information. They believe their politicians and people employed in the media (journalists they are not). Both of these groups are corrupt beyond any imagination. And both of these groups do the Big Pharma bidding, not realising that even the Big Pharma people would be victims, eventually: all revolutions eat their children, an old saying from the times of the French Revolution goes.

It’s wrong, by the way: revolutions eat their parents. In particular, history’s left-wing revolutions eat the left-wing intellectuals who made them happen.

In any case, here’s the most important warning sign: it takes enormous courage to be telling the truth. This is not the first time in history that we face this dire situation.

But this seems to be the most dangerous time history to face it, with all the mighty tools those who want to rule the world instead of us have at their disposal.

Dr. Bodo Schiffmann is paying a huge personal price for his courage.

We all must stand up and fight, if we don’t want to end up being in his predicament.

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