Whose black eye?

There aren’t enough black people in Canada, so, it doesn’t really make much sense to start creating Black Lives Matter chapters all over the Maple Leaf country.

And there is already an illiterate Antifa activist residing in Canada’s palatial Prime Ministerial digs at 24 Sussex Dr., Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1M4.

What are the so-called Canadian progressives to do to justify their existence (most often on Canadian taxpayers’ dime)?

Why not re-invent an issue that’s been thrashed around so often, with so much misinformation thrown into the mix that everybody and their dog will start believing we have another tragedy on our hands?

It’s the residential schools for people originally known as Indians. Their description would develop with times. It is First Nations for the time being, without a single proof that, indeed, these people were the first to inhabit the two Americas. That modern research questions their claim is another issue.

Horror of horrors

The residential school story has developed into a series of reports that say human remains had been detected in unmarked graves at the site of a former residential school in British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province.

Not that it was any news: everybody who had lived in the area was aware of the cemeteries. And locals knew perfectly well that those cemeteries were originally marked quite properly, and maintained. Until, that is, when local Indian bands took over the responsibility and found the task too daunting to continue.

If only those controversy seekers stopped to check their facts, they would have been surprised. For example, Sophie Pierre, former chief of the St Mary’s Indian Band and a survivor of the Kootenay Residential School at St. Eugene Mission just outside Cranbrook, B.C., put it all in simple and straightforward terms: “There’s no discovery, we knew it was there, it’s a graveyard. The fact there are graves inside a graveyard shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.”

Pierre went on to explain that wooden crosses that originally marked the gravesites had burned or deteriorated over the years. Using a wooden marker at a gravesite remains a practice that continues to this day.

Radar technology was brought in by the community in an effort to identify those buried in the cemetery and to re-mark the gravesite. If that is news of anybody’s wrongdoing, it’s news to those who should be enraged the most.

Hundreds of unmarked graves have been found near residential school sites across the country recently, including in Kamloops, B.C., and the Cowessess Indian band in Saskatchewan.

They all are situated close to the former residential schools. The one that has created the most headlines now happens to be a luxurious golf resort owned by five local area Indian bands.

Except: the graveyard near Cranbrook originally dates back to Christian missionaries who settled in the area in the early 1800s, prior to the construction of the school.

A church and a hospital were also built in the area. That medical sciences of the day were no match to today’s should surprise nobody. That mortality rates used to be higher than now, even for conditions that now require just a dose or two of over-the-counter medications, is no secret, either.

The graveyard for the community at the site remains there to this day.

The debate about the schools has been on and off the front burner for decades. The law mandated that all Indigenous children between the ages of seven and 15 living in the area were to attend the school.

What’s wrong with educating young people? Nothing, if their teachers don’t force-feed them nonsense known as critical thinking theories.

The Lower Kootenay Band has contributed to the modern narrative by saying that many of the children “received cruel and sometimes fatal treatment.”

Considering children of top-ranking aristocrats in the most exclusive schools in Great Britain would get spanked for whatever minor indiscretions, the question should be: is spanking really a good and useful method to educate children who misbehave? Yes? No? Is it true that sparing the rod spoils the child?

A laundry list

Here are few of the many problems:

  • Stories about the schools have been exaggerated throughout.
  • These stories have completely ignored the basic reality of Indians, in fact, stepping into modern times directly from Stone Age, forgetting that there’s no survival without education along the way.
  • These stories used to stress the incredibly peaceful character of Indian tribes and bands, ignoring completely the numerous wars that raged between them, with take-no-prisoners mentality prevailing. The winner would slaughter anyone still alive on the losing side, to avoid facing any shape or form of revenge.
  • The official history now sides with Indian claims on land, ignoring the fact they had lived nomadic lifestyles, with their methods of environmental husbandry worse than outrageous. Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump in Canada’s Alberta anyone? Or its sister site in Montana, U.S.A.?
    For the uninitiated: the Indians would chase herds of buffalo to a rocky precipice. The animals would fall down the slopes in numbers the chasing band had no hope of consuming within the next decade.
  • The official history, based on a Canadian top court decision, accepts Indian myths and legends shared by mouth generation to generation. Considering this kind of information can hardly be reliable in real estate negotiations, and that’s precisely what they are used for, it’s no wonder that, in some cases, Indians claim more of Canada’s land than there exists.

All kinds of propagandists have jumped on the bandwagon. Only a few would admit that they have an agenda in mind, rather than news reporting. An example: Russian television’s RT News ran an item badmouthing Canada. RT is part of official Russian government propaganda. Why it would engage in this mischief? To lampoon Canada’s official love affair with China?

RT News identified its author as a journalist and an activist. How many will notice this? How many know that one can be either a journalist or an activist, but never shall the twain meet?

How many will realise that they are being fed yet another hoax?

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