Mass inoculation equals mass murder

Does a vaccine, any vaccine, really require the presence of graphene?

And why are at least two of the major makers of Covid-related vaccines using it?

What is graphene?

Scientists describe it as an allotrope of carbon that consists of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice.

The word itself is a compound (would-be intellectuals say portmanteau) of “graphite” and the suffix –ene. Scientists explain that they use this linguistic trick to reflect the fact that the graphite allotrope of carbon consists of stacked graphene layers.

And what the heck is allotrope?

This expression refers to one or more forms of a chemical element that occur in the same physical state. Atoms may be bonded together in different forms. Swedish scientist Jons Jakob Berzelius defined the concept of allotropes in 1841. The ability for elements to exist in this way is called allotropism.

The bomb

A Spanish scientific team at Almeira University report that they analysed a Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and found that it looks, sounds and smells like fluid graphene oxide. Here it is in its full beauty for those who can answer the question ¿Hablas español? with a straightforward .

The Almeira University team summary is terrifyingly shocking: the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is “99 per cent graphene oxide.” And that, they add, is “toxic to the human body and causes a number of problems.”

As could be expected, Pfizer says it does not use graphene oxide and no such ingredient is listed in any of the three COVID-19 vaccines authorised for use in the U.S.

The wording of Pfizer’s denial is interesting: no such ingredient is listed. Does that mean Pfizer’s vaccines do not contain any such ingredient? No. It only means that no such ingredient has been listed in the company’s official reports.

No reaction yet from AstraZeneca, whose Covid-related vaccine reportedly contains similar material.

Which confirms the rule developed in authoritarian regimes of the past: don’t believe any rumours, speculation or surmise until and unless they are officially denied.

And since governments in even the most democratic countries have been turning their regimes back to authoritarianism with unbecoming speed in recent decades, this rule has come back into effect. Governments that used to rule in formerly democratic countries have become the most reprehensible sources of fake news. They march ahead hand in hand with mainstream media (MSM) and a number of international cartels.

Way too many have trusted them: inertia and an incredible degree of mental laziness.

Discovery for the ages

Two young Russian scientists, toiling at Manchester University, discovered the superconductive material in 2004, and medical people now say graphene’s presence could explain for the magnetic field effects at the injection spot that have been reported recently on numerous occasions.

According to Almeira University research team leader Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, graphene is capable of adjusting human bodies’ conducting capabilities. That, his team’s report continues, can enhance human bodies’ ability to receive high frequency signals coming through 5th generation mobile transmitters.

And that’s precisely what many opponents of the Covid-19 mass vaccination have been saying. The concoctions contain who knows what. Their clinical testing won’t be over before year 2023, two years hence. And yet, the official propaganda outlets, with mainstream media (MSM) joining the chorus, have started blackmailing entire populations into getting inoculated, way too often against their free will and good judgement.

Perfect tragedy

The guy who discovered graphene obviously meant no harm.

Andrei Geim, along with his colleague, Konstantin Novoselov (both of Russian origin), took a block of graphite, some Scotch tape and a lot of persistent patience.

It took some time, but in 2004 they managed to produce an incredible wonder material: a million times thinner than paper, stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper.

That’s the best description of graphene.

This was not the discovery that made Geim’s name in the world of physics. Just seven years earlier, he used a magnetic field to levitate a frog.

He is very inventive, and his approach to research is simple: use whatever research facilities available, and try to do something new with the equipment at hand. It’s his Lego doctrine, as Geim describes it: “You have all these different pieces and you have to build something based strictly on the pieces you’ve got.”

Except, even the best inventions can be used to abuse people rather than serve them. And not all innovation equals progress, either.

That’s the case of graphene.

It’s the case of many such inventions. Remember the plastic explosive known as Semtex? Yes, the stuff used by terrorists to bring down passenger planes galore.

The Czech chemist who invented it was told to come up with an explosive to use in quarries and stone pits. The idea was to push the explosive into fissures and eliminate the need for difficult drilling that, on top of everything else, created too much dangerous dust that the workers breathed in.

Little did he know that his invention would kill so many innocent people.

It seems to be the same scenario with graphene. Superconductive material capable of receiving whatever signalisation is coming from the most modern networks, sent out for nefarious reasons by people who have been describing with chilling openness their stubborn desire to ruin the civilisation we live in.

Beware fact checkers

It’s pretty obvious that, following Pfizer’s half-baked denial, Snopes, Facebook and other similar media will start yelling that any mention of graphene in any of the Covid-related vaccines equals panic-mongering, and their fact checkers have found that each and every of the big pharma industry corporations are a bunch of honest guys who want the best for humanity, and nothing else.

Having checked several of the so-called fact checkers, here’s the preliminary summary: a bunch of semi-illiterate morons, many of them undergraduate students at humanities departments in long-distance learning institutions, or failed journalists who have never chased an ambulance. To explain: it’s the most difficult part of journalism, to report from all kinds of accidents: none of the authorities have time to answer your questions, most of the victims are too distressed to even speak, and yet, you’re expected to provide a competent report, and all that on deadline.

In any case, while it may be too late for those who eagerly got themselves inoculated and now are dancing with glee, telling all those willing to listen that they got jabbed, the report from Almeira University should come as a major warning.

Governments are now using all kinds of tactics, from open blackmail, through attempts to bribe their populations, all the way to intimidation, to enforce full vaccination.

You’ve been warned.

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